Control Philosophy:

Freedom through submission is not a startling concept. Not everyone in this life is meant to be a decision maker, an individual who can stand alone in the winds of life and weather the storms that come by. Many need to have leadership and guidance to make those difficult decisions that face them everyday. Life’s decisions are often very stressful to make. It can be very hard to do the things that one knows one must do. What many need is someone in their life that will take on the responsibility of making sure that the proper things are done each day and hold them accountable when the path prescribed is not followed. This does not mean that one who embraces this concept has the absolute freedom to behave as they wish, on the contrary, it means that one has to answer to the Guide that one has decided to give the control of one’s life to. There is no guidance that can be given without having consequences for not following instructions. Those consequences can range from corporal punishment to being assigned chores that have to be completed in a certain time allotment. Relinquishing control also means that one does not make decisions without the approval of their Master or Guide.

Their Guide holds the power to make all decisions, no matter how small, so that the individual may experience the freedom from these pressures they so desperately deserve and seek. For many, without this special kind of freedom, happiness eludes the individual. All of us have goals that are difficult, if not impossible to achieve by ourselves. Having a Guide to make those decisions and set the path for achieving those goals means that the individual can accomplish what has escaped them all of their lives.

Some have discovered that adulthood has brought more tears than happiness because of the burden of responsibility placed upon them. Daily decisions are difficult and lead to anxieties that only make one’s existence fraught with fear and uncertainty. With the proper leadership, this fear and anxiety can be overcome. It is a simple process that requires serious dedication on the part of the individual. One has to be willing to give total obedience to their Guide or Master. Anything less leads to continuation of life as it has been, full of anxieties, stresses and failures. Accepting the Guide as the leader that has always been sought and needed, relieves those stresses. Knowing that there is another willing to make those decisions, immediately frees the soul.

Often, not only individuals but also couples need this leadership. This way of life can be adopted by any who find that they are willing to make the commitment to their Guide to be totally obedient and ready to accept the consequences and/or punishment that must accompany any straying from the very strict path that is set out.

Send an email with details about yourself, including age, sex and why you need to join this lifestyle. If you have photos of yourself, send them along or include a complete physical description. This way of life is for those who know that there has to be another answer and are willing to make the commitment to find that answer. It is for those who are over 18. Proof will be required of age if there is any doubt.

by Strict Master.

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