Signature of the Whip

The slave was kneeling, naked, but for her stockings and heels and collar, and displayed for her Master, her leash in her mouth. This was how he wanted her when he arrived home from work. He was a professor at a nearby university, and his newly collared, newly trained slave had followed his instructions to the letter.She had completed her training with many accommodations and good reports from the European Trainer he had employed for her. This training was evident in her posture and perfect positioning: her head high, eyes lowered, back arched, elbows touching behind her back, her knees open, her smooth pussy exposed to him. She was trembling slightly, as she was still very new to all this, but he admired her willingness to learn and obey him. The prospect of caring for and molding this young slave was very erotic. He had many plans for her.

As he stood at the open door, admiring her, she waited patiently, at least outwardly. Her thoughts were racing; she was so aroused, having already become conditioned by the presence of her Master. He had shown her that there was seemingly nothing he couldn’t perceive about her. She felt naked and exposed to him in every way, as he seemed to peer inside her mind. He was expert at using this knowledge of her mind and body to keep her wildly turned on and ready for him at all times. She could feel his eyes on her, appraising her, and this made her juices flow even more, as she felt herself begin to drip onto the hardwood floor.

Her Master watched for a few more agonizing seconds and smiled with pleasure at her reaction to him. “Good girl, I’m glad you remembered to follow my instructions.” He walked past her to the living room and sat down on the couch. He noticed that she stiffened as he walked past, and knew that she was wondering what to do, what was expected of her. Was she to remain there, kneeling? Was she to follow him? He grinned as he saw her brow furrow slightly. Her face was very expressive and animated. He wondered how long he should make her wait, and whether or not she would have the temerity to ask for clarification. To her credit, she remained still.

Finally, he spoke softly, “Pet”, he watched her body shiver as she answered, “Yes, Master?” “Crawl to me, my pet”, he watched her very closely. Her face flushed as she relaxed her arms and put her palms on the floor. On her hands and knees, she turned to him, her eyes raised to meet his, leash dangling from her teeth; she slowly crawled to her Master, her high ponytail dangling so that it concealed half of her face. He watched her progress, becoming more aroused as she approached him. She was moving like a cat, slinky and graceful. As she arrived at his feet she sat back on her heels and put her hands on her thighs.

“Very good, pet. You make me want to taste you. Open your thighs please.” Again, she blushed as she spread her knees. He removed the leash from her mouth and clipped it to her collar as she shifted position. He held the leash so that it put a slight pressure on her to lean forward. She was visibly trembling now, her need apparent. “Put two of your fingers inside your cunt, now”, he instructed softly. She slowly put her hand between her legs as he watched her face. Her eyes were lowered; her blush went all the way down her chest, her mouth slightly open as she began to breathe more heavily. She obediently pushed two fingers inside her dripping pussy, shivered again, and waited. Unconsciously, she had begun to grind her hips against her hand. She had a lot to learn, still.

“Stop moving, be very still,” he said in a firm voice. She flinched a bit and then became motionless. “You do not have my permission to stimulate yourself, is that clear?” “Yes, Master”, she whispered. Her head bowed slightly in her embarrassment at having displeased her Master. He took her chin in his hand and raised her face to his. “Look at me, pet.” She met his gaze. She felt herself melting as she saw the desire, care and patience there. His deep, brown eyes and sensual mouth were very attractive to her, and she wished he would kiss her. She licked her lips without thinking. “Now, take your fingers out of your pussy.” She did as he instructed and as she began to raise her hand, he firmly took hold of her wrist. His eyes never left hers as he brought her fingers to his lips and licked them clean. She felt herself squirming and stopped moving, fearful that he would not be pleased. He smiled at her and released her wrist. She lowered her hand back to her thigh, still gazing into his eyes. He tugged her leash and brought her face to his and kissed her lips lightly. “Come sit on my lap, my pet.”

