Latex: A Love Affair

Latex: A Love Affair

Wearing latex is an experience within itself. For me, it provides for the most intense sensual of experiences. Latex is designed to be tight-fit; making it a form of bondage on its own. Gripping itself around every single curve, latex clothing leaves nothing to the imagination. I am confident and powerful in latex though it is thin and delicate to the touch. I am fully clothed, yet I feel completely exposed within this enigma.

Slipping into a latex garment is no easy feat. You have to work hard in order to glide your limbs through each component; yet the dynamic of rubber is also defined by its durability. No other garment, in my opinion, is as challenging yet fulfilling to wear. I had the pleasure of wearing the Syren Latex Full Catsuit to a play party recently and found the ritual of sliding into the latex to be quite a transformation for me as I physically and mentally prepared myself to embrace a new skin. I happen to have a mild sensitivity to latex – not quite an allergy yet, but for direct contact there is a dedication to wear it, and it is certainly was worth the experience.

Coating my skin first with a layer of silicone lubricant, I began with my legs and slid into the legs of the catsuit one by one, then carefully smoothed the latex over my skin inch by inch. As I reached the top of my thighs, I could feel my body temperature rising, but not because of the miniscule beads of sweat which were slowly accumulating between my skin and the material. This inexplicable exhilaration also happens every time I put myself in rope bondage as well. My body is awake, my senses heightened. This strong, sleek texture is now reflected on the outside of my body, and the tactile encounter has transformed me into a self-assured Goddess. After the Catsuit inched its way up and over my curves, I wrapped The Stockroom’s Locking Hasp Corset around my waist, slipped into a pair of very high stilettos and felt indestructible as ever as I stepped out of the house.

Hours later, well into the party, I walked to my car and removed my shoes and corset, assuming I would be leaving shortly. However, standing outside in my bare feet feeling the wind through the latex reawakened my core and I knew I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. Something animalistic occurred when there was nothing between myself and nature, aside from the thin caress of the latex. Invigorated, I stifled the urge to howl. I turned around and returned to the party, clad only in this second skin, feeling the ground beneath my soles and the air stroking my latex with every step. I was simply empowered riding on that adrenaline rush. Though I wasn’t scheduled to perform at the party, I knew the night was mine and decided to embrace the carnal voice screaming inside of me, demanding that I create art. I proceeded to perform a double-rope suspension that evening, a full suspension between another man and myself, to the same suspension point simultaneously. Twirling around in midair, the full-body latex experience only increased my body’s awareness of the ropes wrapped tightly around me. It was at that moment I knew nothing was going to get between me and my newly discovered love affair with latex.

…Nothing except, perhaps, a few layers of silicone lube.

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