Master Allen

Master Allen

I arrived at the Chevron Station in Gleneden Beach, OR, where I was to meet Master Allen at 4pm. I was early, so I sat in the car – it was difficult to move around with the balls inside me, since I was very wet in anticipation. I had been told not to orgasm and I had not since the Friday before. The end ball was trying to slip out when I walked around, so I just sat in the

car and worked it back in, waiting.

He showed up promptly at 4pm, got out of his car and I got out of my car, we hugged and he kissed me deeply – which was very nice and I started having extreme tingling inside me as he told me to follow him. Down the road was the WorldMark Resort, where we were going to stay – it was on the beach – the Pacific Ocean was exactly behind it. There was a rec room with a pool table, various sizes of hot tubs and pools, tennis courts, and the rooms were immaculately clean – studio apartments with kitchen and laundry facilities. The kitchen being stocked with all one would need. We took our stuff into the room, I was shaking because I was so very nervous. I had never been with a real Master before. He did his best to try and make me more comfortable, told me I could change and I asked if I could remove the balls – at which time I showed him what my cunt had done to the 6 ball.

We sat on the couch and talked, he told me what he expected of me. I was to serve him completely for the time I was there, but that night would be less stringent because he wanted me to feel at ease. He then told me to go into the bedroom, disrobe and kneel at the foot of the bed so he could inspect me. I did so and he entered the room, telling me to lower my eyes (seems I have a problem with that, but working on it).

He touched me, probed me, bent down and sucked my nipple into his mouth (that in itself almost put me over the edge, he realized that and told me I better not cum right then, it was not time). He told me he was very pleased with what he saw and said he felt I had misrepresented myself and I was not nearly as big as I had told him I was (this brought great pleasure to me to hear him tell me he was pleased with what he saw). He apparently has a taste for large women, since he told me I was not as wide in the hips as his slave Karen. (That is my opinion by the way, not necessarily what he said about the taste for large women). He then told me to get dressed that we would go to the store and buy food for the next few days, we made a list and then left for the store.

When we got back, I put the food away and he said he wanted to go shoot some pool and check out my abilities there, but for us to put our suits on since we’d go into the hot tub after a few games of pool. We shot for a couple hours and he said I played well, but suggested I needed some help in alignment – well, as much as I can have considering my breasts are always in the way.

We then went into the hot tub, when we were alone in there, he came up behind me and teased me with his hands, pushing into my suit bottoms, then swimming away from me – I suppose to check my reactions. Then when the timer went off, he wanted to go back to the room to have dinner and then play. He wanted to take a shower and told me he wanted the food to be prepared such that it was all done at the same time. For dinner we were going to have pasta and herb white sauce with chicken breasts, garlic toast and salad. By the time he was done with his shower, dinner was almost done – exactly as he had told me to do it, and he kissed me again and told me I did very well. (Note: I was surprised at how much that gesture meant to me, and also confused because my thought was about my Master, wondering if he would also be pleased). The kissing was confusing as well, since I believed that Masters did not kiss slaves – which in essence would be like kissing a dog or at least that is what the Master in NY told me. Not complaining, because the kisses were very erotic and exciting and enhanced/not diminished my sexual tightness as Master Allen said. The dinner was very good, he was pleased again, and went to prepare the room for what he wanted to do with me. I cleaned up the kitchen, while he was preparing the room. He then told me, that I was to address him as Master Allen during this time – when we were in public, I did not need to address him as such, but in the privacy of that room, I was to serve his every need, and then he told me to mount on my hands and knees on two chairs he had placed in the middle of the room. Ohhh, some where in there, I was told to take my clothes off and kneel next to him while he spoke and I was not to speak, just listen and do as I was told.

I got on the chairs as I was told – my feelings were mixed, excited and scared – have never been bound before (other than what I did on my own) really and I was also blindfolded so I did not see what he was doing, only could feel him.

He bound my breasts very tight and I felt him put something on my nipples, felt the pressure, but also felt the pleasure of this, and I had complete trust in him. Then I felt something spanking my ass – hard too, I did not cry out (a past life affect, I’m sure), but something about the way he was doing it excited me. I found out later he was using a crop to whip me with. I also knew he did not expend as much energy upon that as he could have. I believe it was because he didn’t want to hurt me/scare me off the first night – but not once did I feel like bolting. I was determined to experience him, not because he was who he was, but because he was a Master and I wanted the experience so that one day I am ever thought worthy enough

– and I can’t explain, but my heart is there.

