“Vibrating Crops, Fake Vaginas, and Anal Games…Oh My!

Wild new toys, gear, and fresh sexual adventure equipment has just arrived at the Stockroom! If you want some really out of the ordinary and fun stuff for your enjoyably crazy sexual experiences, then you totally need to look at the innovative new products JT’s Stockroom just added to our already impressive collection.

First up is the Vibrating Riding Crop.

This item might just be my favorite toy/piece of gear ever. It’s a simple, yet brilliant idea. I love riding crops. Spankings are so cool. I love getting them and giving them. It’s by far one of the best forms of foreplay. Kissing and spanking. Vibration is also something I like very, very much. This riding crop has four different modes of vibration. It has fast, pulsing once, pulsing twice, and slow. All four are great. It’s is wonderful for teasing the cock, balls, anal stimulation and play, playing with nipples, or whatever. It is also perfect for clitoral stimulation. Use your imagination…it’s a vibrating riding crop! Don’t let the whole vibrator aspect fool you, it’s still gives a wicked spanking. This leather slapper has a very sexy sting that I absolutely adore. Just thinking about it makes me smile. There is also the Vibrating Helping Hand Riding Crop, which is basically the same implement, except the leather slapper is hand-shaped. Both kick, or rather spank, ass! This is my big-time recommendation for everyone. Incorporate your favorite cuffs and blindfold to heighten this already extraordinary experience. Also perfect, and just in time, for Valentine’s Day.

Next up is the Anal Ring Toss.

This is silly, fun, cool, and sexy. If you have a playful streak and like party-style games this is great for you. The scoring pole is attached to an anal plug. The plug goes into the ass of the designated goalie. Then the players throw rings at the goalie’s butt trying to land one on/around the pole. It’s fun, and not too difficult. For extra fun, players should customize the game with their own rules. Decide what you get if you score, what happens when you miss, and all that stuff. Please toss anal rings responsibly.

Lastly we have the Vee-String Vagina Prosthesis.

Now this is a somewhat strange, but wildly inventive item. The Vee-String is a prosthetic vagina. You read that correctly, it’s a fake pussy. It is 100% latex and has 9 different pubic hair colors to choose from. The hair is acrylic and comes in 5 different styles. The design of the Vee-String gives a man a very realistic vaginal appearance and totally hides his genitals. You can wear it for hours, and these pussies can be penetrated. You can fuck these prosthetic vaginas. You can be fucked while wearing one. Maybe it seems a little crazy, but in a sense it’s like the vagina-equivalent of the strap on cock. A penis, finger, dildo, vibrator, or whatever else you choose, can be inserted into the artificial vagina. A man can be temporarily transformed into a woman, capable of having sex, using the Vee-String.

There are 5 different Vee-Strings to choose from.

1.) The Original Vee-String (the classic design)

2.) The Virgin Vee-String (has a repairable hymen you can bust over and over)

3.) The Bladder Vee-String (sit down and pee like a woman)

4.) Sheath Vee-String (make your penis a female G-Spot)

5.) Sheath/Bladder Vee-String (a perfect combination for sex and peeing)

The Vee-String is a bit crazy, but also has a whole lot to offer. If you or someone you know is curious, if you want to kick the role-playing up a notch, or if you have any reason whatsoever for having a prosthetic vagina, get a Vee-String.

That is some of the exciting and new stuff happening this week at the stockroom. As always these products are featured in the new items section. We also have an erotic Valentine’s Day Sale going on right now, so please cum check it out!

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