Building the Petting Zoo with Bunny Rabbits and Cages

Hot erotic sex with animal hooded captives. That just may be the new American wet dream for the 21st century. Animal fetish fantasies are really hot and gaining popularity. That’s what I think anyway.

If you have ever wished you were a bunny in a cage, or that you were involved in a sexual relationship with a bunny in a cage… you are about to see just how possible it is to make your dreams come true. The super exciting news at the Stockroom is that we have some cool-ass new products that will seriously take your sexual adventuring to a whole new level.

I’m talking about human-size steel cages that lock securely and are impossible to escape from. I know that idea is a turn on for many people including myself. There is a stand-up jail cell with a front door that is divided into three parts. The top and bottom can remain closed allowing the jailer to target extra focus on torturing the genitals of their prisoner by opening only the middle door. This cage locks in three places and turns any room into an erotic dungeon

If you prefer not to stand (or like your slave on all fours) we have just the cage for you. The Deluxe Puppy Cage is perfect for treating your lover, submissive, or slave like the animal you know they are.
It’s terrific for keeping that special someone in their place or punishing them with confinement when they misbehave. It is lockable, secure, and inescapable! A special feeding slot is built into the door of this steel cage so you can feed your captive.

Let’s take it a step beyond just being housed like an animal. Transforming the one you love, or yourself into a bunny rabbit is now a glorious reality. We all know the term “fuck like rabbits”. Now you can also fuck the rabbit, or you can be the rabbit being fucked. The Bunny Hood and Black Rabbit Hood are two very sexy new leather bondage hoods totally exclusive to These hoods are as sensual and cool as they come and perfect for sensory deprivation and light breath play. Combine either hood with our new Carrot Dildo and a Bunny Tail Anal Plug and you can satisfy your lustful animal desires in a very healthy, safe, and legal way.

Start putting together your own exotic menagerie as soon as you can. The equipment, toys, and gear are all now readily available at Get a caged human-bunny and fuck that “Wascally Wabbit” as much as you want!

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