The Keeper

Kerry was overjoyed to be hired by her large city’s zoo, one of the most famous zoos in the country, as an animal keeper. The job paid much better than her former veterinarian assistant’s job and held a lot more prestige. Plus, the chance to work with such a huge variety of animals thrilled her. Kerry had always loved animals of all kinds so this position was pretty much fit her dreams of her ideal job. The only thing she didn’t like much about the new position was the fact that she was the only female employee on the entire staff and, being an extremely attractive young woman, suffered from a variety of obscene remarks about “jiggly jugs” and “tight twats,” offers for disgusting sexual acts, and considerable breast and bottom grabbing and tweaking. She had not reported any of this to the management (her direct supervisor, a cynical man in his late 50s who looked much older, was one of the worst offenders) because she was desperate to hang onto this job and make it in the zoo. Once her position was secure, however, heads would start to roll.

In the past week, however, a lot of the harassment from her male coworkers had died down to stares, whispers and snickers, none of them hearable. The unwelcome pinches and grabs had stopped almost completely. Maybe someone had observed her unpleasant situation and reported it for her, was all Kerry could think. At any rate, she didn’t question the source of her new freedom from the men’s attention too much as she was so busy learning the duties of her new assignment in the primate section. Working with monkeys was a lot more demanding even than feeding the lions and tigers, she’d found, as these playful but strong little critters loved to leap onto her back (if they were small) and yank her hair out of its ponytail, throw food, straw and even feces at her, then screech and make faces at her clear annoyance, and in general make enormous pests of themselves. Only the gorillas were relatively sedate, but even they had their moments, like the time one squished an overripe, peeled banana onto the back of her pants, and she went about her duties all day without noticing anything was amiss.

Her male co-workers had laughed and pointed a lot more on that day than on others, and she couldn’t figure out why they kept asking her if she needed directions to the bathroom. Finally, she overheard the phrase “banana poop” associated with her name, and went into the woman’s restroom to check herself. Her face burned with shame when she realized she had been walking around with this black-brown pulp on her ass crack all day while the zoo was open and receiving customers. And not one of the staff had said a word to her about the embarrassing mess. Well, she’d get them someday. Until then she had to keep telling herself that it was just insecurity on their part: having their all-male domain invaded by a female. During her job interview she asked her supervisor if there were any other women on the staff and he had answered, “No, but there have been. But women don’t seem to have much commitment to this place – they don’t stay around long.” Now she knew why that was so. This place was a den–or rather a pigsty–full of chauvinistic and misogynistic pricks. But 26-year-old Kerry was determined not to let them break her spirit!

Late into her second week of working in the primate center, Kerry arrived at the zoo in a good mood. It was a cool, overcast day, and the facility was closed to the public for maintenance. She was looking forward to the relative peace and quiet and the chance she’d have to work more closely with the monkeys and get to know them better. She was already beginning to recognize certain “characters” by sight, and had given them her own pet names. Her favorite so far was “Hero,” the large alpha male chimp who was so aggressive toward his male competitors and his female harem but so obsequious toward her, the bringer of The Food. He was quite an appealing little nut, and actually acted hurt when she didn’t give him a “special” treat from the food bucket, before it was poured into the general bin. It was so amusing to watch the way the other male chimps vied for the females’ attentions when Hero wasn’t looking. They acted with as much guilty pleasure as a horny pubescent human boy might act if he had decided to break the incest taboo and rape his mother. The female chimps didn’t seem to mind: it was all sex to them, and the ones in estrus would offer their bright red rumps to anything remotely male-looking.

Kerry was surprised to see a group of her coworkers waiting at the door of the primate center after she finished making her feeding rounds. What had happened? Had a monkey died? Had one gotten loose? She looked inquiringly at them, but they simply stared back, rather insolently, she thought in annoyance. Her supervisor, who was in the group, finally cleared his throat and spoke up. “Uh, Kerry. Today we’re required to put on a special show for some rich folks who are coming out for a private viewing of the primates. We do this every once in awhile and their generous contributions provide the additional income that we need to keep this zoo one of the best in the country. We all expect you to do your best to entertain these folks, so they don’t go away leaving us empty handed.” (At the word “entertain” several of the men had guffawed in an ominous manner.) Kerry was baffled. “Well sure, I’ll cooperate, but I’m not sure I know how I can make feeding and watering the primates any more entertaining than it already is.” “Don’t you worry about that, Kerry-girl,” her supervisor said in mock-reassurance. “Just be your darling sexy self and everything should be just fine.” At this there were more sly chuckles.

Oh so that’s how it was, Kerry thought to herself angrily: as a pretty and shapely woman, she was as much a part of the “scenery” as the monkeys. Well, she could put up with this latest offence, but just barely. “Show me what you want me to do,” she ordered the supervisor rather curtly. “Right this way, ma’am,” he said, grinning widely. They walked together into the open chimpanzee cage, the group of men following. The last man in carefully shut and locked the door behind him. The chimps, unused to this sort of mass invasion, huddled at the far end of the cage in a group, hissing and screaming at the humans. Kerry wondered briefly why they were all coming along: her question was soon answered. “Come over to this blanket on the floor, Kerry.” She walked over to where her supervisor was standing. Curious, she hadn’t noticed those four metal rings bolted into the cement before, but there was one at each corner of the folded blanket. “Kerry, this is going to be your spot for the rest of today. This is where you’ll do your entertaining. Boys, it’s time: grab the stuck-up little cunt and strip ‘er.”

