The girl looked around the kitchen, checking to be sure all was as it should be. She had a roast in the oven for dinner, and she would not need to make the gravy until just before dinner was served. She had cleaned up after herself, and, looking at the clock saw that she had plenty of time to shower and dress before heading to His office. She double-checked to be sure that she’d turned the oven down. One last glance around the kitchen told her there was nothing more to do there.

She walked through the house one last time, making sure that she’d done all she should, then headed upstairs to the bedroom where she chose an outfit she thought would please Him: a short black suede skirt and a crimson blouse that was completely sheer, with satin pockets placed strategically over the breasts, and satin collar and cuffs. She pulled the skirt’s matching jacket out of the closet, and then crossed to the dresser to choose her lingerie, a task requiring a little thought, given the nature of the blouse. She drew out the crimson lace strapless bra with matching panties and stocking belt that she’d bought specifically with this blouse in mind. Sheer black stockings and black suede fuck-me pumps: the outfit was complete.

She left the clothes lying on the bed and walked into the adjoining bathroom, turning on the shower and leaving it to run for a minute. She grabbed a towel out of the cupboard and laid it on the countertop, then took out a little dish of hairpins to put her hair up. She brushed her teeth again and smeared cleanser on her face before stepping into the shower. She ran her hands down her legs and across her mound, making sure she didn’t need to shave, and then made quick work of washing. Stepping out of the shower, she caught a delicious shiver. She allowed herself a moment to enjoy it, and then quickly rubbed herself dry. Moving over to the mirror, she admired His collar again before she applied her makeup. Carefully, she outlined her eyes in kohl and applied a sparkly silver to her lids. A hint of blush and deep scarlet lipstick and she was done. She decided to let her hair back down, and brushed it til it shone, leaving off the hairspray. Back in the bedroom, she dressed quickly and moved to her vanity to apply her scent.

Downstairs, the girl took one last look around to see that everything was in order, then stepped outside and locked the house behind her. Sliding into the car, she stopped for a moment to enjoy the feel of the leather against the bare skin above her stockings. She checked her face again in the rearview mirror in the harsher daylight. Satisfied, she pulled out of the drive and headed into town.

She tried to keep her mind on the road, but she’d not been to His office during work hours before, and she wondered what He would have her do there. She was a little afraid and a lot excited, and she could feel herself beginning to seep just thinking of Him. The girl adored the convoluted way His mind worked, and knew He might have her do any number of things guaranteed to embarrass her and delight Him. She squirmed a little in her seat.

She shook her head and returned her attention to her driving just in time to make the turn into the parking lot. A deep breath as she locked the car, and then she was heading up the stairs to His office. She smiled at His secretary, quietly asking if He was free. She waited silently while the woman checked and then stepped to the door of His office when the woman beckoned her.

He was standing behind His desk and the girl thought the light shining in through the window behind Him framed His form to perfection, making Him look like a god. He smiled at the play of emotions across her face and bid her shut and lock the door behind her. He gestured for her to come closer as He used the intercom to tell His secretary He was not to be disturbed until further notice. He smiled at the startled look on the girl’s face. She had expected that He would use her here, but hearing it still struck a chord in her.

The girl stopped just in front of Him and dropped gracefully to her knees. She stayed there, a respectful tower at the feet of the god, until, after a moment, she felt His hand under her chin, nudging her to her feet.

Again she was surprised; she had thought He might want to use her mouth. When she stood before Him, he slid the jacket from her shoulders, and then the blouse. He tossed them carelessly into the corner and took a step back, looking her over from head to toe. He smiled lazily, which she took to mean He did indeed like the outfit.

After a moment, He reached down, running His hands up the outside of her thighs and up under the skirt. Then, grasping her by the hips, He lifted her to sit on His desk. The girl’s eyes widened again as His hands ran to the inside of her thighs and pushed them wide. Her mouth dropped open when he reached behind her to pick up a pair of scissors she’d noticed sitting on His desk. Her mind spinning, all she could wonder was what in the world He’d been cutting. It didn’t take her long to realize He hadn’t been cutting anything; He’d put them there in preparation for her visit. Even as she wondered what for, He was sliding them up her leg and into her panties. She almost swallowed her tongue wondering just what He was going to do, and He chuckled as He watched the blood drain from her face.

He didn’t even look down before He snapped the scissors closed across the crotch of her panties, leaving her fully exposed to Him. She guessed He could feel the fabric between the blades…. She knew she certainly could, she thought to herself, sighing with relief. He was openly laughing at her expression now, and she smiled up at Him, not minding that He took pleasure in her fear. She placed her hands palm down on the desk, bracing herself as she looked up into His face. He’d not spoken another word since He’d bid her enter, and she wondered idly if He would speak to her at all. She didn’t mind His silence either, she knew He would let her know what He wanted her to do, and she took comfort in that. He made it easy for her to be good; He never left her guessing what she should do to please Him.