Gratefully, the slave climbed up into her Master’s lap and snuggled close as he put his arms around her, smelling the fresh fragrance of her hair, her head resting on his shoulder. He seemed to know when she needed affection and was very generous with it. She smiled serenely, “Thank you, Master”. He began to speak to her in that gentle voice, as a father would to his child. “You are doing well, pet, don’t be afraid. I know how much you want to please me, and I’m proud of you. Just remember to obey me, and trust me, and you will continue to make me proud of you.” She squirmed on his lap, excited by his approval of her. She could feel his cock harden under her bottom.

He moved his face to hers and kissed her deeply as he pulled the tie out of her ponytail. His hand went to her breasts and teased her nipples and she moaned into his mouth. “Tonight, I have a surprise for you, my pet. We are going out to dinner before the party.” She smiled broadly, as they hadn’t been out in a while due to her strict training schedule. She thanked her Master for his consideration.

He stood, lifting her easily and then turned around and set her back down on the couch. “Wait here, I am going to pick out an outfit for you to wear. I expect you to behave while I’m gone.” His voice was firm, but there was a twinkle in his eye. He knew she battled the temptation to touch herself, but he also knew that things could be worse. She smiled up at him, “Yes, Master, I’ll be good.” He left the room and she picked up her book and started reading.

After about a half hour had passed, Master came back to fetch his slave. “Pet, I will choose your clothing, since I can’t let you run around naked outside,” he smiled at her as she giggled. “I expect you to wear exactly what I choose for you, no more, no less. You must trust me to dress you appropriately for any occasion. Do you understand? This is not an area open to discussion.” She nodded, “Yes, Master”.

She wasn’t terribly concerned. She knew that her Master would control many areas of her life and it filled her needs to submit to him. Also, she knew he had good taste and trusted him. After all, he wanted her to look good, didn’t he? Her Master told her she could go get dressed. She enthusiastically went to her room, almost skipping. She was very excited at the prospect of finally going out!

As she got to her room and looked at her bed, her enthusiasm turned into real joy. Laid out there was a beautiful ivory colored silk dress, with a plunging neckline. She walked slowly toward the bed and picked up the short dress, looking underneath it for panties, bra and a slip. There were no undergarments except for some ivory colored lace-topped thigh highs, and a matching bra, and a long, black, velvet box. The first thing she did was open the box. Inside was a stunning platinum choker and matching earrings. She removed her leather collar and put on the platinum choker. It felt cold against her skin, and she shuddered in delight. She sat down and removed her black stockings and garter belt, and pulled up the sheer ivory thigh highs. She was surprised to see the bra, actually. She thought back to what her Master said. No more, no less. She put the bra on and noted that it was a demi-cup, push-up bra. It left her nipples exposed. She began to feel some trepidation. As she pulled the dress on over her head she saw how the dress clung to her body. The neckline was dangerous, her nipples poked out very plainly against the fabric, and the dress hugged her waist and flared out slightly at the bottom. She checked her full-length mirror to see if the tops of her stockings showed. If she stayed perfectly still, the stockings were covered, but if she moved, they showed plainly. She tried to tug the skirt down to no avail. She began to blush, thinking of how exposed she’d feel walking around in this dress on such a breezy evening.

She went to her vanity to touch up her make-up. She brushed her hair and put on fresh lipstick. She had bathed and put on her make-up before her Master had come home, as per his instructions.

She saw the matching shoes for her outfit on the floor by her bed and put them on. The 5″ heels were stiletto, but she had gotten used to such shoes now, and was able to walk gracefully in them. She turned on her overhead light and took one last look in her mirror to make sure she was all put together, as she wanted her Master to be pleased. She gasped at her image. The dress was very sheer, and in this light, she could see through it plainly. She wanted to be obedient so she steeled herself, knowing she should just trust her Master. She took a deep breath and left the room to join him.

