Man’s Best Friend: part 2

Man’s Best Friend: part 2

Then the cop walked in the door and he stared at me, transfixed. “You’re looking good, girl,” he said softly, “but so silly on your back like that. Why don’t you roll over?” I felt an intensely compelling desire to obey him and rolled onto my tummy, lying with my legs under me in a way I had never been able to put them before and my arms stretched comfortably out in front. I opened my mouth and panted a little, both from the unfamiliar exertion, and because it felt good to do so. “Good girl!” said the cop, with genuine pleasure in his voice. He sat down on the bed next to me and began stroking my head and down my back with long rhythmic strokes. I was surprised to feel that my hair reached all the way down to my butt, I hadn’t known they could lengthen it during a transformation. The stroking felt wonderful, like I had died and gone to heaven and impulsively I turned my head around (it had marvelous flexibility) and licked his hand in gratitude. He laughed, delighted, and took my face between his hands. “You’re perfect,” he said, and then strangely added, “and they were right, they left you beautiful!”

I tried to reply back, “Well of course they left me beautiful!” but for some odd reason I couldn’t get the words to form in my mouth, so instead I “looked” the thought at him, and he seemed to understand. “Let’s go for a short walk girl!” he said, swatting my bare rear-end and not only did I not mind the insulting swat, but my body seemed overjoyed by the idea of stretching its limbs and moving about. “Don’t worry,” the cop reassured me, “the doctor said you were perfectly capable of light exercise right now.” I stretched and started to stand, but to my surprise, although I felt erect, I seemed to be on all fours. I tried to raise myself up to a kneeling position and did for a few seconds but then the curvature in my spine or something made me fall over onto my side! The cop laughed hard at this and opening the door of my room said, “Don’t worry about it, just come on!” In a second my body took over (it seemed to know what to do better than I did) and I was bounding out the door, still in that silly all-fours position, my head at the level of his thighs. We strolled together down a corridor, my head about mid-thigh level to him, which caused me to have to strain my neck up to see his face. “Where are we going?” I asked him with an inquiring glance, and he pointed to the second door on the left.

Other folks walking down the hall, mostly professional staff, stared as us, or rather me, with utter fascination. Hadn’t they ever seen a naked girl on all fours before? I was happier than I had been in a long time; this cop, I knew, was my special buddy and friend and all the horrible stuff that had gone on in the jail was a fading bad dream. We got to his door and I bumped my head against it, but it didn’t open. He turned the knob, holding the door wide and told me, “In.” I bounded in and then stopped in confusion. There was a creature inside this room already, a dog that was also sort of like a person. I growled a little deep in my throat at seeing it: I didn’t want anybody like that around me or Officer Earl. “Silly girl,” said the cop as he entered the room behind me. “There’s no one else here! That’s just your reflection!” I stared at him curiously, wondering what he meant. How could this creature I saw in front of me, this animal, be my reflection? I looked again, and recognized my own big brown intelligent eyes looking back at me.

And then what had happened hit me. The transformation clinic, at this perverted cop’s request, had turned me into a dog. I trotted slowly up to the big mirror that made up one wall of this room, my limbs shaking, all the time staring at my new self in horror and fascination. I had a soft fine longish black hair all over my body, except for my tits, cunt, areas of my face and bottom. My tits were much larger than before and strangely bulbous. I realized they’d been designed so they’d look their best when hanging downwards. The nipples on their tips had been obscenely elongated, colored deep red and hardened. I felt a wave of shame rush over me as I imagined how they must have jiggled and bounced when I frisked down the corridor. I certainly gave several people a good show this morning. When standing on all fours, as I was now, the natural position for my head was held up and high—it felt most comfortable that way. I also realized it exposed my titties all the better to onlookers.

My mouth and jaw had been elongated, but not too much, I looked surprisingly cute with the longer muzzle, whiskers added, ears elongated to points and my tongue lengthened. I opened my mouth wide: no teeth. Despite the longer muzzle, I still had my fat, pale kissable human lips at its end. Was the lack of teeth the reason that I couldn’t speak? The cop, seeming to read my mind, said “You’ll get teeth when you’ve shown me you can be trusted with them, but even then they’ll be temporary, like your dentatta. I’ll remove them whenever I want to use your mouth. As for your voice, your vocal cords have been cut and reformed. You can howl, you can arf in a cute high-pitched voice and you can whine, but you cannot form words.” This meant I was totally cut off from communicating with the rest of the world! No wait, maybe I could still write notes. I looked down at my hands then, and saw to my horror that the fingers were now short little stubs the size of toes. Each “hand” seemed to have a pad on it, that protected it like a shoe would when I walked. The arms attached to those pads were covered in black fur like most of the rest of me, and seemed longer than they used to be.

