Warmth radiated over her left shoulder like a caress. Soon, it would move over her cheeks and sweep over the hollows of her collarbone, eventually making its path across her breasts and belly. The sounds of metal clattering behind her alerted her to his presence, sending a shudder of terror racing through her bloodstream. Agitated, her muscles tightened in reaction and her heartbeat quickened until she could feel the pulsing beat under her skin. Pounding waves of blood rushed into her wrists, ankles, and the crook of her neck. The banded cords of muscles in her neck tightened uncomfortably. “Quiet. I must be quiet and still.” She thought, while making a concerted effort to silence the raging terror that spread over her body as the sunlight began its journey over her exposed limbs.

The aroma of strong coffee permeated the air mixing with the salty smell of bacon or sausage. She could hear the splatter of grease as the eggs slipped into a pan. A strong rumble coursed through her abdomen despite the memory of the last meal she had been forced to comsume. It was a stew, laden with onions, peppers, and some sort of gamey smelling meat that she could not identify. The meal had left a bad taste in her mouth but for now the only thing she could think of was her immediate needs, hunger and the unwelcome fullness of her bladder. At the moment, the hunger overrode all else. Saliva burst from the buds on her parched tongue, tearing at the roof of her mouth and the back of her throat. “My god, what a welcome relief..” she thought, as a tear rolled down the curve of her head taking shelter in the hollow of her shoulder.

Something touched her skin lightly, drawing a path over the exposed areas of her neck and ears. It felt scratchy with a slight tacky feel to it, as if it had been bathed in glue. There was a small tug at the fine hairs which wisped around her face as the object moved past her lobes and on to her cheek. It was moved closer to her nostrils, now she could smell the slight aroma of maple and salt. ‘Bacon,’ she knew it was bacon now, as it came teasingly close to her upper lip before it was abruptly removed from her skin. Her stomach roared in reaction, when somewhere to her left she could hear the thin meat crumble.

His cool breath blew across her brow as he moved into her sphere. The cool mint freshness of toothpaste engulfed her senses long before she felt bristles of his chin scratch the rim of her lower lip. “Don’t move..don’t move..don’t move…don’t move….” She chanted silently to herself, like a mantra. It was impossible to stifle the acrid taste of revulsion which rose in her throat and she swallowed hard in effort to quell the rise of bile. His tongue snaked around the perimeter of her lips before moving upward. Soon, he had block her nostrils until her mouth parted in the effort to breathe again. She pulled back as far as movement would allow, the rungs of the chair pressed into her shoulder blades preventing her escape.

She could feel his hot breath in her nostrils denying her oxygen. The sound of desperation escaped her lips. She could not prevent the flow of tears that ran in rivulets down her face following the contours of her cheeks to her neck and finally nestling down between her breasts. The stubble of his beard dragged roughly over the tender skin on the bridge of her nose as he pressed warm lips to taste the salty wetness on the cloth covering her eyes. Soft hands caressed her face gently, dipping into her lips to feel the captured tears, then following the trail with his lips and tongue. He licked the moisture from her, then sighed and backed away until she could no longer feel his heat surrounding her.

Her body tensed as if in flight, aware of his movements though she could not see him. Still, she was unprepared for the anger that flowed through his fingers as he suddenly grasped her face in his large hands, squeezing her cheeks together.

“If you promise to behave yourself and not say a word until I say you can speak, we might discuss your immediate needs.” His face moved in close toward her ear. A growl escape his lips as he uttered softly. “There is no one around to hear your cries but me. And I don’t care to hear them at the moment. There is time enough for that. You will be here a while.”

The woman could only nod slightly within the confines of her restrictions, signalling her acceptance. The floorboards groaned beneath him as he moved around her placing his hands on her shoulders. His fingers moved over her shoulders and neck until they gripped the side of her face, then dipped down to the lacy collar encircling her neck. An involuntary moan escaped her lips as his finger forced its way under the back of her neckline, choking her for a moment. Reminding her all too clearly who held all the power and who was at risk.

