The year 1999 was a very profound year for Maggie. She had discovered things about herself that scared and excited her. Ever since the email from her Cherished One, Maggie’s life had changed, her thoughts had changed, and now she knew what she was born to do. The following is an excerpt from Maggie’s own journal.

“Even though I had lived my life submissively, I had no clue as to why I had such an intense desire to please, nor why my body had the intense desire to be used – in anyway I was asked, it seemed as if my cunt had a mind of it’s own and my main sexual organ was my mouth. I knew that after being with James for over four years and probably only had intercourse a few dozen times in that long time frame. I was perfectly content to suck his cock morning and night or anytime the urge came over him. The feeling of contentment, the erotic combination of the velvety smoothness and rigid hardness, the heat, the pulsing of the vein that runs it’s course down the cock – omg, how I love that!”

My Cherished One told me from the time he saw my picture on the ad in MSN – he knew what I was, he said he could see it in my face. I’ve often looked at that picture for long periods of time, trying to see what he saw, but I couldn’t. Since April, I had evolved from a curious pen pal into his slave. I called him Master. No matter what he called me – pig, cow, cunt, whore, etc, I adored him. I did not know why either because I did not like being called a pig or cow – slut and whore was not as offensive to me, in fact, that is what I am, a pure pleasure cunt.

I was living in Washington with my mother and her husband. I lived on the computer, staring at it, willing it to give me a note or message from my Cherished One. When the phone rang, I would rush to listen to see if my mother would call out to me – even though I was looking for work, no other thought came to mind but the deep desire to hear his voice on the other end and hear him say, “hi cunt”. I searched hours on the computer to learn this lifestyle he spoke of, I read with awe his emails about the women who were applying for the “position” he had.

Deep inside I wanted to be that person, but I was so afraid – I was afraid I would fail him and I believe in my heart that would devastate me more than anything ever had in my life. The stories of the beatings, the gang parties, the cock sucking of 20 men, I had no idea if I was capable of that at all. I wanted to find out, but I didn’t know how. The only thing I had was the internet, to seek out the information, to work on my own to please him – that was all I wanted, and when on rare occasions he would say, “you are a good pig” – it was as if he had given me the most valuable gift, I beamed with joy and pleasure. If I angered him, which I did a lot, not ever

really sure why – but when it did happen, I would be so upset I couldn’t sleep, wondering how I could make it up to him.

But sometimes I don’t think he cared too much at all for any woman. He seemed to have a very low regard for them and absolutely knew all “pigs” were liars and could not be trusted. And when he told me of his interviews, told me the good and the bad about each – especially one particular one, I think I became as angry as he was. I wanted him to find someone to care for him, I worried about him so much – he worked so hard. I suppose I knew deep down inside, I would never be that person, that’s why each new interview he said was coming up, I’d pray that woman would be what he needed. It never was – then I thought he probably should have a couple women – the combination would be good, one complimenting the other as far as what he needed. Then, I began wishing maybe he would need a lap dog – I asked him once kiddingly, but I was not kidding really. I often felt I would be a very good lap dog for him.

One day we were talking and he said he had a slave in Washington he felt I would like, he told me she was married for many years, but was not sexual with her husband. He asked me if I would consider going to her. As he told me about her, I was appalled at the thought of going that long without sex, my heart went out to her and not only was the desire to please him there, so was the desire to give her that gift. I didn’t know at the time, he was speaking of his brother’s slave. I told him I would be proud to go to her and we made plans on what I should do, then he told me it was his brother’s slave, and I would need to ask permission from him to visit her.

I wasn’t sure how to approach his brother, so I did the best I could and as respectfully as I could. Permission was granted and I was given her email to start writing her and making plans for that visit. I had had one other woman in my life out of curiosity – but it was in a threesome situation and never was I alone with one in a sexual sense. I wasn’t sure I could please her, but I was determined to do just that and to bring honor to my Cherished One in front of his brother – that was my objective. When I decide to do something, it is done and it is done to the very best of my ability.

Maria and I decided on a weekday (because the daytime her husband is at work) in August, 1999. We decided we would tell her husband I was a friend she had met at a glass show and I was in town and would spend the night with them. She was a very worrisome person, and so I told her with the distance, I should be there at 1p.m. She wrote me back and said her Master said I was to be there by noon PERIOD and I better not be late.

The morning had finally arrived and fortunately, it was a nice sunny warm day. I took care to dress in a flattering skorts sleeveless outfit, made sure my makeup was nice and fixed my hair. I took almost too long to get ready and it was getting close to 9 a.m. When I saw the clock, I shoved a pair of shorts and shirt into my overnight bag, makeup and curling iron and ran out the door.