She slowly walked into the parlor, where her Master waited for her. He looked up at her and smiled. “You look just as lovely as I knew you would, Pet”, he said. She began to open her mouth to speak, and changed her mind. It wouldn’t do to question him about her apparel, since he had made himself quite clear on the issue. “Thank you for the beautiful dress, Master, and thank you especially for the jewelry”, she said as she walked over to where he sat and leaned over to kiss him. He slipped his hands into the top of her dress and lightly pinched her nipples as he kissed her back, pleased at her little gasp of surprise.

“The choker is your ‘public collar’, Pet, and I will want you to wear it when we go out unless I instruct you to do otherwise. You’re very welcome for the clothes. It pleases me greatly to dress you.” He smiled at her, looking her up and down. “Are you ready to go, Pet?” “Yes, Master”, she replied as he took her hand and walked her outside to the car.


The wind had picked up, she noticed. She felt the cool breeze against the naked skin on her chest and upper thighs as her dress was blown slightly. She felt her nipples stiffen both from the chill and the caress of silk against them. She stepped gracefully into the car as her Master held her door.

As they drove, she asked him where they were going. He said he was taking her to a restaurant that had been recommended to him. After that, they would go to a little party with some of the people from his private club. Her heart leapt. She had been to his club and had quite an experience there. She wondered what would happen this night, as she pushed her thighs together unconsciously.

“Pet, I want you to obey me tonight, no matter what, without question. Your immediate compliance to my instructions pleases me very much, and I expect nothing less from you.” She looked over at him quickly. “Yes, Master, may I ask?” “No, my pet, you may not ask anything. You are to trust me.” “Yes, Master”, she said with a shaky voice.

When they had arrived at the restaurant, the valet approached to open her door. As she swung her legs out, her dress hiked up, revealing her upper thighs. She blushed and pulled her dress down, knowing that her Master was probably very amused at the sight of the valet staring at her. She stood carefully and smoothed her dress down over her hips, hoping to keep it from being blown up in the ocean breeze. Her Master was instantly at her side, taking her hands in one of his as he put his other arm around her slim shoulders and led her to the door. She could feel the wind against her flesh as her dress blew around her thighs, knowing that anyone in the vicinity could see whatever was being exposed. She blushed as the moisture between her legs began to wet her thighs. Her Master watched her face, and her arousal was apparent. Her modesty was a constant source of excitement to him. He reveled in the fact that he could expose her at any time. He moaned involuntarily, pulling her more closely to himself as they entered the restaurant.

He walked behind her as they were led to a table. The restaurant was elegant and tasteful, she thought, just like her Master. In the candlelight, she felt fairly safe that her dress wasn’t transparent. Her Master noted, however, that as she walked by, eyes followed her. Her dress was clinging snugly to her body. With her cleavage exposed and her nipples clearly outlined against her dress, she was quite pleasant to look at. He loved it when others desired his slave, knowing she belonged only to him.

They were seated at a somewhat secluded table, as he had arranged beforehand. He sat across from her and took the wine list from the waiter. After they had ordered, he told her to pull her dress up from underneath her, and sit on the leather seat on her bare bottom. She blushed as she obeyed, becoming more aroused as he told her what to do. “Now, my pet, open your legs for me”. She felt somewhat alarmed, realizing that if anyone happened to look at her, they might see her naked sex under the table. She did as she was told, however, squirming a bit now. He watched her eyes as she struggled within herself to obey him. “Lean forward, now, let your dress gape open”. He saw her eyes become very wide as her face turned even a deeper pink. He reached for her hands and urged her forward slightly. She paused only for a moment before she obeyed, keeping her eyes on his. Her heart was thumping and her face became hotter as she waited for him to go on.

“Now, Pet, I want you to look beyond me, see if anyone has noticed how you are exposing yourself.” She felt tears threaten in her embarrassment as she followed his order and looked beyond him at the other patrons. She saw a couple of people averting their eyes as she looked up, knowing that they had been watching. A couple other men were surreptitiously watching her, still. And there was one man, who looked openly at her and smiled as her eyes met his. She felt paralyzed as she looked back at her Master, pleading with her eyes. He smiled at her and told her she may relax. He had planned ahead for this evening, and was already enjoying it immensely.