I turned to my side to see myself better and discovered the biggest shock of all: my feet and lower legs were gone. Instead, my legs ended at the knee but were long enough that my rear stuck up high in the air, exposing my bare genitals from behind to the world. Directly above my anus I now had a long fluffy tail. I could move it automatically, without thinking. My genitals, breasts and bottom were still those of a human woman, but they looked obscene and perverse when paired with the rest of my doggie body. My legs did not end in raw stumps: back paws had been grafted onto them and felt perfectly natural. Together with my front paws I felt as though I could run forever. I sat back on my bottom on my flat back paws, my legs splayed displaying my genitals in front. It felt perfectly natural to do so. The feelings of wellbeing associated with my new body were fighting with the growing horror in my all too human mind of what I had become and how, in an instant, so many things that made me human (talking, writing, typing, standing upright) had been taken from me.

My mind didn’t feel much changed from what it used to be, although I had these strange affectionate emotional responses to the cop, which made it virtually impossible for me to disobey him. “Come here, girl” he said softly, and I padded over to where he was sitting and lay my head on his lap, sadly. “I know this is an enormous change for you to incorporate, but maybe it will help you to know that your new body pleases me very much—it’s extremely obscene. You’re going to be my good little doggie now, for the rest of your life—my special pet. All your best human girl parts have been left alone, including the beauty of your face (although your longer muzzle will improve your cocksucking considerably) and you will be in high demand to serve me and my friends as the little animal that you are. You’re also going to work for me as my special police doggie: your enhanced senses will help me enormously and so will your stainless steel jaws, when you’ve earned them. You’re going to be such a good little doggie for me, aren’t you? Actually, you have no choice in that: your brain has been altered so that you cannot disobey me in anything big.” I nodded my head then started to cry, making sad little whines as I did so.

He let me cry there, my head on his lap, until I finished. My life as a free human was over: an enormous change had occurred and now I was this man’s obedient little doggie, naked except for my fur, which covered none of my most embarrassing body parts. I began to think about being taken by him for walks in the park, how all the people, the children and the old men especially, would stare at my titties hanging down and my bare genitals and anus pointed perkily upward under my tail. I would have to pee and poop in front of him and others, with no privacy of a bathroom anymore. My female body parts and beautiful animal shape on all fours would drive men crazy with lust and all my holes would be used over and over again as their sex toy, as much as the cop would let them. The fact that I had a mind equal to or greater than theirs but could not speak a word to express my thoughts, would drive them even wilder, if I knew men. How I would be condescended to, their knowing full well I understood every slight and every demeaning treatment for what it was. I would be the life of every party: each superior human knowing that I had once been like them but now was a mere mute animal living solely in and responding to her obscene naked body. And they would all rub it in, especially my former friends and lovers, should they happen upon me again. My face was still easily recognizable as me, even with the eerily beautiful longer snout..

As I thought these thoughts, my cunt started to get wet and I must have wiggled my behind or something because my master abruptly grabbed me by the hair atop my head (they’d left this long, although it was now the same consistency as my shorter body fur) and pulled me up to face him. “I want to hurt you!” he said, his voice soft and menacing, and then his hand was slapping my face, back and forth. I started to cry harder but that made him only more frenzied. He finally let my head drop, and I laid it on his thigh, panting and sobbing with my new strange whining sounds. I heard him unzip his fly and the order, “lick little puppy slut.” I did so, with my incredibly long slurpy tongue and he signed in pleasure. In a moment he ordered me to suck, so I stood on my hind legs, my forelegs aside his thighs and bent over his lap. “This is…incredible!” he moaned, and then suddenly pushed me off him. “Turn around, bitch!” I did so and he felt my pussy and bottom, chuckled, and then before I knew what was happening he was spanking me very hard on both bare-skinned cheeks: whap, wop, wop! I whimpered as the pain increased and he laughed and said, “wait till you feel THIS!” Suddenly there was a burning pain between my legs as the end of a belt whipped my tender pussy.

Shocked, I gave off a small howl, which steadily got louder as he continued to whip my bottom and cunt with his belt. Oh, god, why didn’t they give me fur to protect THOSE parts? He asked me questions, as he beat me, “What do you think of THIS, you little stuck up slut? No one in the world is going to stop a man from beating his dog, you know that? You know you’re my pet, my property and I can do anything I want to you? Do you realize you can’t do anything about it, even now when you hate it? You can’t call 911, your modified brain won’t let you run away, you just have to stay here and suffer and accept whatever I, your master, decide to do to you. DO…YOU…KNOW…THAT…LITTLE… DOGGIE?” The beating got particularly vicious at this point and I howled and whined and did my best to nod my head. The belt felt like it was cutting my skin to shreds, although I knew that it was too blunt to do so, but all the same, the pain was incredible.

