My Super-Villainess/Bad-Girl Super Hero Fantasy

The submissive states, personalities, and characters I have written about so far have all been non-human fantasies. The mechanical animal kiddie ride is my favorite and most recurring. The wild, or domesticated animal, and object fantasies are some I enjoy a great deal. I thought I might also include a relatively human, submissive character fantasy. The submissive fantasies I have included so far tend to concentrate slightly more on the role I have assumed, am playing, or imagine myself to be. The partner involved in these scenarios is always very dominant, in complete control, and has all the power. However, they are usually not playing any character, other than being themselves in a very dominant role.
That is why I wanted to mention another fantasy I have that involves me being the submissive. It is different from my other fantasies, because it puts the dominant partner in a specific dominant character role. It is my super-villainess/bad-girl superhero fantasy. In this fantasy/scene/scenario, I can either be a super-hero whose strength and powers are inferior to the super-villainess (sometimes made more extreme by my super-hero weaknesses having already been exploited), or I am a villain who is also much weaker and less powerful than the bad-girl superhero. These fantasy scenarios are much more verbal. They are also some of the only times that my costume fetish for masks, gloves, boots, and other articles of clothing and fetish fashion comes into play. This is also a time when whips and floggers are especially cool, and useful.It is somewhat like an interrogation scene, and usually involves some light to medium torture play. If I am playing the part of the captured superhero who is suffering at the hands of a super-villainess, it would most likely always involve me being tormented simply for fun, her amusement, or occasionally revenge. This may occasionally mean being made to beg for my life, or beg for something else. If I am the captured villain suffering at the hands of the bad-girl superhero, it may also involve a more detailed line of questioning that might have something to do with the confession of crimes, revealing secret plans, or once again being made to beg for something. This is probably one of my more complicated play fantasy scenarios, and also the one I indulge in the least. I am hoping to do this a little more often, as it becomes more comfortable.

I think some of these desires could easily be traced to my enthusiasm for comic books as a child. I admit that some of that enthusiasm has stayed with me. I have also had a crush on the comic book character “The Huntress” for as long as I can remember.

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