My First Fetish

(Confirming an established fetish theory)

When I think about my favourite fetish, I return to kindergarten. I was five years old, but that’s when I acquired my first true fetish. I wasn’t looking for it, I didn’t ask for it, but its arrival has remained permanent. It’s widely noted that most fetishes come from a strong childhood image or experience. I’ve read that many times. In fact, I read it in ‘The Times.’ I am a living confirmation of that established theory.

I used to sit near the front of the class, within eye – shot of my teacher’s desk. Two things contributed to the beginning of my first fetish, wait…three things, actually. She had an open front desk, so I could see her nice legs, and she wore a different color pair of high heel pumps each day. The heels were about five inches in height, and spiked.

I was fascinated by them. Her solid color spiked heels would call to me from under her desk. She had beautiful legs too, and the combination really did it for me. Whatever can be done to a five year old boy. Growing up, I always liked women who wore high heels. Single-soled, spiked heeled pumps – were my favourites, like the shoes of my Kindergarten teacher. Clearly it was that teacher who formed my high heel fetish during my earliest years.

Back then, people and parents knew nothing about fetishes or sexual imprints. I would tell my folks what color high heels the teacher wore that day around the dinner table, and they thought it was cute. If I forgot to mention it, they’d ask! The word ‘fetish’ did not exist to them.

To me…her shoes were something to look forward to when I went to school. I thought Kindergarten was great, and I still do! The memory remains vivid. The open front desk, those lovely legs, the spellbinding spiked heels she wore, day after day. The colors changing, her legs crossing and moving as she read out loud or made us put our heads down on our desks to rest. Head down? Not me! That was my time to enjoy the sight of them by myself. I loved looking at her heels.

I wonder if her desktop, that isolated her legs and heels from the upper part of her body, didn’t visually condemn me to this high heel fetish forever. But I did have a choice. I could pay attention to the top part of her, or the square framed picture – part below. I chose the framed legs in spiked heels. Let’s look into this a little more…

What if her desk did not have an open front? What if she had lovely breasts that were great to look at? Would I have been as ready to become a breast man at that age? Maybe. Breasts are nice. I’d have ended up with a perfectly acceptable fetish then, if circumstances had unfolded in that order. But they didn’t. Her desk had an open front, her legs were nice, and the spiked heels she wore excite me just as much today – on different women, of course, who have entered or passed through my life. ~

Randy Burns

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