Her reverie was broken by His touch on her hips again, pulling her to the edge of the desk, and she watched Him as He undid His trousers, a serious puddle forming on the desk’s blotter beneath her. He stepped into her, entering her with one rough thrust between the remains of her panties. She bit her lip, trying to stifle a moan, loving that she was His to be used this way. She reveled in the feel of His fingers pushing her skirt up to her waist and then biting into the flesh of her hips. She whimpered as He drove into her again and again, throwing her head back to expose her throat to Him.

Suddenly, in one fluid motion, He lifted her and turned to press her back against the wall to the left of His desk. She gasped at the quickness of His movements, then smiled up at Him as she wrapped her arms about His neck and her legs around His waist. She wondered briefly if passers-by could see them through the open blinds of the window, and grew even wetter thinking they probably could. She felt His fingers biting into her ass cheeks, opening her wide to His touch, and then His index fingers sliding into her, stretching her ass even as He ground Himself into her pussy. His mouth was on hers, His tongue stifling her moans as he thrust it brutally in and out, mimicking the motion of His cock.

He felt her tightening around Him and knew she was close; He tormented her by forcing His tongue deeper into her mouth so that she could not ask for her climax. He knew she would not dare cum without asking, and He enjoyed making her wait, enjoyed feeling her squeeze His cock, tighter and tighter, desperately trying to fend off the impending orgasm. He knew her limits here and took great pleasure in pushing them, waiting until He could taste her frustration mingling with her pleasure to end the pillaging of her mouth. He drew back to watch her face a moment, then leaned in, nipping at her earlobe before He whispered, “Now, little one, do it now!” She obliged Him with animal abandon, digging her nails into His shoulders, keening softly into His chest where she’d bowed her head against Him. He spilled Himself into Her, pressing His face into her hair, and the volume of it shook her. She lost all track of time, only coming back to herself when she realized that she was licking at His throat like some animal, though she couldn’t imagine which. She opened her mouth to thank Him, and at the same moment, she realized with a thrill that His fingers were still in her ass. She looked up at Him, understanding that He was not yet done with her.

He turned, abruptly freeing her legs, and guided her backwards towards the sofa. He withdrew His fingers momentarily, turning her to straddle the arm of the sofa, then returning the fingers of one hand to her ass, He spread her wide for what was about to become a “hostile takeover”. He sparingly used their juices for just a touch of lubrication before He plunged viciously into her. He bid her put her hands behind her back, and He held them there with one hand. Digging the other hand brutally into her hair He pushed her face down into the fabric of the back of the sofa, then clenched a handful of her dark mane, yanking as He drove repeatedly into her. She bit into the sofa’s back, desperately trying to keep quiet under this brutal assault; she knew He would not be pleased with her if she drew attention to their activities.

Thinking of the pleasure He must be having now; the rough fabric on the arm of the sofa rubbing at her clit; the way He yanked at her hair—they all served to bring her to the brink again, and she began to beg. She kept her voice low, telling Him how she loved being His slave, how she worshipped and adored Him, how desperate she was to climax with the pleasure His use gave her.

He smiled down at her, and, knowing the sincerity of her words, He denied her.

He pushed her arms further up her back and leaned in closer to her, telling her that she’d already had her orgasm, and now she would wait until He felt like giving her another. He delighted in the dismay on her face, knowing she was too far gone to be able to hold back. Sure enough, just seconds later, as He ground ever harder into her, she came all over the arm of His sofa. He released her arms and her hair then, and, digging His fingers viciously into her hips, bruising that delicate skin, He finished deep inside her. He could barely contain His pleasure at the shame that washed over her face in a bright glow of scarlet. He yanked out of her, feigning a sound of disgust, wanting now to send her away to fear Him for the rest of the day.

With a slicing motion of His hand, He dismissed her. She scurried to collect her jacket and blouse, and, watching Him surreptitiously, quickly rectified her appearance. She moved to kneel before Him, but He turned away, growling at her to leave His presence. Ashamed beyond bearing, she did as she was bid, horrified at what she’d done.

She made it to the car before she began to cry. From His window, He watched her sit in the car trying to collect herself. He smiled again then, knowing she would spend the remainder of the afternoon in terror of what He would do to her that night to punish her, and humiliated beyond bearing, thinking that she’d failed him.

