Best Friends

My best friend’s mom lives across the street.

My best friend and I grew up together, but now he’s away at college.

I’m still living with my parents because none of the colleges that I wanted to go to accepted me.

In fact, none of them accepted me. So I’m going to take classes at a junior college until I have enough credits to transfer to a U.C. school. Maybe UCLA. But for now I’m suppose to get a job, so I can pay a little rent, pay for my own gas, that kind of stuff.

The truth is that’s not what I wanted to talk about.

The truth is I wanted to tell you about my friend’s mom and what happened when she came over yesterday. Well, both of my parents work and she’s a stay-home mom. It was about one in the afternoon. I was watching TV when I heard a knock on the door. She was wearing a blue flower print dress. She wondered if I had a hammer. I said “yes” and got her one. She fanned herself with her hands and asked if I had any iced tea. Which is weird because I’ve gotten really into making iced tea lately, so I did. Then she said it was hot. She said that sometimes in the summer she would shower three or four times a day. Wasn’t that funny? She started rubbing the cold glass of tea over her nipples through her dress; one then the other, while massaging the back of her neck with her free hand. Then she wanted to know if I found her attractive. Well, yes I did. She had on a light summer dress that clung to her body with perspiration. She looked like the girl at the very end of Risky Business.

She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. And I felt my penis bulge. It swelled and churned. She stepped out of the bathroom and slowly pulled her dress up over her head. My cock thrashed and pushed against my jeans, but fortunately her back was to me at the time. She got naked and stepped into the bathroom. I heard her getting into the shower. By now my penis was distorted, so that the stitching in my pants slowly snapped. Pop. Pop. Pop, pop, pop… right along the seam. Swish! Out came the demon! It swayed heavily in front of me, engorged and terrible. My lower back bent slightly and I spread my feet to compensate for my new center of gravity. Oh, the pendulous weight! A cruel sickness passed on to son from the father!

I moved forward, upturning furniture, and stormed into the bathroom. My penis broke through the shower door, causing the lady to scream. By this time, however, I could not turn away. I grabbed her and forced her mouth to stretch over my tremendous head. She choked, gagged, coughed, found air through her nose, and then swallowed more of my gluttonous cock. Dirty bitch! Down inches, gulp, more inches. Her throat bulged and her face grew cherry red. She pulled it out and now she was hot! She rubbed her tits all over my giant instrument. She pushed and squeezed and pulled her tits. She was growing and stretching her tits out by the nipples. She worked them around the thickness of my meat. As I pumped, she pulled the hole tighter. Tired of the games, I dipped and plunged all the way inside of her. She howled and scratched. I pounded away and she returned. Finally I pulled out to explode a sea of creamy soup all over her chest. I unloaded such a shot of hot cum into her face that I filled the tub. She licked her lips and rubbed it all over herself. I worked my dick around her tits and waited for the blood to recede.

The problem is my best friend will be home from college soon. And best friends are cool.

I’ve always been different.

Will they laugh?

© 2002 – Gordy Amede –

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