After awhile, he told me to get down, guided me into the bedroom, and told me to lay on my back. He hooked rope into the chains he had made for me and bound me tight to the bed spread eagle. Ohhh, before going to the bedroom, he put his cock near my mouth and told me to suck it – it felt wonderfully hard and hot. I could feel him pulsating on my tongue, and then he backed away from me – inwardly I groaned, but never would I dare to do it outwardly! His mouth went on my breasts as his fingers probed my cunt, now very hot and very wet – I was so close to cumming, he knew that, he told me I better not yet – not until he told me too. I had to bite on my lip and try and stay focused, but I wanted to just let myself go, I wanted to cum so badly. He had gotten one of toys out of the bag and started fucking my cunt hard with it, which didn’t help my focus any

as he took the things off my nipples and started biting them, kissing me in between. I was straining very hard against the ropes and the chains and then he stuck his hand inside me, fucking me with his whole hand. I was so wet there was no need for lubrication, and then he told me I could cum, but then I couldn’t right then on demand but it didn’t take too much longer for

me to do that with the attention he was giving my cunt, and I came really hard, squishing his hand inside me with my muscles spasming. And then I came again, this time, I suppose he could feel it building up and when he told me to cum, I was going to anyway – I’m not sure whether it was because he told me to or not, but moments after he told me too, I came.

I was sweating and still very aroused – since I had been abstinent for 5 days previously and he was very very good at what he was doing. He undid my binds and then mounted me – telling me he usually does not have sex with a slave regularly, but wanted me that way, to feel his cock buried in my hot cunt, feel me move under him, etc. God, there is no way to explain what happened next – simply because it didn’t feel like it was real, I felt like I was floating in a dream, while this wonderful cock was fucking me and I kept thinking (fantasizing basically) – well, it wasn’t really appropriate what I was thinking. And then, however he was entering me, he was hitting something that was driving me up a wall, my mind went frantic and all I knew was I was going to explode again. I heard him too and realized that he was going to cum deep inside me, and that thought with another, sent me over the edge seconds before he came inside me. He laid on top of me for a moment, then got off to clean up, he told me to relax a moment – I was frazzled and had never, with a real man that is, been that excited. My brain was so foggy – I felt like I was not inside me, but outside me feeling through telepathy – that might sound a bit melodramatic, but I don’t know how else to explain it.

He came back in the room, smiling, told me he was extremely pleased, checked my wrists and ankles since I strained so hard against them, they had imprinted deeply on my skin, slightly bruised, he rubbed them, got back on the bed, told me I had worn him out (Note: I was wishing my Master could hear that) and asked me to rub his feet with his cream. I kneeled at the

foot of the bed and massaged his feet – trying very hard to do above average since my brain and body was still reeling over his above average treatment of me. After about 20 min he asked me to stop and then told me as a treat he would allow me to sleep in the bed with him. I was a bit worried about that and told him so, because I know I snore and did not want to disturb his sleep, he laughed and said he would kick me out of the bed if that occurred.

The next morning, I woke and took a hot shower, shaving and taking care to make sure I was impeccably clean and my skin soft. When he awoke, he made his own coffee – I had told him I was willing to try but since I did not drink coffee I had no idea how to make it. He said that is something he could do on his own and told me he would like to have fruit, toast, juice

and cereal for breakfast. I sat the table, cut up the fruit, made the toast, poured the juice, poured cereal into his bowl. He sat at the table and when he was ready, I poured the milk over his cereal and moved away from the table waiting to make sure he was well taken care of. When he finished, he got up and went to dress while I cleaned up the kitchen and picked up the room, making the bed, etc. He said to put our suits on under clothes, we’d go shoot some more pool in the rec room and then go into the hot tub a while, then go to the Chinook Winds Casino where the tournament was being held. I also took the steaks out of the freezer, because he wanted steak for dinner. We shot an hour – different games, my focus was off and he was working with me on my alignment. Using his recommendations, trying to control my stroke speed – which is hard – I tend to be an atomic blaster, I managed to beat him quite a few games, then we went into the hot tub again. By this time, he wanted some lunch, so I heated up the left over pasta with the chicken, and grilled some toast with garlic butter for him. We ate and

drank a couple beers, he presented me with a gift – 3 books by Ann Rice before she used that pen name when she was writing on the BDSM motif, about Sleeping Beauty. He told me i would need to read to him that night, and that he felt that perhaps reading that series would give me an idea of what is expected and maybe help me with my writing as well. We watched part of Blackbeard on the AMC channel and then he wanted a nap, so he said I had permission to do as I pleased while he was napping. I elected to finish watching that movie. He didn’t sleep long and was refreshed, and said we should go to the Casino and check it out. He told me then that technically his playing did not begin until Friday night – this was Thursday

by the way. And that the rest of the team would be there Friday night. We went to the casino and played for a couple more hours, I was on and off – winning and losing, his game seemed a bit off – he is very good!!! HE breaks and runs the table, making some incredible shots – he prefers banking shots and I feel the games I did win were because he decided to take tougher shots than was required as practice giving me a shot once in awhile to clean off my balls. Then he ran into a few people from the place he shoots from, I stood back because I didn’t wish to cause him any undue embarrassment in having to introduce me, which he did not. It was getting late, so we decided to go back to the room, eat dinner and he said he was going to be harder on me after dinner in play than he was the night before, just so I knew that.

Strangely enough, I wasn’t scared and was looking forward to it. Because of what I want in life, I want to feel as much as hard as I can, to see if perhaps I’m capable of it. It is a great need within me and gives me the incentive to endure whatever is given me, to be determined to not only please Master Allen, but to somehow prepare myself for someone else. It’s hard to be hard on yourself in that way.

