Getting Small

Getting Small

“Get Small, Get Small!’ said the gnome to the queen.”

Years ago I used to know what that saying meant, years ago I even used to remember where it came from, but not anymore. The pushbroom of time had swept that all away. But I tend to still say, when it seems appropriate, and now I was thinking that phrase, as I regarded my new body in the mirror.

Rejuvenation technology had come available just in time for me: I was pushing 70 and not in the best of heath. Luckily I had been able to secretly save up the money to buy myself”¦and you, of course, the therapy. I had taken my course today, and now was viewing the results at home, in amazement. My body had shrunk to around three feet and was the exact replica of what I had looked like at age five. No matter how well you know this is the result, and how many times you’d seen other miniature adults running around, it was still spooky to see the effect on ones self. I was a gorgeous dark-eyed little beauty. My large wondering eyes seemed almost three times too big for my head, in fact. I also had the energy and attention span of a five year old, and so quickly disengaged with the mirror. You would so surprised to learn we had the money to afford this! I clapped my hands in glee! There””I heard you unlocking the door. I ran as quickly as I could to you calling out a loud, friendly “HI THERE!” You smile back, and say hello, and ask me who I am. Oh this is beautiful! You don’t recognize me. But I see the lust in your eyes as you stare down at my perfect childish (and perfectly nude) form. You don’t bother to hide it because what’s a child going to notice, anyway?

I say, “Ta da! It’s ME!” and twirl around like a ballerina princess on tiptoes until I fall over on my chubby behind. “And who might you be?” you ask again, staring hungrily at my little bare split beaver that’s been inadvertently displayed when my legs went up and I rolled onto my back. “Me, dummy! ME! Tari!” I say kicking my legs impatiently in the air. “Don’t you recognize me?” “Wha- Tari?” you mumble in confusion. “Oh god, you’ve had the therapy. Why didn’t you wait for me?” I hate hearing the anguish in your voice and jump to my feet and hug you, pressing my head into your crotch. I’m pleased to feel your hard-on, this is going to work out splendidly. “Don’t worry, DUM DUM!” I say. “I have the money saved up for yours, too! You can get it whenever you want! But I got mine early for a special reason. See if you can guess.”

I look expectantly up at your face, the skin with its tanned handsome wrinkles and beautiful silvery hair making you look still 50 rather than your actual 60 years. You’ve kept your body in great shape all these years, but all the same I read the signs of weariness in it, the signs of a frustrated youth in a body that’s slowing down despite his concentrated efforts to keep it fast. You guess, “To show me what it’s like?” No dum-dum! Where is your mind tonight? “NO!” I say brightly. “Shall I tell you?” “Tell all,” you say, using the familiar formula.

Suddenly shy, I’m not sure where to begin. “Well, uh, you know how you’ve always liked to use your cock as a weapon in a woman’s body? Well, I just thought, what better sort of body to um use for weapons practice than one too small for the weapon? I mean, it might fuck me up a bit, but you can always take me to the hospital. This must happen a lot to rejuves, don’t you think? Anyway, I thought it would be very fun”””

I don’t get any further. With a growl-roar you’ve picked me up off the ground and thrown me cross your shoulder like a sack of potatoes. I giggle in anticipation, but know that I won’t be giggling very soon. You walk us into the bedroom, toss me on the bed and then are on top of me in an instant. After a few hard brutal kisses, you’re pulling your pants down with one hand and slapping my nude body around with the other. I scream as my softer and much more sensitive skin registers impacts for the first time, impacts which are so familiar to my experienced mind. And then your pushing what looks like a monstrous sized cock between my little legs, pushing harder and harder. I’m mostly dry, even though very excited: the body is too young to get much lube going and I realize suddenly how badly this is going to hurt. I give a piercing scream: the head of your cock is in, and it’s trying to move in further but something’s stopping it. “Wait! Honey, please! I’m only five, I’m INTACT STILL!” I scream. You seem to realize what’s going on at the same time too and with a feral growl you thrust twice as hard.

That does it. I feel a ripping sensation and intense pain and all of a sudden your huge cock is completely filling my little cunt, and pushing itself hard against my tiny cervix. I scream and scream now, unable to formulate words, I’m just pure pain. I’m certain you’ve managed to break through my cervix, the pain is so intense, but I can’t even remember how to say the word “Stop!” (not that it would stop you).

You pull out of my cunt before cumming, roll me roughly over and are now pressing against my tiny ass. Oh god, this is going to be even worse than the cunt rape. But I asked for it. Once again my thoughts are swept away and replaced by pain. You have a little bit of lube on your cock: the blood from my ruptured hymen and cervix and that smoothes the way a tiny bit, but not much. I try my best to relax, but my five year old body doesn’t want to cooperate: it wants to clench hard and keep the intruder out. But you are so much stronger than even that tightest of muscles and you break through eventually, and everything turns red in front of me. You make the butt fuck last, you have always had incredible staying power and it’s only gotten better as you’ve aged. You slide your evil monstrous cock in and out of my tiny ass like a violin bow across the strings, and my screams and animal-like wails are the singing your virtuoso produces.

You know just where to press, how fast, and how hard to make it hurt the worst. Just an ordinary old fucking would have terribly hurt this tiny body, but you are particularly savage tonight. You will not get another opportunity like this for a long time: tomorrow your dick will shrink to a much more reasonable size (at least in regards to me). I don’t know how you do some of the things you do, but your dick keeps finding newer and worse ways to hurt me inside. You’ve switched between my cunt and ass several times now, and, as focused as I am on my own agony, I feel your orgasm building in you. Harder and faster go the blows and one more time you switch, back to my ravaged little asshole, and in a couple of minutes you finish. You final furious strokes make me certain you’ve stuck a sharpened stake up me instead of a penis. I feel your dick impossibly high up in my body: I imagine that you’ve had to tear through several organs to get that far. And then you cum, and I’m faintly aware of you snapping a photo or two of my bleeding ass and cunt before you call the ambulance.

I lay on my belly on the bed, not ablaze with pain as I was, but aching horrendously and afraid to move for fear of hurting an already hurt organ. The ambulance man’s tone is cheery and almost conspiratorial as he talks to you. He says, “A Juvie? Looks like you had a fine time here tonight, sir! Don’t worry, we can mend up good as new, but you can’t do it too many times, or the organs loose their ability to heal.” You assure him that tonight was the last, and the man in the white coat shoots me up with some sort of relaxant which immediately ease the pain. You walk out with me to the ambulance and tell me you’ll be in the hospital to visit me in a day or so and when you did you’ve have had your own treatment. But first you are going to go see my grand-daughter-in-law: you’ve always wanted to know what a tiny boy’s dick shoved up a grown woman’s ass feels like. I consider teasing you about whether you think a woman like her will surrender to a little boy, then smilingly shut my mouth. I know very well that whether little boy or aging man, you’ll always be the same: no woman will be able to resist spreading her legs (or her ass cheeks) when faced with your irresistible charm. I look forward to hearing about your adventures when you come to visit me.

© 2004 Unda. Crucia. Eximius.

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