Chanta Rose Electrical Play Class at Syren University


“I recently attended the Electrical Play and Stimulation class taught by the lovely electrical play and bondage expert, Chanta Rose. It was in the Carnal Knowledge Series at “Syren” in Los Angeles. I didn’t exactly know what to expect going in, but I ended up having a really good time. The entire experience was great, and it was incredibly informative.

Chanta Rose is the author of “Bondage for Sex” and she is absolutely cool. She was beautiful, she was sexy, she had gorgeous blonde hair and she had an awesome Australian accent. I’m not sure what I thought she would be like, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she is a genuinely radical and very interesting person.

The class began with an overview in the basics and safety concerns that go with playing with electricity. This included a show and tell of electrical toys and devices, the possible benefits and disadvantages, and the differences between the various E-Stim products.
The Hitachi Magic Wand was very exciting to see in use. This was definately the toy I would personally want to play with the most often. It’s a 2 speed vibrator for intense massaging of the clitoris, breasts, testicles, cock, or whatever. It seemed very practical, functional, sexy, and fun. I can totally see myself getting really into using a Hitachi Magic Wand, I even think the sound it makes is sexy. The extra special treat when learning about the Hitachi Magic Wand was that it was demonstrated by Chanta Rose on the beautiful and super sexy “extreme” porn star, “Gia Paloma”. Not only was it an excellent demonstration of a quality sex toy, but a thrilling performance that seemed very much like art. There was plenty of hot and nasty dirty talk, slapping, and spitting involved.

With the Violet Wand, the best part for me was definitely the Handle Probe. When the Handle Probe is held against a person, it turns the person’s whole body into a lightning rod, so when the person touches another person’s body, blue sparks are created that jump and dance from skin to skin. Chanta Rose was wearing the probe and felt absolutely electric. She only touched my arm and hand, quite lightly at that, but it was an erotically and electrically charged sensation that made my whole body tingle. One of the coolest things about seeing use the Violet Wand Handle Probe was that it looked like she was using the dark side of “force”. Like Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious from the “Star Wars” movies. Seeing the violet blue sparks shooting from her hand like she was a “Sith Lord” using “force lightning” was an incredible turn on. Maybe I’m too much of a comic book/science fiction nerd.

The Carnal Knowledge Series of classes at Syren are definitely worth attending. It was fun, sexy, exciting, and informative. I very much look forward to next time.

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