My owner was clearly enjoying my pain immensely, I heard him say things like “Oh YEAH,” when a particularly mean stripe hit my cunt lips causing loud fast whimpers. After about 15 minutes which seemed like years, he stopped, and in a instant was on his knees behind me, invading my cunt with his huge penis. He hurt me bad (the bastards had tightened my pussy) but it also felt good to be hurt in that way and my whines of pain and pleasure and uncontrollable ass wiggling brought him off very quickly. He came with a loud shout, “Take that you bitch in heat!” and I shuddered and accepted his sperm. He lay across my back afterwards, stroking my fur and saying, “Good doggie girl, my good doggie” over and over again. While I enjoyed his affection immensely, especially after the cruel whipping, I was also deeply humiliated: that’s all I was now: a little doggie girl with tiny holes and big titties to please men. I wondered if his sperm could still impregnate me or if they had altered me so much that only a mating with another dog would cause me to make babies? Or maybe they had neutered me? I guess I would find out eventually. I knew that a man as sexually perverted as my cop would not want to miss seeing a large dog fuck me. One thing they’d blessedly left alone during the transformation was my sex drive (if anything it was higher) and my pussy spasmed over my master’s cock as I started again to think of all the amazing, new, and humiliating experiences that awaited me.

A quick knock on the door brought me out of my reverie. It was opened by the red-haired doctor, who coughed apologetically and then told my owner (who continued to lay on me, cock embedded to the hilt) that he had some important information to convey to him and he had to do it now, because he was leaving for a conference in an hour. “Sure, pull up a seat,” my owner said lazily. His cock had grown suprisingly harder and he gave it a hard push to seat it better inside me. I could not prevent the whine of surprise that exited my lips and I blushed red at the doctor’s knowing smile. He dragged a chair close to my head and began to stroke it abstractly (it felt wonderful and I tried to waggle my tail which was pressed against my owner) as he gave my master some final information and instructions about me.

“She’s fully healed now, you can do anything you want with her, and per your request, she has more than 50% canine DNA which under the law officially makes her a domestic animal. She does not have voting privileges or Miranda rights or any basic human rights at all any more. She is no longer a US citizen nor can she be a citizen of any country anymore. She has absolutely no rights or freedoms except those which you give her. She can be bought and sold or loaned out as her owner desires.” (My master was slowly fucking me again, I blushed because I knew that this information about how much I had become a helpless, mute animal with no rights was turning him on.) “You must register her as your pet and have permanent ownership tags installed on her body within 15 days of the current date. The ears, nipples, and labia are popular places for these tags on female doggies, but you may choose to have them placed wherever you wish. In addition to tags, which, after all, can be removed, a brand on one buttock, indicating your ownership, is advised. Most owners enjoy the ritual of placing the brand themselves, with their puppies wide awake for the traumatic but certainly survivable procedure: it teaches the new animal that she really is owned property now and not a free creature. (My owner’s thrusts were much harder now—he seemed to like the idea of a branding—and I whined a little in anxiety thinking about the pain of red hot metal searing into my flesh.)

“Outside your personal premises (home, car, office, etc.) she must be on a collar and leash at all times. If you choose to leave her steel jaws in her mouth when she is not actively working with you as a police dog, she must be muzzled in public. Be aware that this is a very rare and exotic creature you have and she will be in high demand on the black market. Attempts will be made to steal your property. I have hidden a homing device buried deep within her body as well as the remote punishment device you requested (remote punishment device—oh fuck!), but clever operators will find these and surgically remove them within hours of her pickup, so if you value this expensive piece of property, it’s best not to ever leave her in a position where she could be abducted. Her muteness is, also at your request, psychological, and when you speak the trigger words she will be able to talk with a rough canine voice. Most of her syllables will begin with “R’s” but she should be understandable. You also have in your keeping the trigger words that mute her once again. Would you care to try out either the speech command or the remote punishment device at this time?”

My master assented and casually pulled out of me, his hard dick bobbing in the air. “The remote will work within a radius of 100 miles, the extent of the technology at this time. This dial controls the intensity: you will see that for most discipline purposes you’ll rarely have to move it above a five or a six. Although the pain is physiologically perfectly safe, at the higher levels it puts a tremendous shock on her mind. If used to long at high levels her brain might break. Remember that for the next few years she will be under extreme mental stress anyway, as she gets used to her new and much lower status in life. Now, the selector button on the left allows you to choose the part of the body the pain is delivered to.” My master took a few steps away from me, stared at me smiling, his cock still rock hard, and said, “This is a number 3, girl.” Instantly I howled in agony and went dashing around the room. It felt as though someone had just stuck a red hot poker up my anus! The pain was incredible and when my doggie body finally figured out it couldn’t escape it by outrunning it, I lay on my back at my master’s feet, thrashing about and begging him with all the body language I knew to stop. He let the pain continue for several more minutes, smiling as he watched my wiggling tit-flopping agony, and then turned it off.

