dirty old cunt

“What an old cunt I am.”

I didn’t say that. I would never have said that. Not to her, anyway. Sure, all cunts become old cunts sooner or later, but they hate to hear it. It’s the same with dicks. We all soften up.

“You know what I did the other night?”

“No.” But I think I did.

“I let this 15 year old boy, a boy really, take me home & screw me in the ass. What do you think about that?”

“Well, doesn’t sound too bad. Not too very bad. What else?” I asked.

I hated to hear it, but I knew she was going to give it to me anyway.

“Well,” she said, “I let him take photographs of me naked. I let him take photographs while I put a bottle up my cunt. How about that?”

She was a hard bitch; to love & to please.

“That doesn’t sound too bad, I mean, if you were safe & all.” Whatever. What’s there to say anyway? The old bitch wants a screw & she’s going to get it. Enough said. But it wasn’t. “I’ve fucked boys like him since I was twelve. Do you know how many that makes? because I don’t.” “It’s not the number.” I was being reassuring, but I thought, oh god, I’m glad I put the dick in & don’t take it.

“What makes a dirty old cunt anyway? Maybe I’m just a dirty old cunt.” She said. “That’s no all so bad a thing.” What else. You tell me, if she was your old love. How dirty are we anyway? Not so very dirty. “I’ve sucked up about two gallons of sperm in my lifetime. How about you?” “Well, none, really. But fuck sperm, I love you.” That’s a safe bet. “Oh, I’ll bet.” She said. She’s figured me. Nothing sexy in that.

“I guess a blowjob is out of the question?” “Sure as fuck is.” She didn’t mean it. Spending time with old lovers was like that. They told you how dirty they were & you absolved them of all their guilt. It was a game.

“I once fucked three men in one night. I took it in the ass twice. I sucked all their cocks & drank semen until my belly was full.” More information. More absolving. “At work, they all think I’m just a whore. Men proposition me at lunch. Sometimes I do them, just to prove they’re right about me.” “I don’t know what to tell you about all that.” I usually don’t. “I’ve been wondering,” she said. “Why are men allowed to fuck into their old age & women are left choking on their mini-skirts & bags of makeup?”

“You can’t plan everything.”

Just then a fat little angel flew down & grabbed me by my cock. “There is a mountain of sperm in here. I want it all poured down my throat.” I devised a quick numbers scam to confuse both of them. In a flash I was paying out dollar bills. Oh damn. It seems I’d do anything for a quick lay. The girls are right. I succumbed.

© 2003 – Gordy Amede

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