Master Hans

Master Hans

Maggie arrived at Master Hans’s at noon, an hour early, but she had no idea how long it would take her to get there. He was surprised and had forgotten she traveled that far. They sat down and talked, he asked her some D/s checklist questions – the normal ones found on She surprised him with some of the answers and he told her, she was “fascinating and complex”. He asked her about the “cherished One” and she told him a little about how they had met, how she had always managed to anger him until one day he just didn’t want to be her Master anymore. He asked her how that made her feel, and she told him it felt terrible like being divorced kind of, only she was fortunate that he even cared to continue corresponding with her, because she tells him everything.

He asked if she had told her cherished One about him and she said of course she had. She told him perhaps the cherished One knew her needs better than she did sometimes and that he knew how she needed to learn as much about this lifestyle and experience it as she could. And then Maggie was quiet. She felt suddenly unless directly questioned, she didn’t want to talk about it anymore.

Master Hans then got up and went to get a couple of films. He told Maggie one was of Shawnie, a local sub and the other was the one he was very fond of from Texas that calls herself sow. Maggie watched as shawnie worshiped his cock, and became excited, he had a wonderful cock, he took it out of his robe and started stroking it and she felt a rush go through her body, and her eyes were transfixed upon it. It was quite lovely, long and regular width. A good 10″ erect, and anywhere that could get wet, she was sopping!

She really wanted to feel that. Maggie studied shawnie’s techniques and noted she was very good and making special note what affect certain things she was doing on the film affected him – he would groan as if he could feel her. Then the sow movie, both subs had masks so their faces were always hidden. Sow’s movie started with her bound and on her knees eating dinner – out of an aluminum dish on the floor. The next one made Maggie squirm a bit, as sow opened her mouth to accept his piss. Master Hans stopped the film and asked Maggie how she felt about that. She told him it was sow’s thing and that was fine, but Maggie had never and could not see herself doing that.

Master Hans started the video again. The next clip was of sow taking a baby bottle filled with piss. He seemed to enjoy watching Maggie watch that. The next clip was sow and shawnie with shawnie shoving the baby bottle up sow’s cunt and then sucking the nipple on the bottle. Another clip of shawnie and sow heads together, mouths open as he pissed on them. Then he told Maggie that wasn’t necessarily his thing, but they loved it, so he nourished his “babies”.

Then the movie went on with various bondage scenes and whippings, he had edited some special affects into it and it was pretty well done in her opinion, how he succeeded in getting some of the angles together Maggie did not know. Then he asked Maggie to come over and sit on the floor at his feet and offered her his cock. Unconsciously, an involuntary sigh escaped as her lips first felt his cock. He wrapped his hands in her hair and played with it, and she was wondering if she was making him as happy as shawnie had, but she guessed they were on the same wave length and he said how he’d love to have both of their mouths on him at once, that there could be no better feeling.

Maggie was inwardly flattered and worked her tongue and mouth more, forcing his cock deep in her throat and managed to take it to the base, gagging slightly, then up, then back down to the base. She remembered while watching the movie how shawnie had sucked on his balls and he had groaned at that. Maggie let her tongue trail down and found his balls – they were huge! She worked to get both of them in her mouth and pulled back sucking and flicking her tongue against the glands inside as she sucked and his moans told her he appreciated that. She then went back to his cock. Maggie felt she could have sucked for hours, but then he pulled away and told her he wanted to do some things to her and wanted her attention.

He said he was going to spread Maggie over the chest – leather cuffs and ropes for wrists and ankles and asked if she thought she could hold that position. Maggie didn’t see why not, so he prepared the chest. He asked her what she had on under her dress and she told him nothing. He said he was going to keep the dress on and just expose her ass – he was going to give her 900 lashes, 300 with a leather paddle, 300 with the whip and 300 with a crop.

Maggie suggested he might want to gag her and that she was more of a pleasure cunt than a pain slut and would be afraid of crying out to loud. That amused him; he laughed and said he’d think of something. He said he would start out slowly – 4 sets of 25, to see how well Maggie could handle it. She was shaking a little, all she could think of was the last time that happened. He sensed this and said, “trust me child, I will not give you more than I believe you can take.” Maggie had not had much luck at the trust thing, so she breathed in deep and agreed to trust him.

About 15 lashes, her ass started burning a little but she focused on the swats and not the burning and before she knew it, 25 was over. He told her she had done well. She hadn’t cried or yelled out, so he put a chair in front of her head and let Maggie have his cock in her mouth, and then he said he would continue to go on, but she had better not bite him.

The next 25 hurt, but Maggie just didn’t notice as much with his cock in her mouth and as she slid it in and out, sucking and using her tongue to massage it – and trying to get more of it, she was sliding forward, tugging at the restraints.

