The Cone!

The Cone is a very cool new toy now available at JT’s Stockroom, and it’s really awesome. One of the unique things about the cone is that it looks really cute, and it doesn’t necessarily look like a sex toy. It’s shaped like a stout “cone”, light pastel pink in color, and it’s constructed out of soft plastic. The way it’s crafted it looks like it could be a lamp, a strange game, a clock, or something else funny and weird. The design of the cone seems to be based on a medieval European torture device that is supposed to have been especially popular with the Spanish inquisition called a Judas Cradle, or Judas Chair. If you are a hard-core masochist or sadist with a wicked or brutal torture fetish, “Don’t get excited”. The new soft pink cone is not a torture device. It’s a vibrating sex toy with an innovative shape and a whole bunch of potential.
There are many fun ways to use the cone, both for an individual or with a partner. There are 16 different speeds and settings as well, so you can experiment with the vibration quite a bit. This is an entertaining and stimulating item for a man, or woman, or both. Two men or two women could also get plenty of enjoyment out of this awesome sex toy. It is wonderful for the stimulation of the vagina and anus, the clitoris, the testicles, male g-spot, or the penis. Most likely some other spots as well. The height of The Cone is 6”, and it has a 7.5” diameter, so it doesn’t go very deep into the vagina, or anus. You can comfortably sit on it and sink ever so slowly down on to the vibrating tip and body. Lay face up or face down depending on what part of the body you want to play with. The shape and design of the toy lets a woman lay face down on and stimulate the clitoris while comfortably being fucked from behind, since it only goes so deep and is pretty soft. This action will also be a ton of fun for the guy inside her because the vagina itself will be vibrating intensely.
The Cone is cute and you can use it to play with yourself or with a friend. You can also use your favorite lube with it. Some of the settings are intense, but some are mild enough to allow for television or a good book while you get off. I highly recommend The Cone. It’s totally radical.

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