We had dinner, Steak, baked potato, salad and then while I was cleaning up the kitchen, he began preparing the room – he opened the doors where the hide-a-bed was at and checked the sturdiness of the hooks. He told me to take off my clothes, and kneel, where he put his cock in my mouth to suck (oops, forgot before his nap, he had me lay across the bed so he could fuck my mouth, and then got on the bed and asked me if I would like to have his cum in my mouth and to beg for it. I did the best I thought I could since begging isn’t one of my forte’s, and he allowed me to suck his cock until he came into my mouth, letting me taste him for the first time and it was just as nice as his cock!!! I really wanted more, but that’s when he wanted a

nap, too). He told me to crawl over to the bed and then stand, he chained my wrists tightly together and then pulled them up to the top of the bed closet and hooked it through the hook, he then tied my ankles and secured each one, spread apart to the ends of the hide a bed. He told me to close my eyes, and he attached his devices to my nipples, after he sucked and bit

them – telling me how pleased he was with them and they were the longest ones he had ever seen which was very erotic to him. Then he started beating my ass – hard again u150 telling me I hadn’t done anything wrong, but it was his pleasure to punish when he felt like it, and for me to count each stroke he gave me, thanking him as it hit my ass – after the 10th one, it was

difficult and I was choking on my words, but I managed to do as he asked, about 15 and I didn’t think I could take anymore, but in my mind refused to give in to the pain – he had been so good to me so far, I wanted to at least be worthy of that – besides, I knew this was nothing like I would receive were he my Master. After about 20 more, he stopped, and rubbed my ass, saying how pleased he was that a rosy ass excited him and I could feel that, as his cock was hard pressed against my leg.

He led me to the bedroom again and told me to undress him. As i knelt to take down his pants he allowed me to kiss and suck his cock, but not for long, he wanted me back on the bed, he then whipped my breasts with a crop, my cunt, my thighs, tickling my feet – I was thrashing around and he told me to stop moving so I used every ounce of control I had to keep from moving, but then his mouth went to my cunt and I felt his tongue teasing my clit. I thought I wasn’t moving, but apparently he felt an arch of my back or a straining to push my cunt into his mouth, I’m not sure, all I know is the crop came hard across my breasts again and I stopped moving, then he said I could cum – again, I’m still not sure if it was his command, or if I just was there and he knew it, but I came almost as fast as he told me too – I still haven’t figured that out – I don’t know how a person can cum on demand doesn’t seem very logical. And when I came, he crawled up on the bed and again, started to fuck me, taking my legs and spreading them painfully apart, almost parallel with the bed, somehow that angle afforded his cock to

slide back and forth against my clit as it thrust inside me and soon I was ready to cum, my muscles were spasming inside and I felt his cock swell inside me once again, and feeling that, I came again, when he felt my cuming, he came again inside me. I cleaned us both up and then massaged his feet again. He wanted to go to bed, have me read to him, so I tucked him into the bed and went to sit on the other side where I wouldn’t disturb him physically, and began reading the 1st chapter of the book he had given me – omg! It was very erotic and soon I heard him snoring, so I went out to the other room – I was told I could sleep with him again for being a uc0u147 good slaveu148 , but I couldn’t put the book down, so he gave me permission before he fell asleep to do as I pleased once he fell asleep. I took the book and my pillows out to the couch and read some more, and then before I knew it, I was masturbating to the thoughts of the Prince – who I fantasized about as someone else, and came again – and by now, my cunt is sore, very sensitive.

I went into the bathroom and took a hot bath to sooth the soreness out of my ass, cunt, wrists and ankles – which the chains had dug deeply into me and bruised me even. After my bath, I turned on the tv and watched a movie, can’t remember what it was though, then went to sleep. I woke up off and on through the night, a constant state of tingling and I”d squeeze my legs together tight, if I tried to put my fingers in my cunt – it was so hot and so sore, I couldn’t, I squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples hard – and their soreness was sensitive too, and I couldn’t take touching any part of me, as much as I wanted too, I couldn’t.

The next morning, I fixed Master Allen breakfast – scrambled eggs, toast, fruit, juice and of course he had made his own coffee. While he was eating, I made the bed and got the dishwasher ready to start after I cleaned his table off. He then sat me down and told me that he wanted me to know that he was extremely pleased and he had never been happier than he had been with me the last 2 days, but felt that he could not focus on his game if I were to stay, and also did not want to be in a position to introduce me to his teammates and asked me how I would feel if he asked me to leave early. I have to admit, although I did not tell him that, I was relieved. I was not looking forward to having his team there, worrying about what would be asked of me, but knowing I would do it regardless. Besides, I had received an opportunity to go do some work for Tom, the Dom mentioned previously on his computer and apartment. Tom wanted me to stay with him for as long as I could, and he’d pay me $100 for the work he had for me to do, and that’s another story – I will write more about that as well, which he never did touch me. Except to beat my ass once, and if I could have left at that time, I would have, but I committed to 4/29 – 5/1 to stay, besides, I wanted the money.

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