She quickly leaned back, trying not to be obvious as she tugged at the top of her dress, seeking to cover up as much as possible. Her Master grinned at her and told her to stop fidgeting, just as the waiter appeared with their food. “Thank you, will you please remove my slave’s cutlery? I will see to feeding her.” She sat stiffly as she vainly hoped for a hole to open up and swallow her. The waiter looked at her curiously, smiled and said “Yes, Sir, as you wish”, as he removed the slave’s silver and put it on his tray. “Will there be anything else, Sir?” the waiter asked. “Not at this time, thank you.” Her Master smiled at her deep blush and instructed her to move her chair next to his. He moved his entrée over to make room for her plate. She stood on very shaky legs and pulled her chair next to his and sat down. “Oh, Master, I?” she stopped. She realized she didn’t know what to say. Part of her was enjoying this immensely, but her upbringing and sense of dignity were at odds with her arousal. She found herself confused again.

“Let yourself go, my pet. Don’t think so much. Are you having a good time? Let me check,” he said as he slipped his hand under her dress and ran his fingers over her dripping wet cunt. He laughed as he put his fingers to her lips and watched her instinctively suck on them. “I think you are having a fine time, pet. I’m hungry, let’s eat.”

She watched him as he took a bite of his dinner. He cut a piece of meat and held it to her lips. “Open up, Pet, eat your dinner for me”, he said quietly. She opened her mouth and he slid the fork between her lips. He watched her chew, thinking that she even looked sexy while she was eating. He held her glass so she could sip her wine. She kept her hands in her lap and compliantly let him treat her as if she were a small child. She blocked out the conversational noise around her, and no longer cared if anyone was looking. Her Master continued to sensuously feed her from his own fork. She was flushed with arousal and pleasure. The food was exquisite, and she gave herself over completely to her Master’s whim. She didn’t even flinch when the waiter came back to check on them. She felt herself letting go, completely trusting her beloved Master.

When they had finished eating, her Master paid the bill and offered his hand to her. She took it and stood and he walked her back to the car.


“I’m very pleased with you, Pet. I know that was hard for you, but you were wonderful. Next time, you may want to relax and enjoy things more, though”, he said, laughing. She blushed with pleasure, “Thank you, Master, I’ll try to relax more.” She hadn’t forgotten that they still had a party to attend. She was determined to be better.

They drove for quite some time, finally arriving at a lovely Victorian style house. There weren’t a lot of cars, so she assumed that the party was small and intimate. She felt a little relief at that, for some reason. Her Master opened her door for her, led her to the front door and rang the bell.

A man answered and greeted her Master. “It’s very good to see you, Richard, and I remember your lovely slave”, he said with a smile in his voice. She wanted to look up and see who it was, because the only people who might know her as her Master’s slave were the people who had witnessed her ordeal as her Master displayed her for the first time at the club. She greeted the man politely as her Master introduced her, but kept her eyes lowered. They followed their host inside.

She looked up as they entered the house, and was as impressed with the inside of the house as she had been by the outside. They were led to a large room with couches and chairs surrounding an open area in the middle. There were some well-dressed people seated on the sofas and chairs, both men and women. As they stepped into the well-lit area, she remembered how revealing her dress was, and blushed a little. Without meeting anyone’s eyes, she sat primly next to her Master. She was introduced to everyone by name, and she courteously returned their kind greetings.

Her Master whispered to her that she might raise her eyes. She did so, seeing that there were six couples in the room. It was sort of quiet, and she wondered what kind of party this was. She was offered a soft drink, which she accepted since her mouth was getting dry at the anticipation of what might happen here.

Everyone was conversing in low tones. Her Master was speaking to a gentleman on his left. The slave sat quietly next to him, holding his arm, trying to relax. She noticed that some of the women were quiet, as she was. She wondered if they were slaves too.