As I backed out of the driveway I kept praying I would not be late – I couldn’t think of anything else. I drove as fast as I could, but there were some places in the mountains I could not gain speed and as I watched the time slip by, my heart raced. I had no thought of what would happen to me, I had no thought as to the speed I was driving, the only thought I had was not to be late. I knew how the rabbit felt in Alice and Wonderland.

Each little town I passed I kept looking for my turn off, once I missed it, and stopped at a gas station to ask directions. I was fortunate that the gas attendant knew the street I needed and his directions led me straight to Maria’s driveway. Near the turn to her driveway, I saw a big Lincoln pull in too, but I had seen other houses at the end of the driveway. I pulled up behind the Lincoln and the woman got out of the car and walked toward me. I introduced myself and we rushed into the house for her Master’s call, he was going to check to see if I was late, if I had been, there would be hell to pay.

I was surprised when I first had a moment to look around. The house was no more than a modular home; the yard was a mess, cats, dogs and goats everywhere. I remembered the porch and it was in great need of repair and painting. Walking into the home, the garbage was overflowing and I knew instantly cats were living there, I could smell them. But as I walked into the kitchen, it was clean, the counters were glistening, and the floor looked well kept and also had a polished gleam. The living room seemed so out of character with the rest of the house. It was as if it was cut in half, and later I found out basically it was – the first half we walked into was her husband’s domain, the kitchen, living room, dining area, her bedroom, bath and sewing room were all well kept, and decorated colorfully. She showed me her glass collection, naming off things like Fenton, Vaseline, etc – I had no clue, but all the pieces were beautiful and she could tell me the value and when they were made off the top of her head. That was definitely her joy.

The phone rang and it was her Master and he asked if I had arrived, she told him yes and then asked if we were naked. At that point, she pulled away from the phone and motioned me to strip as she began doing so herself. I could tell she felt very awkward with that and tried covering herself up with her hands. I noted her body – and it was still hard to believe she was 58. She had the most beautiful complexion of anyone I had ever seen. There were no wrinkles on her face either. Nor did she have any make up on. She was no beauty, but I could tell at one time she probably had been. I thought her hair was too short and butchy looking and in my head did a make over on her and in my mind’s eye, could see an attractive mature woman.

She was probably a bit shorter than me, 5’3 maybe 5’4, I know I stood above her about a head. Her body didn’t appear to have much fat, but that is in comparison to my own, her lower abdomen did not sag, there was a pouch, but it was not drooping like mine was. I guessed her breasts to be a good C – cup. She was wide in the hips, but no where near as wide as I was. I guessed her to be around 160 – 170 lbs.

While my mind was inventorying her, she was moving around arranging things, saying, “Yes Master” into the phone. She motioned me over to the chair in front of the computer, turned on the cam, and took some pics of me and my breasts. It felt odd to see her face, so intense and serious, and I started giggling. Perhaps with nervousness, I didn’t know, then she started and she struggled so to keep the giggle out of her voice, and then I heard her say, “nooooo Master” and she became serious again. I guessed he was chewing her out for being giggly. Then she was standing in front of me and stiffly – like it took everything inside of her – took a hold of my breasts, then bent down and licked them. I felt nothing, I guess because I sensed she did not want to be doing anything to me. The next moment, she reached down between my legs – I knew then she didn’t masturbate very often cause she had no clue what she was reaching for, but nonetheless, I was wet – but I tend to stay that way. It was more probably from the excitement that she was doing what she was told – being forced to explore my body, than what she was doing because that attempt was pathetic, and I almost started to laugh and ask what the hell she thought she was doing, but I didn’t, I remembered I was the first woman she had seen or touched, and also her touch deprivation and my heart softened.

I guess the next thing she was told was to stick her fingers in her mouth after they had been inside my cunt. I couldn’t help but laugh at the faces she was making – but also it kind of pissed me off, I love how I taste and so did everyone else who had tasted me, so it kind of hurt my feelings to see her face so distasteful.

She handed me the phone, whispering that my Cherished One was there with her Master at his house and wanted to speak to me. I guessed this was going to be my turn to be instructed on what to do. My Master told me to tell her to get her fucking cunt ass in the bedroom and to lay on her stomach. He then told me to go to the refrigerator and pick out a cucumber that she had been instructed to buy the biggest ones they had in the store. I saw her face and I did not pick the biggest one of the bunch. I guess I kind of knew what I was going to be doing with it and I didn’t want to hurt her. Knowing she had not been touched over 13 years, I imagined she was probably like a virgin. He told me to go back into the room and shove the cuke up her cunt as far as I could get it. He heard her yelp and laughed and then said, “you stupid cunt, you could have ran some hot water over it first to warm it up.”

