“Find Your Fetish” at S.U.C.K.

I just attended the “Find Your Fetish” workshop with Violet Blue and Thomas Roche. It was held at Syren Latex here in Los Angeles as part of the ongoing Syren University Carnal Knowledge (or S.U.C.K.) series.

I had never seen Violet Blue or Thomas Roche before, but I had read Fetish Sex. I’m not exactly sure what I expected. I thought they would have very dirty mouths, and they did. I was however, quite surprised at how soft spoken they each were. Not to say they seemed the least bit shy, but I guess I had expected some kind of punk rock style aggression or assertion. Instead they were very polite, and discussed sex, fetishism, and perversion in a warm and friendly manner that was actually quite elegant. The class was very interactive, and the guests in attendance seemed quite comfortable speaking openly to the two educators about their personal fetishes, what they did and didn’t know about fetishes and fetish sex, and what they would like to learn.

I personally couldn’t help but get involved, offering up such topics as hot wax and ice cube play, cock and ball torture/training, and trampling/crushing. As we all shouted out our favorite forms of fetish sex/play, Violet interjected personal comments, bits of historical data, and some useful information concerning expense and safety. Thomas took notes on a large display pad of paper for everyone to see, and the whole experience proved very informative. As everyone continued the discussion I found myself growing extremely aroused, but I kept this to myself, and I think I’ll continue keeping it to myself…so moving on.

Some fetishes seem relatively well known. Spanking and whipping, strap-on sex, bondage, and blindfolds (just to name a few), are areas many people seem familiar with even if they lead a very vanilla lifestyle. This is most likely due to the integration of these topics into the mainstream media. Some not quite so well known fetishes that were covered include adult babies/diaper play, furries, plushies, incest-play, giantess fetish, and cosplay (costume play). My favorite is the sleepy-girl/guy. This means having sex with and performing sexual acts upon a partner who is “pretending” to be asleep, unconscious, drugged, or in a coma. I don’t exactly know why, but it’s the hottest thing I’ve heard of in a long time.

I’m really happy that I attended the “Find Your Fetish” workshop. It was fun and informative and I had a great time. I’m an even bigger fan of both Violet Blue and Thomas Roche now that I’ve had the opportunity of seeing them in person. I would also recommend attending anything in the S.U.C.K. series if you get the chance.

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