Their host stood up and asked for their attention. “Thank you for coming tonight. For those of you who are new and don’t know the rules, I will explain the game.” Game? What game? She wondered what this was all about. She turned to her Master who was watching her, and as her eyes met his, he smiled and squeezed her hand for reassurance. She remembered his words, and began to relax. She trusted him.

He put his arm around her possessively as their host continued. “We will go around the room, and each of you will pose a challenge to your submissive. The best performance will determine the winner. The winner will get a reward. Shall we begin? We will start at this end.” The host gestured to a corner of the square of sofas and chairs that surrounded the empty floor space. The slave watched in anticipation, wondering what would happen next.

The first couple laughed at having been chosen first. The man turned to his submissive and challenged her to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants without the use of her hands. Everyone laughed and the submissive dropped to her knees with a big smile as she dramatically put her hands behind her back. She deftly used her tongue, teeth and lips to unbuckle her Master’s belt. She had a little trouble with the button on his pants, but the zipper was no problem. She lifted her arms in a “tada” gesture as she finished. There was good-natured applause as the Master arranged his clothing, and the submissive took her place next to him on the couch.

The next submissive was challenged to tie a knot in a shoestring with her tongue. The next submissive was challenged to deep throat a carrot. While all this was going on, the Master slipped his hand inside his slave’s silk dress and played with her nipple. She moaned quietly.

The next challenge was a bit more intense. The next slave was blindfolded and placed in the middle of the room, spun around, and told to remove her skirt and top and bring them to her Master, by finding his scent. That was an erotic sight, the slave half naked in black lingerie, stumbling from dizziness, and then becoming very still. The room was quiet as she focused. She slowly walked in one direction, concentrating, turning to walk in another, her face showing her intense concentration. As Richard’s slave watched the other slave, she became aroused, as her Master continued to tease her nipples. Her breathing became a little ragged and she completely forgot that she would soon be receiving her own challenge.

The blindfolded slave finally got down on the floor and crawled around the open space, finally resting her head in her Master’s lap. There was appreciative applause. Her Master smiled and took her blindfold off, but held onto her clothes. She would spend the rest of the evening without them.

Finally, her turn arrived. She looked at her Master, unable to keep the fear out of her eyes. What would he ask her to do? Her Master smiled at her and told the group how proud he was of his slave’s good training. He challenged her to demonstrate all the different slave positions as she had been taught.

She sighed in relief; this would be easy. She had certainly been drilled enough in this area. She stood up and began to assume the “inspection” position. As she moved her feet apart and lifted her arms to lace her fingers behind her neck, her Master said, “Stop. I want you to take your dress off. She felt paralyzed for a few seconds, and then realized that disobedience or delay would disgrace her Master. She removed her dress, keeping her eyes on her Master’s, and handed it to him. He smiled at her, nodding for her to continue.

As she moved into her first standing position, she tried to force her mind to be quiet, to relax and take pleasure from her submission. She was still trembling as she took the third position, but she never took her eyes from her Master, and she was able to continue. The room had become very quiet again. She took a deep breath and tried again to transcend the reality that others were present, and gracefully dropped to her knees. As she moved into the next position, she felt herself letting go, experiencing the moment in full, without the discomfort of awkward self-consciousness. She opened herself in the display position, held it for a few minutes, then dropped, prostrate and powerless, at her Master’s feet, her forehead resting on his shoes, in the final, and most submissive of postures.

He let her keep that position for an extra minute, knowing it might seem like forever to her, and then he touched the back of her head to signal her to rise. She stood gracefully and held out her hand for her dress. Her Master shook his head and gave her the hand signal to kneel at his feet. She blushed and dropped again to her knees, facing the center of the circle, very close to her Master’s legs, her hands resting on her thighs. As she lowered her eyes, she caught sight of a familiar face. It was the man from the restaurant who stared at her. Had he been here all along? She didn’t think so. Where had he come from, and why was he here? Again, she reached for the relaxed place in her mind, but she wasn’t experienced enough to be totally at ease in such an exposed and submissive state in front of strangers. She felt her lower lip trembling and fought back tears of embarrassment.