He got up and went over and rubbed Maggie’s ass, admiring his handwork and then his fingers entered her cunt and he said, “oh my god, your cunt is sopping”.

She knew it was, every time a cock was in her mouth, her cunt gushed. He brought his fingers to her lips and told her to clean it off, and she did.

He sat down again and put his cock near her lips again, letting Maggie work it in before he started on her ass again. 25 more lashes and her ass was on fire, the last 3 really burned. He got up again and he rubbed her ass a little more, she guessed he liked the heat coming off her ass or he was helping her get his cock further in her throat. She was thinking she really would have liked to be turned over and with her head hanging over that chest and had him fuck the hell out of her mouth. That thought was short lived because he started smacking her ass again, 25 more. This time, Maggie took a visual image of his cock and with her eyes closed, she imagined it on her mental forehead and concentrated on his cock in her mouth. She still felt the pain and sting of the paddle, but it was removed from her. She was sweating a lot, he was sweating too as he delivered the next 200. He said he was going to let her rest a minute, and he needed to step away from her before he came. Maggie was not wanting to let his cock go, but he pulled back and it literally popped out of her mouth.

He came back after awhile and she looked up and noticed he was taping this She was a little concerned because she did not have a mask on. But because her hair was down and it was over her face, he assured her she was not detectable. He was saying as he was previewing the tape that it was excellent, he said her hair was fucked up enough over her face no one would recognize her – funny, when he said that Maggie immediately thought of her cherished One, how much he would enjoy the sweat and hair matted over her.

Then Maggie saw the whip, but it actually looked like a flogger, not that she was an expert, but she had always imagined a whip as a long thing – like a bull whip. This one had a handle with about a dozen leather strips about 1/4 inch in width. She wasn’t scared though, she had found something to focus on and true to his word, he sat back down and put his cock near her mouth so she could suck and comfort herself with it and that was exactly what she was doing, with her eyes closed, the cock imagined on her mental forehead, the cock in her mouth she was sucking. It was of course not relaxing, but she wasn’t afraid. He did 50 lashes quickly, going back and forth across each ass check, occasionally grazing her cunt and she was amazed, it didn’t bother her that much, the pain was a lot less than the leather paddle. Maggie just kept sucking, oblivious to anything but that wonderful hard cock in her mouth, and felt it pulsing.

He pulled back from her again, grabbed her hair and wound it around his hand to control the sucking and depth of his cock in her mouth, and then slid back toward her mouth and began another 150 lashes, this time each side of her ass as well as her cunt. Maggie was excited, knowing he would give her his cum very soon, he had pulled back 3 or 4 times and then after the 500th lash, he told Maggie it was coming and she could feel it jerk in her mouth, and his hand grabbed her hair and yanked down. She felt his cock jerking his cum into the back of her throat, gagging a little, but not pulling back, in fact if she thought, if her hands had been free she would have shoved it in further.

Then he sat back, letting go of her hair, as she kept sucking gently, he spasmed and groaned, and let her continue sucking a few more seconds.

He then pulled away from Maggie and told her she had drained him, and he started to undo her binds. She was relieved not to have the last 300 lashes, but disappointed a little in not being able to feel that cock slide in her deep. It was about 4:05pm and Maggie was unbound, given a drink and allowed a cigarette. She was filled with an incredible calm, more so than before. He told her he was surprised at how well she took 500 lashes considering her lack of experience. Maggie told him quietly that she had found something to focus on, his cock. She said she used it as an icon on her mental forehead as her mouth would give her the comfort and the physical sense of his cock, and she could almost phase out the lashing, and noted to him that the image of the cock and his cock in her mouth gave her a meditative type feeling.

He said something about Mantra (whatever that is), and she told him she didn’t know about that, but her ass was burning and she needed to use the bathroom. Maggie walked down the narrow hall to the bathroom and couldn’t resist looking in the mirror. He had definitely striped it, but there was no blood, just burning.

They talked a bit about the election, he told her he enjoyed her conversation and then he looked so worn out that she told him in order to get home before dark, that she needed to leave now. He apologized again for the distance saying he actually hadn’t thought about it, just about how he wanted her there and asked her if she would be alright. She told him if she left then, she should get home before she actually couldn’t see the road any longer.

He squeezed her hand and said he was going to stand up. She told him that wasn’t necessary, she would show herself out and did remember how to press the button for the gate to open.

She thanked him and told him she truly was feeling something inside, calm is all she could think of to call it. There was no way to express her gratitude for allowing her to experience him.

He told her again she was “sweet” (she was not sure she liked that, sweet isn’t exactly what she was shooting for) and definitely more intelligent than any sub he had ever met and asked if she would consider joining him and shawnie some weekend. Maggie said she would and would like to learn her ways, except the piss part, that was just not her. He laughed and said she was so refreshing, so open and frank and then she left.

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