My Mechanical Kiddie Ride Fantasy

kiddie ride

When I am in my more submissive mode it usually ends with me on bottom, having a ride taken on me. The “rider” is most always straddling me and looking in the opposite direction so I am facing the back. I do my best to lie as still as I can and keep my hands behind my head like I am usually instructed or commanded to do. I then stay in position and try to stay composed while I get joyously and mercilessly grinded upon. Since a ride is being taken on me, I guess that is why I can’t help but feeling/imagining that I am a ride. A coin operated kiddie ride. Sometimes I am the little racecar, sometimes the little rocket ship. Other times I am a brightly colored little horse or jungle animal. In my fantasy I am a machine. I am always making the same slow, steady motion going back and forth, and never ever having any control or power whatsoever.

My mechanical object fantasy is very different from other non-human fantasies I sometimes have. On occasion I imagine myself to be a horse or some other mount or steed animal. The fundamental difference for me in these two fantasies is that a horse, or zebra, or unicorn (to name a few), is capable of bucking, grunting, grinding back, bouncing wildly, and squealing or moaning in great pleasure and satisfaction. My mechanized kiddie ride requires a much different form of rhythmic control, and making sure I provide a slow and steady motion.

The placement of power and control in living animal vs. mechanical ride fantasies are also very different. In my mount/steed animal fantasy I am still the property of the rider. The rider is in control, and is the one with the power. However, a unicorn or horse is capable of a great deal of motion. They also bite, lick, and might kick around wildly. Such an animal may or may not also have a very strong spirit or will. The animal I imagine myself to be is at sometimes domesticated and tame, and at other times is wild and untamed. A mechanical animal ride does none of these things. A kiddie ride is a simple machine. It takes a lot of concentration for me not to lick, or bite, or grunt, or moan. I tell myself that I am just a machine. I am only a ride. I belong to my rider. My rider owns me. I exist only for the amusement of my “rider”. When I tell myself these things, it is silently, and in my head. I should mention that I also hear these thoughts in the “voice” of my rider. It is with this same silent voice that I also hear things like, “Don’t cum”, “You better not cum”, or “Don’t you dare cum”.

The mechanical kiddie ride fantasy is also very different from my inanimate object fantasy. For that I must be totally still, completely quiet, and be nothing more than a “thing” to be used and manipulated for the pleasure and gratification of another. Of course, when I imagine myself to be these objects, I am having very hot, very fulfilling, and far beyond satisfactory orgasms of my own. These fantasies only make those orgasms that much better. True objects wouldn’t experience that, I suppose. Such is the beauty and appeal of fantasy.

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