Her Master stroked her hair gently as the game went on. She was fairly oblivious of what was going on. She tried to focus on her posture and her Master’s petting hand. She was thankful that her eyes were lowered and that she couldn’t see the other guests.

Finally, the game ended. The host handed out little scraps of paper and pens to the Dominants to judge the competition, with the admonition that no one could vote for their own slave. She felt her Master’s hand leave her head as he wrote down his vote. The host collected the votes and made a great show of counting the votes. The final results were two votes for her, and four votes for the slave who had found her Master blindfolded. Her Master put his hand on her shoulder and told her to sit next to him. She obeyed, still without her dress, and sat next to him on the couch, snuggling closely. He told her how proud he was of her, and that she had performed flawlessly. She smiled in spite of herself.

The slave who won received a generous gift certificate for a fetish-clothing store. Their host then announced that she was to be rewarded for being runner up. She looked up at him wondering what kind of prize was in store for her. Her Master stood and walked to the host, which left her feeling the cool air in his absence, making her more aware of her nakedness. The host had a small gold box tied with a blue satin bow. “Thank you, Alan.” “Thank YOU, Richard. Your slave was quite entertaining. Please bring her again!” The other guests applauded politely and laughed a little. Her Master finally returned to her and handed her the box. She opened it shyly and pulled out a silver anklet adorned with bells. She thanked the host and looked to her Master for instructions. He smiled and whispered for her to try the anklet on. The little bells jingled, announcing her slightest movement. Her Master looked very pleased. He held out her dress and told her she may put it on. Gratefully, she donned the dress, and looked up to see the man from the restaurant staring at her, smiling.

She blushed and looked down, confused. Her Master saw the exchange and laughed softly and began to share with her what everyone else already knew. He had planned everything from beginning to end. The outfit he chose for her to wear was carefully chosen. The restaurant was peppered with his friends, who were instructed to keep her unbalanced and self-conscious. The challenge was planned, the guests knew about his testing of her. The presence of the man from the restaurant was to further keep her on edge. He was teaching her trust and obedience, and she had done very well. He smiled at her and squeezed her shoulder. “Never think that I would allow harm to come to you, slave, but you will be challenged. I have every confidence that you will meet every challenge with increasing zeal and competence. Well done, Pet.”

She looked at him in amazement and realized how much he controlled her, inside and out. He seemed to know how she would react. It was as if he could read her mind. She smiled at him, “Master, I am very happy that I was not a disappointment to you.” She began to relax against him when she realized that there would likely be many more challenges to come. Her heart beat a little faster at that thought, but she was more excited than frightened. As she shifted her weight, the bells on her anklet jingled softly.

– esclaveauteur –


Signature of the Whip


You take my breath away.

Last night i sat on the floor beside You, unable to take my eyes off Your handsome face. You had just played me, and i was purring with submissive bliss, relaxed and exhilarated, and then, i looked up at You. Your temples glistened with moisture, Your eyes gleamed with erotic power, and Your mouth was curved in an irresistibly seductive smile.

Incredulous, i realized that the most attractive man in the scene had chosen me.

You have no idea how much i love You.

Kiss of the Whip


Sometimes it is so difficult to be all i need and desire to be to You, and at the same time, satisfy my own needs. I want to give You the rest You need, but my body can be so demanding. I lay awake, hungry for Your touch, but unwilling to wake You. You sleep so soundly, that i am envious, but i can fill my time with many things – everything but what You give me.

You are my Master, Dominant, Sadistic Top, and i am Your slave, submissive, and masochistic bottom. We are all these things at all times, but sometimes our worlds collide, our personas emerge in ways that are not in sync. Like, when You need me to be Your submissive, prioritizing Your needs, but my bottom-self drives me, aching for attention, elevation, flight. I have to remember that each moment with You is a gift You share with me, and not a right i have, but it is hard when i am starving for a scene.

