History’s First Chastity Belt

History’s First Chastity Belt

16thc-German-woodcut-Chastity-beltHistory’s first record of a chastity belt is a report from a 15th century German doctor about the “hard iron breeches of Florentine women”. Since then, enterprising kinksters have been trying to build a perfectly effective device to ensure the wearer is unable to achieve orgasm. Lately I’ve been testing some chastity devices that have come on the market recently, and it’s got me thinking about what the perfect CB would be like.

First of all, it would fit the wearer like a glove, be invisible under clothes and would be completely escape-proof. The wearer would be able to go about their daily lives without any restrictions (other than the obvious “no orgasms until the keyholder agrees to unlock you” restriction) so activities like swimming, riding a bicycle or going through a metal detector wouldn’t be a problem. Any attempt to tamper with the lock or efforts to remove the belt would be visible to the keyholder.

Secondly, there would be a way to stimulate the wearer to keep them constantly aroused. The ability to deliver pleasure for specific durations and of specific intensities would help the keyholder’s maximize the submissive’s desperation. An adjustable system that allows or prevents erections would be very useful to keyholders who want total control of their chastity slave’s penis.

Conversely, the perfect CB would also allow the keyholder to deliver controllable amounts of pain to the wearer. Sharpened metal spikes inside a chastity belt, for example, are a particularly effective way to deliver pain to a locked penis trying to become erect. There is a device in development now that will allow electrical shocks of variable intensity to be delivered to the genitals of the chastity belted slave, and these shocks can be triggered by remote control. Expect to see this type of device hit the market sometime next year.

The perfect chastity belt would be suitable for both short term, long term or even permanent wear. Nothing is more frustrating than taking a submissive to the point of constant arousal and desperation to cum, then being forced to grant their pleas for release solely for hygenic purposes. Some keyholders I know would love a locking mechanism that can be set for a specific period of time before which the belt cannot be opened for any reason. This would prevent less-than-iron-willed keyholders from taking pity on the submissive and ending their chastity period earlier than planned.

And since we’re designing the perfect chastity belt, wouldn’t it be nice is it had a USB port and a mini-jack so the belt can play mp3’s, store digital photos and interface with your cell phone? Now that would be a chastity belt that any submissive would be proud to wear.

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