Oh god, the release from that torture felt so good! In gratitude I began licking his feet, making little whining “I’m small and helpless” noises as I did so. “Very, very nice” said my owner to the doctor, tucking the torture device into his pocket. “I’m sure that soon only the appearance of this box will be enough to make my good little puppy girl behave.” “Have you chosen a name for your pet, yet?” asked the doctor. “Well,” my owner replied, as he got behind me and thrust his cock back in my inviting upturned cunt, “I’ve been thinking about Bubbles—that’s a cute name for a dog; or maybe Bitch, or maybe even Bouncy, now that I’ve seen her tits. It’ll probably be Bouncy—that name will embarrass her for a good long time. He reached under me and started to lightly slap my tits causing them to jiggle for the doctor. “Yes,” the doctor said happily, “Bouncy is a very appropriate name for this creature. By the way…I don’t know if you’ve had time…but is her mouth satisfactory to you?” “Hell yes,” my owner replied, beginning to thrust harder and more regularly in me now, “Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself?”

“I thank you for the generous offer said the doctor, unzipping his fly and pulling out a semi-hard cock. “Good girl, good Bouncy” he said, “you know what to do.” I started out giving him long slurpy licks and let him moan in pleasure until he was completely hard. I then took him into my long snout, doing the same things to him with my lips and tongue and throat that I’d done to my owner. The doctor sat back in his chair, sighing blissfully. “Oh yes..” he said, “his voice coming in short increments with long pauses between, “I must tell you that although I’ve made her body completely sexually submissive and she will passively allow anyone to fuck her and even respond with desire, her mind will still feel the same humiliation and shock and violation that she used to feel as a proud beautiful woman. Although she is eagerly sucking my dick at that moment she’s also wondering why she’s doing so, and who is making her behave in this obsequious fashion toward a stranger.” (He was right I was thinking exactly that!) “That is how I met your requirement of leaving her “rapable.” I hope it pleases you.”

“Oh indeed,” said my owner happily. “It pleases me immensely!” “Good…” said the doctor. We are also providing you with the canine chastity device that you requested so that her um, raping, mmmm, only occurs under your control. “I..ugg…must tell you…mmmm….one more thing about her anatomy: she is permanently lactating, her breasts filled with a sweet delicious milk that all animals can drink. To get her milk flowing, simply suck on a nipple and squeeze the areola around it firmly. The milk is completely nutritious for puppies, and you could earn a handsome side income by loaning her out as an exotic bitch mommy for homeless puppies that still need mothers’ milk.” “I know of a couple in that situation right now,” said the cop, amusement in his voice. “They also have a barely-pubescent 12 year old boy, who is so keyed up he can cum at the mention of the word tit. I think I’ll let them borrow her for the milk for a couple of weeks, and suggest the boy take care of her. It will teach him responsibility to have to care for a pet such as her.” He chuckled lecherously at the end of this statement, and I imagined myself at this little boy’s mercy, being fucked day in and day out in all of my holes. He’d probably also get more milk than the pups got! I trembled all over when I thought about how demeaning it would be to be the female “pet” of a horny and imaginative 12-year old.

I believe the good doctor and my owner were thinking similar thoughts as both had picked up the pace of their thrusts considerably: both were ramming the hell out of me in fact. The doctor came first, crooning “good little doggie” as he did so, with my owner not far behind. I moaned and whimpered at the intensity; although I had not come I had come close, and I knew that if my master was generous enough to stimulate my clit one of these times, I’d come in a matter of seconds. My god, I thought to myself, I couldn’t even stimulate my own clitoris anymore! “That’s about it,” said the doctor, after a long satisfied sigh. “Here’s her collar and leash. Get her tagged and branded as soon as you possibly can, and watch her closely. Every man is going to want a shot at that humiliatingly fat doggie bottom of hers.” My owner pulled out of me and curtly ordered me to clean him. I did so, my slightly sandpaperish tongue was perfect for licking substances off his cock. “C’mon little doggie slut, little bouncy boobs, we’re going home!” I whined eagerly and happily as he buckled the strange rough leather collar tightly around my neck and snapped a chain leash to it. I led the way out to his patrol van, blushing but holding my head high as people gawked and whispered about me in the corridors. My enormous tits bounced and jiggled almost in tune to the clink click of the leash chain as I trotted out saucily ahead of my owner. I thought once about the view he was getting from walking behind me, and the embarrassment made me trot a little faster. When he opened the back doors of the van I saw the steel cage: this was to be my new home for many a day to come.

©2004 Unda. Crucia. Eximius.

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