Last night i felt that way again, but slipped into my sub-conscious, and eventually my desperation was eclipsed by a soft, contented love, that i have gradually been learning is the uncharacteristic patience that is the hallmark of my submission.

Today You recognized my space, and filled the blank canvas of my desire with pain, laughter, tears and left me with the indelible signature of Your whip.

The Knot in the Whip


There is nothing like being whipped on a cold ass to instigate almost immediate hate for one’s Dom. The eroticism of the concept instantly is challenged by the intensity of the pain. And the stinging lashes come so fast and furious, there is no time to process what you are feeling.

I am reminded of this type of scene when Master reprimands and calls me to task for words or actions that i know in my heart were well-thought and innocent. I am taken unawares, slapped in the face abruptly without warning, and held accountable for sins i never realized i committed.

But i am His submissive and as such i am supposed to take it. I suppose i have consented to a certain degree of non-consensual pain by becoming His, but what hurts the most is being misunderstood.

Overall, i much prefer the whip.

My body, in the end, remains stronger than my heart.

I have never “flown” as a result of psychic pain, and i doubt i ever will.

I need and want to be ever more compliant, but sometimes, my heart and soul and mind decide for me that i must take a stand, even when agreeing and conceding would be by far the easier, and the “correct” path. Sometimes i feel that there is truly no right or wrong, but only vastly different perceptions. At these times, i feel as if mine is just as valid, and my integrity resists correction. And rebels against the certainty in Master’s voice that i am in error.

How can i apologize to His specifications, when i do not regard the matter as a case of right-or-wrong?

That is the unexpected dilemma that sometimes divides us.

The knot in the whip.

Dances With Whips


From out of the dark, he dances, casting serpents before Him, a contemporary Greek deity, malevolent and seductive. I am no Leda, He no swan, but the feral mating dance feels much the same.

The crack of the whips disrupt the rhythm of my heartbeat, though i am safe now, distant and watching, i recognize the sound as the irresistible lure of pain.

He comes in black, muscles moving over His torso, contracting and extending the length of His arms, strength in the wrists and hands transporting life to leather.

His hands, that know my body so well, i shiver…

From out of the dark, He dances, spinning and twirling His whips overhead, He comes toward me. I dare no retreat, though i know the demon that He is.

i am His consort, His Bacchante, my body pierced and embellished with the marks of ownership and pride.

Soon i will stand before Him, surrendered to His sadistic desires, relying on His expertise, intuition guiding His hand , as He plays with His trembling target, too proud to beg for mercy. Soon , i will be marked further, with the patterns of His whimsy.

He drags me to the make-shift cross, into His ring of fire. No restraints are needed – i am held there by a passion that knows no bounds.

From out of the dark, He dances. From behind my closed eyes i can see His spirit. i feel the air move, internalize the crack of the whip until at last my skin burns to its touch.

I feel invaded, violated, raw.

I feel loved, comforted, at home.

Taste of the Whip


It is all i can do not to touch myself when i am bleeding. Infallible, irresistible, sometimes i do. The smell of blood is so strong to me, so evocative, so erotic, as it brings to mind the rare and precious times You Yourself have made me bleed. What used to be the bright red flag of failure, the indelible signature of infertility has somehow reversed its meaning, and now it reminds me of the completion i feel, a compliant animal offering under the kiss of Your brutal whip.

I like to bring the taste to my lips as i like to inhale the scent of my arousal, and to bury my face in the perfume of your desire. Your pubes are redolent, herbal, spicy, appetizing, and even the bitter pungency of Your ass goes beautifully, with the right wine.

So when i eat You, i EAT You – i ingest Your essence into my body, and it blends with mine.

I am gourmet of all that is You.

MWvixen © 2000

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