Oral Sex

I was eating her out, you know, we had had a few beers

and gone back to my place to listen to some records;

good shit. We smoked a joint, got high…talked about

Religion. Finally, we got to bed and we started making

out. I got her clothes off. She helped me get my clothes

off. We had done all this before many times. It’s how

we liked to do it, and I loved getting down there between

her legs because she loved it – she really let herself go,

really gave in, squirmed around and ran her hands through

my hair, that always got me going. I pushed and I spread

and I ate my way inside.

I could still hear her out there, lashing about sex…

I walked around, I touched the walls, they were thick

with blood and pushed back against my hands.

I was moving ankle deep along her vaginal walls.

I seemed to be looking for something, but nothing

in particular came to mind… anything, almost, would do.

I was exploring. I found a stack of porno mags. (I knew

she would have porno mags!) Nobody else was around.

I didn’t bother finding my way out. I came across a

library filled with books, I looked at the titles on

the spines of the books, most were written in a foreign

language, or they were books I’d never heard of with

fantastic titles. A small dog relieved itself on my

leg. I found a photo album full of photos of people

I didn’t know getting drunk, partying. I fell asleep

at a desk.

© 2001 Gordy Amede

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