Then he instructed me to push the cuke in deep and then take my finger and work as many as i could into her ass – using the ky. I felt really bad as she started whining and complaining but I continued as I was told. He was getting mad listening to her and said he didn’t know how his brother could stand listening to her whiney ass and told me to spank her as hard as I could and tell her to shut her fucking whiney ass up, or I would give her something to whine about. She did stop whining and eventually I had a couple fingers in her ass and was fucking her with the cuke. She didn’t seem very excited about it all, but it was exciting me, but I wasn’t sure whether it was watching her squirm, or hearing my Cherished One tell me how much he preferred hearing me talk than hearing her whine, and that I was a “good pig”.

He then told me to stop, that I had earned a good cum, and he talked and crooned to me as he had me masturbate. I became lost in his voice, he told me I was good, obedient cunt, and he was proud of me, that in itself almost made me cum, and as he heard my breathless, “Yes Master”, he said, “I do own You, don’t I, you are mine” as he said that, I moaned out a long orgasm, and said “yesssssssssssssssss, Master, you do.”

I was told to give her the phone, and let her speak to her Master and that I was to eat her cunt until she came, I was not to stop until she reached a screaming orgasm and then I was to keep doing it again until she came again. While I was licking her cunt, I was to also finger fuck her with as many fingers – my whole hand if I could, as she could take, but not to hurt her.

I crawled between her legs and put my hands under her hips and she was not shaved – I was disappointed there because I hate pubic hair. Nonetheless, I began my task with enthusiasm, in the back of my mind I kept thinking how wonderful it was to cum and how deprived she had been. I knew I would lay there between her legs until I could give her that pleasure.

As I licked, and probed her cunt, she listened to her Master on the phone, she was wet from his voice. I could hear her breathing harder as I continued my task, and her telling him how good it felt and that I was doing a good job. He told her to pat my head and tell me I was a good pig. I don’t know why that excited me, but I guess I’ve always strived to be good, and to hear someone tell me that, brings me much pleasure as it does when they tell me they are proud of me. I decided I would practice doing the alphabet on her clit in cursive to see how many letters it would take to make her cum. Her Master, finally realizing that she was focusing only on his voice, told her he would call back in a few hours and to let him know if I did not please her.

After she hung up, she asked me to stop using my fingers on her cunt because it was sore, so I did, never losing a lick stroke, continuing with my task as I was told. Soon her hips were moving and she was moaning and telling me how good it felt, every time she told me of her pleasure, I became more excited and worked her clit harder, remembering things my ex-husband use to do to me when he ate my cunt, sucking and biting on the clit, flicking my tongue quickly over the little hood, then darting my tongue inside her cunt, teasing her. I was concentrating on one thing, and that was to make her cum with the most pleasure that I could possibly do. She was close so many times; I built her up and then backed her off, to make the orgasm as intense as I could. I knew from it being done to me, what that felt like and inside I smiled knowing that when I decided she could cum, she would and she would never forget it was me who had done that.

I was starting to get tired after an hour, so I decided I should work her to orgasm as soon as I could, I wasn’t sure if my tongue would last very much longer. Sucking a clit was nothing like sucking a cock and the only time I would become excited over it, was when I heard her moan with pleasure, and whisper how good it felt. My tongue was literally aching, underneath where the tendon is, I was wondering inside if I was going to fail – but then I decided that I would not allow myself to fail, I would not allow my Cherished One to be disappointed in me, or to have his brother make fun of his abilities to control me.

I was on the verge of tears, thinking she was never going to cum, and I looked up at her and saw she was watching the clock – then I got pissed. I thought to myself, “you fucking cunt, I’m working my ass off here and you are sitting there watching the clock!” No matter how much my tongue and mouth hurt, I started working her clit, sucking it, flicking my tongue as fast and hard as I could and I didn’t listen to her gasp as my fingers reached inside her cunt and pressed the back of her clit toward my mouth, the next thing I felt was her hand on my head, shoving me further in her cunt, I actually could feel her swelling with my tongue and smiled inside,

working her faster and harder until her hips came off the bed and she stiffened and cried out, “ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh, oooooomgggggggg”.

I kept licking after I felt her clit pulsate, I didn’t listen to her protests, because I was told I was not to quit until she had two of them, even though it had taken over an hour and 40 min to give her one, her legs were shaking, her stomach was shaking, she was gasping and protesting, and then the phone rang – everything changed.

It was her Master, her voice became as calm as anything, I knew I would never have her back to that level again, but I still continued until I heard her tell me that he said I could stop.

