1989. Planet Earth.

Vanessa lay on top of her bed sheets, wearing only a pair of thin cotton panties, her sixteen year old breasts exposed to the cool night air coming in through the window. Salt N’ Peppa bumped gently on the radio. She let her fingertips glide across her chest, down over her thighs.

She had only done this once before. She made circles on her belly, on her sides… she remembered Tad, her boyfriend, drunk at the party… they kissed, he sucked her nipples a little… then she let him play with her pussy through her panties… she began to make light circles over her underwear, pushing down slightly… he said he wanted to eat her out, but she wouldn’t. Not now. Not when he was drunk…

Faster. Staying at the top… it would have been sloppy. An embarrassing mess; his drunk face chowing down between her legs. And if she came! He was sure to brag about it to all of his friends. As it was, he kept her panties. But still… just the idea… someone getting down there with their mouth over her clit… working with their hands and tongue… faster… yes… it would be like a stampede through her legs… clench. Finish.

Meanwhile, one hundred light years from earth, a breed of mighty winged horses, whose color was that of the purest snow, paused at the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. They were all stallions, the last of their kind. Their world was destroyed ages ago when the universe was still forming and the races were pitted against one another for survival. For eons these intelligent beasts have moved through the empty reaches of space, looking for a safe haven, an escape from the loneliness of space travel.Gunther flared his nostrils and watched the glittering of distant stars. He had been too long at the helm, and the pressures of leadership were beginning to take their toll. If they did not encounter a habitable planet soon, he would be forced to relinquish his position as leader of the Pegasi.

“My Lord!”

It was Willie, his old friend and confidant.

“My Lord. It has been several centuries since we last discovered a planet the least bit suitable for our kind. We must find something soon… ” He lowered his voice a bit and moved closer, “Silver is suggesting that you may have lost your wits!” Gunther sighed and shook his weighty mane. Has it really been so long? Yes, it’s true. He can not remember a time before this. Endless space. “I have only time now, Willie. When that is gone I will have nothing. Tell the others to regroup. We fly in one hour.” “Yes, my Lord.”

Somewhere in that cold blackness must be a rock, a speck… a pasture where he and his men might again run free. A lake to drink from, perhaps a tree? In the distance, a galaxy shimmered. It would be his last chance. The other stallions were weary of his guessing game and would soon demand another leader.

Tad parked his dad’s truck, a big gray Chevy, at the parking lot of the park down the street from Vanessa’s house. Things were starting to get heavy. Tad had gotten her shirt open and was sucking her teats like a starving piglet. Vanessa reached around back and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. “Yeah, baby,” Tad said between mouthfuls of tit. Suddenly, she had his pants unzipped and was pulling on his cock. She took it out and yanked up and down. Tad stiffened. “Yeah, baby!” he whistled through his teeth and
gripped the old Chevy’s interior. “Ngnhhhh…” Gush. Squeeze… cum on my shirt? Cum in my hair? What a mess! “Keep pulling!” Tad squealed and more dribbled out. Finally, Tad relaxed. Vanessa buttoned her shirt and cleaned up as best she could. Then Tad drove her up the street to her house. “You’re amazing,” he said when she was getting out. They kissed through the window. “I love you Vanessa.” To prove it he waited until she was safely inside before driving off.

Two weeks later, the pentagon detected several unidentified bodies entering the earth’s atmosphere. Teams were formed and internal security was stepped up to code yellow. Before any action could be taken they had to know what they were up against.

Unlike many other high school students, Vanessa still enjoyed riding her bicycle to and from school. She enjoyed the exercise and cherished time spent outside. Furthermore, one less car on the road meant the air would be that much cleaner. Ever since she joined the Sierra Club she made a conscientious effort to do her part to save the planet. This afternoon was so beautiful and the air smelled so fresh she was compelled to take the long way home, which would lead her through an apple grove, past a small duck pond that belonged to an abandoned farm, along a thin dirt path that followed a thick pasture of tall grass, and…Lo and behold! The most beautiful horse she had ever seen! It was as white as a clean sheet of paper. Muscles moved in sumptuous curves under the skin. Its hair fell lightly along its strong neck. And the eyes were like blue glass… but wait! Wings? Yes, two wings… angel’s wings.

