Learning to Love the Pain – Part 1

The Beginning

“Hello sweet pet, you have too many clothes on.”

Her words penetrated him to his core. She held his heart, his mind, and his soul, and she knew it. “Yes Mistress, may I remove them?” “Please do,” she said. His cheeks burned with embarrassment. He was not comfortable with nudity and she knew this, but it was her will, and it was his place to obey. Slowly, he removed his clothing and folded it neatly, as she wished. Once naked, he approached slowly, and gracefully lowered himself to the floor at her feet. It was his place of destiny, to be there and serve. She truly was a goddess he thought as he looked up into her eyes, so pretty and penetrating. She sat in her usual chair, the brown recliner, reading her mail on her laptop and perusing the ads on the Internet. She was in search of a boy playmate for herself and her pet.

“May I massage your feet Mistress?” he asked. “Please.” He positioned himself in front of her and grabbing the peppermint lotion, squeezed a bit into his palm. Rubbing his hands together to heat it, he began to coat her feet. It was tingly and refreshing, and he knew it would bring Mistress pleasure. She loves having her feet massaged. As he rubbed her feet, pressing his fingers into her arches, she moaned in pleasure, the stress of the day leaving her body with each new caress. He smiled, knowing he was serving his Mistress and bringing joy to her. He continued, moving up to her calves and knees, massaging away the knots and tension from her muscles. As he worked, he noticed her glass was almost empty. He rose, without being commanded, and took her glass to the kitchen to refill her drink. White wine and lemon water with ice. Her favorite. After filling it and stirring it, he again approached Mistress and offered the fresh drink to her. She glanced up from her screen for a moment to accept the glass. “Thank you pet.” “You are welcome Ma’am.” Again, he found his place at her feet and continued her massage. What a wonderful life I have he thought. She is so perfect for me, and I am honored at being allowed to serve.

He finished her massage and excused himself to wash the lotion from his hands. When he returned and lowered himself to his place at her feet, she logged off her laptop and set it aside. She was beautiful. She wore a t-shirt and nothing more. Her legs spread and she patted her shrine. He knew what she wanted. It was her unspoken signal to him. She was hungry and required his tongue at her shrine. He had become an expert in servicing her this way, learning every nuance of her body and her pleasures. He lowered his mouth to her, lightly licking and kissing around the entrance. She sighed with pleasure. He took her between his lips and slowly concentrated his ministrations on her pleasure center. As she grew damp, he inserted his fingers, first one, then two into her shrine, feeling the wet warmth trapping them there. She was moving her hips now, and he knew this was what she needed. He began to subtly move his fingers inside, brushing her special place, making her moan and rise with heat. His tongue began to concentrate and focus on just the tip of her button under the hood. He knew exactly how to play her like a violin. Bringing Mistress pleasure was his sole purpose in life. It was the very thing he lived for. Soon, she began to gasp and moan, she was floating through a wonderful orgasm. His licks became feather light, barely touching her, his fingers still and pressing upward inside on her special spot. Her orgasm shook her and she voiced the pleasure she was feeling. Slowly, it began to ebb and his tongue continued its merciless, slow soft touch, making her convulse from the after shocks. When she came down, he slowly planted soft wet kisses all over her shrine. His tongue slipped inside to retrieve all of her heavenly nectar. He could live on this alone, he thought. She is a goddess, my Mistress, and I love her so. He touched her, caressing her body, kissing her all over, telling her how beautiful she was, and how much he loved her. “I love you too pet”, she said. He knew he had found his place.

……to be continued

– amber –

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