She handed me the phone. My Cherished One told me he was proud of me and all the pain and ache of my hands, mouth and tongue left me. I beamed once again and whispered, “Thank You Master”. He then told me to put the phone down and give her as passionate a kiss as I could – I think he wanted her to taste herself on my tongue, lips, mouth. I took her face gently in my hands and bent down and started to kiss her. But what I was met with was nothing, her mouth was pressed closed and I kissed her, but it repulsed me inside – like kissing a dead fish – nothing at all. I didn’t say anything though and he told me to give the phone back to her.

Her Master told her to get the clothespins, she started whining and complaining and whatever he said to her she shut up fast and said, “yes Master” went to the washer and put clothespins on her nipples. I was told to lay on the bed, I asked permission to have clothespins too, thinking maybe it would help her through it, but instead of one, she was told to put as many on each nipple as would fit, since they were the wooden ones, only 3 fit on each nipple, so I had a total of 6 on my nipples, but I loved that pressure, it did hurt a little, but it was good hurt. Her Master then instructed her to fuck my cunt with her fingers, hand, fist – to fuck me as hard as she could and tell him everything she was doing.

She told him I was dripping down my ass with cunt juices and she continued to shove more and more of her fingers, then hand, and then she gasped and told her Master she had her fist inside me up past her wrist.

When I felt her fist at the canal, I raised my hips and forced her fist through my canal, I knew past that pressure/pain was the most glorious set of nerve endings. Between the clothespins and the pressure of her fist pounding my cunt, I started to cum. As soon as she felt me squirting, she yanked out and went to the bathroom to wash off like it was the worst thing in the world to have on her. That hurt my feelings too, but I was tired and just laid on the bed.

When she came back – she looked at me and then she said, “maggie, there’s blood running down your leg, get off my quilt, I don’t want it to stain.”

When I stood up, I could feel it run down my leg, by the time I got to the bathroom, I had left a trail and when I sat on the toilet, I felt the clots plop out into the toilet. When I stood up, I looked into the toilet, and about that time, another blood clot plopped out onto the rug. I hurried to get it up and ran some cold water and scrubbed it up so I wouldn’t stain her rug. And then I found the cleanser and cleaned the seat and toilet. I was so embarrassed and shocked, I had no idea where the blood was coming from. But soon, it looked like it stopped. Neither one of us said anything about it, not thinking it was serious. She did mention to her Master that there was some blood, but did not elaborate about the clots. He told her, her wedding ring must have cut me or something, and then he heard me yell from the bathroom that it looked like it quit.

He told her that tomorrow morning as soon as her husband left for work, she was to get the video tape recorder and tape the session. That tomorrow, she would eat my cunt for as long as I did hers, that I deserved to have that pleasure. Then he said goodbye.

We got dressed and then decided we were hungry. She made us something to eat. Then her husband came home. She introduced us and I liked him when I met him. He started talking to me and then went outside and brought one of the baby pygmy goats in for me to see. It was really cute, but I kept thinking, “omg, he brought a goat into the house”. Kind of reminded me of Green Acres.

He was short, about same height as Maria, a bit of a belly, but not too much. What was most striking about him was his hair, he had long white hair and a full bushy long beard. I mentally trimmed it for him and with that thought, I could see he was not a bad looking man. I also saw something else in his eyes. I saw the lonliness and touch depravation that I saw in her eyes and it pissed me off. I wondered how a woman could ignore her husband like that, it was against everything I believed. And then, after she had fixed her and I something to eat, she put the food away like he didn’t exist – I didn’t know what to say, but I was angry about that too.

She then told him that we were going to Olympia to Wal-Mart to get a few things and would be back in a bit.

When I went to get my purse, she handed me a large cucumber and said that her Master said I was to shove it in and keep it there until we got home. So, I shoved it in and walked slowly to the car past her husband and sat down carefully in the front seat. It was slightly uncomfortable, probably about 4 inches in diameter and at least 11 in long. But, after I sat down in the car, she told me that her Master said I was to masturbate while she drove, and that she was to watch me cum. Between playing with my clit and the cucumber ramming into those nerve centers every time she hit a bump and on a country road that is every few seconds, before we got out of her town of 82 people, I was cumming again. I felt warm liquid gushing on the side of cucumber – but I thought it was my cum, and we laughed and giggled all

the way to Wal-Mart. As she parked, I asked her if I had to keep it inside all the while and she said that was what she was told. When I got out of the car, it slipped out and passerbys could see what it was, but I didn’t let that stop me, I moved behind the door and shoved it back in. As we walked slowly to the door, we were both laughing and I told her to stop cause the muscles inside when I laughed was squishing the cucumber and making it hard to hold inside and how would she like it if it fell out on the floor right next to her. Then I felt a pressure like I had to pee really bad and told her I was going to the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom, I pulled the cucumber out and saw that it was covered with blood, i had blood everywhere, i sat on the toilet and felt it running out. i kept wiping with toilet paper thinking it would stop and still not knowing where it came from. I had a hysterectomy when I was 25, and I didn’t have anything inside that would make that kind of blood. That was what it was like before my hysterectomy.