“Quiet.” He growled, slowly removing the thick digit from her and placing a hard kiss on her mouth. It took all her will not to pull away from his plunder and to accept the fullness of his tongue exploring her tender oriffice. “Next time I expect you to kiss me back.” He whispered in quiet menace. As he ran his hands over her torn shirt and pinched her until she moaned in agony. Her open mouth tempting him to taste her lower lip, sucking the fullness between his teeth before releasing her abruptly and moving away from the chair.

“Are you hungry? Do you need to relieve yourself? Talk to me, woman. I won’t ask you again.” The impatience rang from his voice as he spoke. He sounded vaguely familiar. Like some rustic actor she watched once on a made for TV movie. That girl had been kidnapped too, she thought. She choked back an ironic snort as she contemplated some out of work actor gone mad, living out his most memorable role. His finger ran up her leg slowly stopping at the juncture of her legs. Her shoulders thrust forward and her spine pressed firmly back against the wooden rungs that held her captive, as if trying to become one with the chair.

“I need to go to the bathroom and I am hungry.”

“Is that how you ask? Is that the proper way to speak to your keeper? You have a lot to learn, my pet.” His voice never raised, nor did his inflection change as he spoke, yet the anger he held in check hit her like a thousand daggers, pinning her to the chair. “Address me as you would if you were just playing at being a submissive.”

“Oh my god.” She groaned, before she could stop the words from spilling past her lips. There was a sudden realization of what this was about and why she was here. A cold sweat burst from her pores, sending a chill through her bones and a shudder of renewed terror through her system. It had been two days, she knew that much because of that clock chiming in the background. He hadn’t touched her other than to brush over her for feeding or releasing her for cleaning. For three days she didn’t know why he had taken her. She was not a wealthy woman and she had no family, it couldn’t be for money. When he took her, the blindfold was placed immediately over her eyes. She only caught a small glimpse of his eyes in her rearview mirror and for that she was grateful. She didn’t want to see him knowing that if she did she would most certainly die. But now she knew why he had taken her. And it didn’t matter if she saw him or not, if she had money or not, her fate was sealed.

“Who are you? Please, tell me who you are.” She begged him. The tears puddled in her eyes unspilled. Shock held her in horrific paralysis and for a brief moment the oxygen seemed to leave the room. She could feel the slightest movement he made like a caress brushing over her body, touching her lightly even when he never came near. The fine hair lightly covering her skin stood up on raised bumps of nerves. The slightest breeze spread like an arc of fire to her exposed senses. “Please, please tell me.”

“If you weren’t such a slut, you wouldn’t have to ask that question. If you weren’t such whore you would know who I was.” He spoke calmly with a coolness which chilled her and sent her reeling as far back as she was able.

“I dont know what you are talking about.” She defended. “I have never…”

“SHUT UP!” He yelled, losing his composure for a moment. “You know who I am and I know you. I know you very well. I know all your secrets, all your desires, all your needs. I know every secret your body holds, every wicked thought that haunts your mind. I know that you are frightened but I also know you relish that fear. I know every twist your.. kinky.. little.. subbie.. mind.. knows. And I am going to make sure you experience them all. Every last one of them…”

“Please, I need to know who you are. I don’t understand what’s happening, why you have taken me. I don’t know! Oh please I need to understand why.” The tears which had been damned up momentarily spilled unchecked, flowing freely until the blindfold was saturated. Every gulping breath she took pulled the cloth against her eyelids, which were already swollen with tears. The pressure of the cloth was agony.

“You know who I am.” He uttered with menace. “I am one of the countless men you chat with daily. How many men have you tempted online, I wonder? What secrets have you told them, what lies? I was almost fooled myself for a while. But no more. Not me or any other man. Now it’s time for you to live up to your promises my slave.”

She heard a click to her side and felt a sudden rush of terror flow through her veins. Slowly, methodically, he sliced off each button of her blouse. The tip of the blade dragged across the tender skin of her abdomen before he pulled her bra forward with his fingers. Until he slipped the blade between the cups of her bra cutting it loose from her body. Her nipples immediately puckered from the coolness of the air and the panic coursing through her.

“Tell me my name and I will set you free. But if you can’t the rest of your clothes are gone.”

“Dragon?” His name rose on a hopeful note from her lips.

“Right.” He said sarcastically, before splitting her skirt open from the slit up her thigh.

She slumped in her seat knowing what was to come.


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