At home again, the girl showered again, and put on fresh clothes. She knew His children wouldn’t be home for an hour yet, and, having cleaned the house already, there was nothing with which she could occupy her mind. In the quiet of the bedroom, she found her voice again, sobbing with the shame of it all. She’d tried so hard to please Him today, and it was all a waste now. Surely He was doubting His sanity in bringing her here to be His slave. After a time, when she’d cried herself out, she fell into a light sleep.

The sound of the children’s bickering somewhere in the house woke her, and, realizing she’d fallen asleep, she jumped out of bed, hitting the bathroom at a run to wash the dried tears from her face before they came and found her. Stepping into the living room a few moments later, she took note of the schoolbooks dropped haphazardly on various tables, shoes kicked off by the door, and napkins with cookie crumbs lying on the floor. She followed the trail of crumbs to the kitchen where she found the four of them arguing over who had to clean up the milk that now adorned the floor she’d mopped only that morning. Her presence in the room quelled the argument, and the crack in her voice warned them against questioning her order to clean up after themselves while she re-mopped the floor.

She was in the living room surveying their clean-up job when He came in. She greeted Him quietly, and, knowing He would not have her kneeling in front of the children, she drew His palm up for a kiss just as He’d told her she should do when the children were about.

He withdrew His hand from her grasp before she could kiss it, and continued on through the house to His study. Her face aflame again, she made short work of setting the table, and quickly stirred up the gravy. Hearing His footsteps in the hallway, she filled the glasses and called the children to the table. She served dinner and went to seat herself, but He quickly checked her movement by wondering aloud just how hungry she could be, sick as she was feeling. She knew He used those words for the children’s benefit. She quietly agreed with Him that she was not feeling well at all, and begged her leave from the table.

Alone in the bedroom, she started crying again, burying her face in the pillow so that the sound would not carry. After a time, she heard the clinking of dishes, and knew that He’d set the children the task of cleaning up. He would be there soon to deal with her. She did not bother to hide the evidence of her tears this time, she did not want Him to think she was unrepentant, when the truth of the matter was that she was mortified and terrified.

He entered the room on cat’s feet, and it was only His motion at the door that broke her tense reverie. He pushed the door closed and leaned back against it, locking it behind Him. He crossed to turn the stereo on, and she knelt quickly beside the bed, head bowed. He advanced on her with startling speed and she could not help but look up as He stopped just short of plowing her over. He smiled down at her, but it was a wintry smile, and she knew He was about to enjoy Himself immensely at her expense. She did not have long to wait. A stinging slap snapped her head to one side and she bit her lip to stifle a cry.

He crossed to the bureau then, pulling the doors open to reveal His collection of toys. After a moment, He selected a rather wicked quirt, the end of which He’d knotted. He slapped it against His leg carelessly as He advanced upon her. She watched Him, and, at His gesture, quickly stripped off her clothes and positioned herself on the edge of the bed, ass presented to Him. He told her she might want to count the strokes, as He was angry enough to lose count a time or two if she did not. He did not tell her how high to count.

Then He took His pleasure in long, snapping strokes. He smiled as He worked, admiring the welts that rose under His careful attention. He loved the whimpers that soon turned into sobs. When He thought He’d had enough, He tossed the quirt aside and pulled her to her feet. She would not look at Him, so He caught her chin between her thumb and forefinger, applying just enough pressure to force her to look up.

He stared into her eyes for a while, taking in the emotion there, drinking it up. After a time, her crying subsided, He took her hand and pulled her behind Him to the chair in the corner of the room. He sank down into the chair, and did not have to bid her kneel; she did it automatically, prostrating herself at His feet, with her face on the floor and her hands opened wide above her head. He smiled.

He briefly considered not telling her it had all been planned, that she’d had no chance at avoiding the pain of the afternoon, but He thought that might be beyond cruel. He considered His words before He said them, wanting her to understand and believe in the pleasure He’d gained from this day, to know that she’d not failed Him, but acted just as He’d expected and planned for her to. As He spoke, He drew her up to Him, settling her on His knee so that He could see that she understood; so that she could see that He was truly pleased. He smiled when the impact of His knee to her welts caused her to wince.

He watched her relief come in and settle her tension, and He pulled her closer, caressing her bare ass, rubbing the welts there. He wondered if she might be a little angry with Him for what must now seem to her an undeserved punishment, but when He claimed her mouth, He could feel she was not. He felt Himself growing hard again, and lifted her in His arms so He could stand.

Beside the bed again, He lay her down gently and divested Himself of His clothing. She watched Him quietly, and when He drew her close again, she smiled. He took her gently this time, but no less thoroughly, cleansing her soul of the fears of the day, reasserting His claim of her totality. She’d pleased Him well this day, and He showed her just how much with each small stroke, every soft caress. And when it came time, He did not make her beg overlong for her release.

He figured she had earned this one.

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