My First Bra

I got my first bra when I was twelve. I’ll never forget it. My mother and I had been talking about going shopping for bras for two months. Finally, one day at the mall she says “Well, let’s go in and see if there’s any in your size.”

I’m telling this because I have to. If I don’t tell my side things may never be the same. Who am I kidding? It never will.

When I got home I went straight to my room, took my shirt off and put my bra on. I looked in the mirror. It looked good. A bit loose, but on the whole a sexual improvement. I put my shirt back on over my bra and went out into the living room.

“Well,” my mom said without looking up at me. She was watching TV. “What do you think?”

“I like it.”

“Good. I’ll get some more the next time I’m there then.” She turned around and looked at me. She smiled, “What would you like for dinner?”

“Whatever.” I said. I went back to my room and shut the door. I can’t explain why, but I was angry. I was angry at her for asking me what I wanted for dinner while I stood there like an idiot in my new bra. I took off my shirt. I took off my bra. I put my shirt back on. Then I unbuttoned my shirt and looked at my tits in the mirror. They were definitely there. And I liked them. I rubbed my hands over them. Pulling them up and then down. They were probably the sexiest thing I had going for me right now. I buttoned my shirt back up. I could hear my mother in the other room calling us to dinner.


At dinner the subject of the new bra came up. My father looked up for the first time in years.

“Bra? What for?”

“Cindy’s got a bra on,” my little sister said. I hated that bitch.

“I do not. Not right now. We just bought one, that’s all.”

“Cindy, please! There’s no reason to shout.” I didn’t know I was.

“Yes dear. Cindy has a bra now.” It was like talking to a retard.

“A bra? Well she’s still too young to wear make-up! I don’t know why we should be buying bras anyway!”

God bless the working family. My father was suspicious, but after a good hard look around the table, he went back to his meal.


I didn’t wear the thing for a week. I kept in safely hidden in my underwear drawer until I was sure everyone had forgotten the entire incident. Then one Saturday afternoon I put it on. It felt good. I liked the way it pushed my tits together. It made them look bigger. I went into my brother’s room. He’s older and is not home much, or if he is he’s sleeping. Today, however, he was hanging out with Hank and Carlos. Those guys were cool and my brother always let me hang around for as

long as I wanted. He never told me to go away. I like both Hank and Carlos. I’ve had thoughts of kissing both of them.

“What’s up Cindy?” Hank said when I came in. Everybody turned and we all said hello. I sat on my brother’s bed. My brother was a DJ and constantly played with records.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” Carlos asked.

“I don’t have one.” He always played like that with me. I like it when an older boy flirts.

I felt my bra tingle under my shirt. My nipples became hard.

“What’s wrong?” asked Hank.

“Nothing. I feel a little sick.”

I went back to my room and shut the door. I took off my shirt and looked at my bra. My nipples were bursting! Maybe it was the bra, but when I tried the clasp it wouldn’t give. I turned my back to the mirror and tried it that way. No good. Finally, I got the idea of pulling the bra up over my head. I had my arms free. It felt like there was a direct line from my nipples to the tip of my pussy. Suddenly, I gasped. I felt something shoot into theirs of each breast. I squealed, then covered my mouth with my hand. My eyes popped wide open and I squeezed my legs over one end of a pillow and bit the other end. I came hard. The pleasure slowly subsided. I looked down and saw my bra had attached itself to my body with two small metal wires.

I started to panic. But I didn’t know much about bras. I survived my first period all right. I pulled my bra back into place. It still felt good. Right now there was a tiny sucking sensation over both tips. I couldn’t imagine how my mom went around all day ignoring this. I rubbed my crotch. I was wet. I stuck a finger halfway in and bent my legs a little. I couldn’t believe how hot it was in there. I took a breath and slowly worked a second finger inside. Oooh boy. I thought about both Carlos and Hank. Carlos would kiss my tits while Hank fucked me. There was a knock on my door and my mom came in.

“Oh! Excuse me.” She closed the door.


Neither of my parents drank. In fact, they didn’t do much of anything besides work. They didn’t even go to church, but they were Christians. They put me in Sunday school until I was old enough to take care of myself. And yet they still act as if I owe them my life.

My tits swoll up over night. At least two whole sizes. And my nipples were really pumping away. I went to school that day and two kids had a fight. A high school kid who hangs around wanted to drive me home. I almost did. By the end of the day I was homy as shit!

When I got home my brother was in his room with his friends. I went straight to my room and shut the door. My tits were getting bigger, that’s for sure. I felt them itch while they grew. I had my shirt off and was massaging my bra, when my door opened and one of my brother’s friends came in. I’d seen him a couple of times before. I kept rubbing my tits. Harder and harder. I could see him in the mirror. He was excited. He came over and I gave my tits up to his face. He bit and pulled. I came twice. Then he pushed me down and waved his dick in my face. I swallowed his cock. He thrust back and forth, holding my head in his hands, pressing my ears. After a couple of minutes he grunted and shot hot come down my throat. I choked and some sperm went up my nose. My brother called from the next room. He had to leave.

As for me, the swelling was going down, but the small clamps held my nipples fast. I could feel this beast clinging to my front. Feeding off of my body. I got scared. I knew something strange was happening to me. I had trouble thinking straight. Other thoughts kept interrupting my own. I had no memory of some of the things I use to know. It was living off of me. I had become perverted. I was no longer myself. I found my brother in the shower and let him fuck me. I put my hand on my piano teacher’s penis and told him that I wanted to suck his cock. That’s when they took me out of school. That’s when they decided I needed help. When the nurses found my bra, one of them screamed like a bitch and fell to the floor. I’ve been examined by specialists. I let an FBI agent fuck me in the ass. I’m well protected. I’m well compensated. Turns out these NASA guys are pretty interested in the whole thing. My dad even quit his job at the post office to help manage me.

Sometimes I still think of those other girls who use to make fun of me, calling me “Flat-chested!”

People can be so cruel!

© 2002 – Gordy Amede –

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