I guess I took longer than I thought, Maria came in the bathroom and asked if I was ok, and I told her I didn’t know, that I suddenly didn’t feel so good. When she stepped into the stall and saw all the blood, her eyes popped out and she said, “come on girl, I have to get you to the hospital, you are hemorrhaging.” I told her no, that I didn’t have any insurance and told her if we could just go back to her house and I could sit in the tub of cold water it would stop. So we headed back to her house and as I got out of the car, blood ran down my legs, and I was getting dizzy. She was almost ready to cry and I started laughing and told her I was fine, just be cool, if it got worse later, then we would go. She looked at me and said, “you are a big girl, I can’t lift you.” So then I joked about what fun it would be to tell the hospital how this all started and she looked at me in horror. I would have never done that to her – actually I told her I would get in my car, she could follow me and I would drive away from her town so no one would know we knew each other and go to a hospital a few towns away.

After we got in the house, I went straight to the bathroom and sat in the tub and ran cold water as deep as the tub would allow. The cold water hurt my skin, and I could see blood coloring the water and then I did start worrying about how she would get me out of her tub, so I closed my eyes and prayed.

I was in the tub about 30 min and checking to see if the bleeding stopped. It had definitely slowed down, but I knew the cold water would clot the blood, wherever it was coming from. It was getting late, so I told Maria I wanted to lay down, her husband had gone to bed. She was pacing in the kitchen, she had not been able to get the tape for the recorder and she was beside herself with worry. We figured out that if she got up when her husband left for work, she could drive to Olympia to the all night Wal-Mart and pick one up, then be back before 7a.m. when her Master would be calling.

I woke up when her husband was making coffee around 5, after he left I went into the bathroom and I saw just a trace of blood. I folded up a washcloth and put it between my legs like a Kotex. I cussed myself for bringing white shorts, but that’s all I had brought. I dressed, put my makeup on and did my hair. About 6a.m., I tried to wake Maria up, but she didn’t budge – guess I had worn her out. So I decided I’d just sit there and wait a while longer.

I guess I dozed off, I didn’t hear the phone at first until I heard her answer it. I heard her tell him about the blood, and somehow listening to her tell it, sounded so much worse than it was. Apparently her Master said that we shouldn’t do anything to aggravate the situation, that he has seen pigs bleed out before and it happens fast. They talked a bit more and I asked him if I could get a drink and go to the bathroom. He said yes, I could, and it was good that I asked permission. As I was coming out of the bathroom, I heard her saying something, but did not know what it was – and then, heard her protest and then she put the phone down. She started crying and I still did not know what she did wrong, but apparently something she said – and he had the speakerphone on, and my Master heard it and started teasing him about it and it made him mad – he told her to shut the fuck up and hung up on her. We were to wait until 10 a.m. when he called back.

At 11 a.m., I got on her computer, I told my Master that we had not heard from her Master and asked if I could just go home, that I had some problems. My Master told me that her Master was totally pissed at her, and he doubted if anything further was going to happen, that I had done good, and his brother had complimented him on my behavior, and he was proud. Then he told me I could go ahead and leave. So I said goodbye. I hated leaving her crying, but I wanted to get out of there. So much going on in my head. I guess I felt really bad that I felt so good inside from what my Master said, but felt bad for her, and as strange as it seems, I didn’t want to hear her crying when I felt so wonderful.

When I got home, I messaged her. She told me her Master was mad because I had left. She also told me that my Master told him I had permission to leave because I was just sitting there while he had his tantrum and there was no way for me to know, he had further tasks for us to do.

That evening, I talked to her some more and she said that my Master had overheard her get mushy with her Master and teased him about it, and that is what made him so mad. She also said that she received an email from my Master, telling her he should come there and beat the shit out of her for embarrassing her Master like that. She was really scared. She had bolted all her doors and really believed he would come after her. I convinced her it wouldn’t be worth the trouble considering it would be a long flight and no way would he find her house in the dark. We talked about the events that happened and after that, we became very close. We shared a lot of things and some that we should not have. She became one of my friends.

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