An Overview of Chastity by Joel

– by Joel “JT” Tucker – Founder, President/CEO of JT’s Stockroom

What does the word chastity mean to you? For most people, it brings up many associations, both positive and negative. Religious virtue, puritan repression, romantic love, erotic fantasy, medieval legends, lots of things.For me, chastity is a matter of some professional expertise. I own a sex paraphernalia company. Along with a thousand other items, we sell an assortment of chastity devices. The most interesting of these, and also the most popular, are for male chastity.

From time to time we sell product at conventions, and I get the opportunity to observe and confer with our clientele. It is interesting to see peoples’ reactions to chastity devices. There are the minority of people who are already into it, and they tend to be fairly calm and purposeful, looking over products, asking the occasional technical questions, making their purchases, and quietly departing.

And then there are the puzzled questions. A man asks, “What’s THIS for?” When I respond, “That’s a male chastity device,” probably the most common response is “What the hell’s the point of THAT?” or something to that effect.

Even for people with interests in erotic submission, the idea of being in chastity, of preventing sexual stimulation and NOT having orgasms, often seems to go against the whole purpose of having sex in the first place. Isn’t it ultimately supposed to be about pleasure? And isn’t orgasm the best part of that process, the desired result, the goal?

No, not always.

In Western culture, our minds are trained from an early age to focus on the goal, the result, the payoff. Gratification is good, and the more instantaneous it is, the better. (Think of all the shopping malls, movie theaters, roller coasters, TV networks, candy stores, bars, strip clubs, escort services, crackhouses, on and on.)

But when it comes to orgasms, more/faster/easier does not always equate with greater sexual fulfilment.

Most men, if we’re being honest with ourselves, have noticed that once we’ve had an orgasm, we often feel a bit drained, and a bit less sharp. As far as our partners are concerned (assuming there is one around), once we’ve ejaculated, we’re less attentive, and likely to fall asleep.

And then there is the question of orgasms produced through masturbation. Masturbation is a normal and healthy thing in moderation. It can relieve tension, stimulate fantasy, and provide some “practice” for the real thing (especially for younger males). But masturbation is usually a solitary and inherently selfish sexual behavior, sort of a short-circuiting of sexual energy and effort. All too often it becomes just another empty, addictive “fix,” one which drains the sexual and mental energy that could be used for higher purposes, i.e. giving our attentions and energies to someone else.

In Eastern, tantric sex teachings, that drained feeling is understood to be a loss of spiritual energy, and men are encouraged to find ways to experience sexual pleasure while avoiding frequent ejaculations. Men who practice these techniques report many positive results– improved mood, heightened energy in all areas of life, and more satisfying relationships.

In the context of a dominant/submissive sexual relationship, chastity can be really effective and highly erotic. There is that feeling of being controlled in a very intimate way by a lover which is highly erotic for some men. And when wearing a chastity device, with the key being held by someone else, that awareness of giving up control constantly present on some level. So even though he may be at work or travelling, there is a sense of a living, erotic connection with his keyholder that persists even when they are apart.

A man in chastity tends to have more energy and interest in his partner. A common and erotic idea is that, since she (assuming the keyholder is a woman) controls his access to pleasure and orgasms, she can put him in a situation where he has to earn whatever pleasure he gets by pleasing and obeying her, and that will motivate him to submit. But quite often, as the sexual and mental energy builds up, there is a change in mood and outlook, and the man begins also to find more satisfaction in being of service for its own sake. And this is where the sexual energy circuit really opens up. Few things are more of a turn-on to a domme than having a man who gives selflessly and without any particular expectation of reward. Ironically, it is this kind of unselfish service that is most likely to inspire the dominant to want to reward him. And those rewards, the ones he has had to wait for, the ones he has earned, the ones that are given to him by someone else, are probably more satisfying and fulfilling than anything he could have done for himself if he had all the freedom and opportunity in the world.

Men who have been made to wait along time for orgasms, and who are allowed to have fewer of them in general, routinely report that the orgasms they do have are much deeper, more intense, more memorable, and more fulfilling. So in reality the pleasure for both may be greater after all.

There are some interesting and effective devices on the market these days that are within most peoples’ budgets. Probably the best and most popular of these is the CB 2000, and a similar, slightly roomier device from the same manufacturer known as The Curve . These devices are made from plastic components, and unlike most other devices designed for longer-term wear, they can be custom-sized within a range of sizes using the stock components off the shelf, so there are no long delays for custom manufacture.

From time to time I get reports from men who wear these devices most of the time, and who go weeks, months, or even a year or more at a time without being allowed to have an orgasm. These stories interest me partly because they’re novel and sensational. But what I also notice is that these men generally sound surprisingly happy and sexually fulfilled, even if they do typically seem a little sheepish or embarrassed about admitting it (probably fearing that they will get the usual “Are you insane?” response).

But I’ve seen enough to know that, where chastity is concerned, there’s definitely a lot more going on than what is apparent to the untrained eye. These secrets are obvious fact to those who have experienced them, and no doubt that accounts for the popularity of these devices in our product line.

JT’s Stockroom the first business of its kind on the net. Joel started the project while he was a college student back in the 80’s. The Web hadn’t even been invented at that time, but he went online using his student e-mail account and a well-written, all-text e-catalog that could be e-mailed to people who requested it. Once the web came along, it was a natural transition for the company, since Joel had already been doing online commerce for a few years by then. Good, honest writing, quality customer service, fast shipping, and reasonable prices are some of what helped build the Stockroom’s solid reputation. The company now employs 30 people and continues to grow each year.

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