The animal snorted. Vanessa was frozen. Trapped on the seat of her bike; she was terrified by the beauty and strength of this strange animal. She remembered the apple in her bag. She broke the apple as best she could and approached the horse slowly, apple chunks in one hand. “Who is this sweet piece?” wondered Gunther. He tasted the food she held out to him. It was cool and delicious. He finished the apple. Vanessa stroked his nose, ran her hand over his broad shoulders. What would it be like to have such a beast between her legs? She had ridden before, most girls in Bakersfield had, but a winged horse? She touched the wings… they were as soft as her mother’s down comforter. She noticed the stallion’s huge cock and big balls with mixed emotions… surely this animal was bred from the finest stock.

She had to hide him, at least until she was sure that he ended up in the proper hands. Horrible images of men in white coats backed by government troops, dissecting, trapping, studying away the very life of this special creature. No, she would play it safe and go slow. She decided to take him back to the abandoned farmhouse and hide him there.

Gunther allowed himself to be led away from the pasture he had been feeding on. Having eaten enough to stave his hunger, his mind had naturally drifted on to considering his other, no less demanding, needs. He was quite taken by the young girl. Her legs shot down from a pair of tight cut-off jean shorts, the little white fringe was sexy next to her tanned thighs. Her hair was long and brown. She smelled clean. A strong filly, the young ones can always take more of a punishment.Vanessa closed the barn door. “You’ll be safe here. I’ll come back every day. Before and after school.” She stroked his face. Once again it was hard to ignore this animal’s dangling sex. Gunther snorted. It had been a long time since he had been with a woman. So very long. Vanessa ran her hand over the horse’s back. So strong! She felt the legs; not a drop of fat. She then touched the belly. Gunther stepped forward and her hand brushed his balls. How big they were! She thought of Tad’s cock and laughed. No, Tad had a penis… this was a cock! She wanted to see how big it could get. She felt no shame, after all, for the moment he was hers.

She slowly began to massage his genitals, keeping an eye on the horse’s face. Gunther snorted an encouraging snort, and his wang grew. She worked it up to an unbelievable size… it must be at least five inches in diameter… she got down and started sucking. It was huge and red. The most threatening thing she had ever put to her mouth. Gunther responded well, bucking gently back and forth, letting his cock slip in and out of Vanessa’s wet grip.

With abandon, Vanessa peeled out of her Daisy Dukes and pulled her shirt up over her head. The afternoon was hot and she had a glistening sheen of sweat over her lithe and open body. She lay back… Gunther kneeled a bit… Vanessa pushed up… finally, with a watery pop, he made his way inside and got to work. In and out. That was the business. Oh, what a tremendous sight! This huge animal hunkered down, sweating over the comparably tiny girl. Woman and beast coupled together. Vanessa stretched open her thighs and bucked forward. Gunther pumped a few more good strokes and whinnied, before soaking her crotch with his hot horse sperm. For a moment, Vanessa’s heart stopped, her eyes rolled back and she nearly swallowed her tongue. A small trickle of blood ran from her left nostril. “Motherfuck,” she gasped. Gunther pulled out, creating a vacuum in her pussy which in turn gave off a sucking sound, followed by handfuls of cum. They both giggled, a knowing lover’s giggle. Gunther was too tired to stand, despite the ache in his knees, so he remained hunched over the broken body of the girl.
“It’d been so long,” he thought to her. “I had almost forgotten how wonderful it can be. Yes, that’s right. I can understand you too…. No, don’t talk. Use your mind. Your thoughts. Direct them to me. Think to me.”

In this way, Gunther was able to share his story with Vanessa.
The story of his people, the centuries of travel, of loneliness.

©2000 Gordy Amede

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