With whoops of lustful joy, the men complied. Suddenly she was surrounded by them, and to her shocked horror a couple of them grabbed her from behind while the ones in front set to work ripping her uniform off her. “Stop! What are you doing?” Kerry screamed as her large breasts in their bra bounced out of the top of her overall, which was quickly zipped down to her crotch. “Shut up, bitch!” one man snarled and slapped her hard, while another said, “Woo-wee! get a look at those hooters!” In a few seconds her bra had been cut off her body from behind and her bare breasts with their large nipples bounced out of their loose bra cups for all the men to see. “That fucking cunt is stacked!” someone who sounded like her manager said, after whistling in mock amazement. “The rich folk are in for quite a show today!” By now Kerry’s arms had been roughly jerked out of her coverall and the one-piece garment pulled down below her knees. “Pretty panties, baby!” she heard a man say. “Too bad they ain’t gonna be on you long.”

She blushed deeply as she once again felt a knife cutting the underwear off her hips and her shaved pussy and shapely ass came into view. “Oh man, I’ve been so wanting a look at that foxy little snatch ever since the bitch first started working here,” a bald black worker panted as he grinned into her horrified face. “Bald pussy, my favorite kind,” another replied. “Look at the fat ass she has on her!” someone behind her exclaimed “You could serve drinks on that thing!” Kerry’s shame and shock increased by the second, as did her terror. Along with the lewd comments the seven or eight men who surrounded her were roughly squeezing her breasts, running their hands possessively down her stomach and sides, pulling painfully on her pussy lips, and sticking an occasional rude finger up her anus. “Please tell me why you’re doing this to me!” Kerry pleaded as the men continued to maul her naked body and comment about it as if she were just another oblivious animal.

“We already told ya, Kerry darling,” said her supervisor with a sneer, “You’re the fat-assed, big-titted entertainment for our special high-paying audience. You’re the star of the show! Which reminds me, they should be arriving at any time, so let’s stop playing with her boys, and get her secured. We’ll have plenty of time to have our fun with her later, provided she isn’t snapped up like the last two gals were.” Kerry still couldn’t grasp what they were talking about, but she quickly found herself being dragged over the blanket and pushed onto it on her hands and knees. Her legs were quickly spread, very wide, and attached by metal cuffs to the rings at the back corners of the blanket. She was then pushed down onto her face (but not so far that her pendulous, hanging, breasts tipped by now-rigid nipples weren’t fully visible from the side) and her neck secured to a wooden board under the blanket with a leather strap that was nailed into place. Finally, her arms were stretched away from her body and forwards and again affixed with metal cuffs to the rings at the front of the blanket. Once she was secured the men backed off a little, but continued to sneer and make obscene comments. Kerry was sobbing by this time: “What are you doing? Why are you doing this to me?” “Figure it out, Kerry cunt,” was all the supervisor would say.

His pager suddenly beeped and he yelled, “OK men, quick now: feed the chimps and let’s get out. The guests are at the gate.” The men hustled about, quickly sweeping the chimp cage (but not too well, Kerry noticed from her position on the floor) and pouring food into the bins. Poor Hero!, she thought. He wasn’t going to get his special treat today. The men’s aim was finally clear to her: the people touring the zoo had paid to see a helpless naked human primate tied up in a provocative pose with the other animals. Those sick bastards! They will pay and pay and pay for this, she thought. She’d take this to the highest courts and point fingers at them all: zookeepers and rich customers alike. All she had to do was survive today in this ignominious position, and then, when they let her free, she’d get them GOOD. Fortunately for Kerry’s state of mind, it never occurred to her to think that after an incident like this, the “victim” couldn’t possibly be let loose to create a scandal for an important and rich zoo.

Just as the men were leaving she heard the supervisor say, “Shucks! I almost forgot the most important part!” Kerry heard his steps approaching her from behind and trembled. He wasn’t going to rape her right there in front of the other men, was he? Was this “entertainment” even more vile than she had imagined? A shockingly cold and slimy substance was suddenly rubbed vigorously into her exposed cunt, bottom crack and asshole. An awful stink arose as the supervisor’s hand lecherously felt her up as he rubbed the substance all over her rear quarters. What was this? Some new kind of lube?, she wondered in fear. Then his hand was gone and Kerry shut her eyes and prepared for the indignity that was to come: feeling her horrid employer’s filthy prick shoved up her pussy. But moments passed and nothing happened. “You’re all set, baby.” the supervisor finally said. “Remember, give ’em a good show!” He and the men laughed long and hard one more time and she heard his footsteps retreating to the barred cage’s door. The door creaked open and then closed (how well she knew that sound already!) and she heard the key turning in the lock. “Bye-bye, Kerry!” the men all said in unison. “Have fun!” With whoops and chuckles, their footsteps disappeared in the distance and all was quiet.

The cage that Kerry was in was a large circular affair set in the middle of the primate area with walkways and benches around all sides. People could get within three feet of the cage before they were stopped by a low chain. Warning signs around the cage told zoo visitors not to go beyond the chains or they would risk being hurt by the animals. The chimps lived in the center of the primate center all year round, which suited them fine, as they loved to be the center of attention and to show off for people in order to obtain the treats they’d throw. With the group of strange men gone, Kerry heard the chimps whimpering reassuringly to themselves. Pretty soon, they’d start to reclaim their territory. It suddenly occurred to her that these relatively small but extremely powerful and muscular creatures could do her a lot of damage. Now she heard scamperings and munchings in the direction of the food bins. Good, they were starting to feel more comfortable. “It’s OK babies,” she said to her former wards in the soft kind voice she always used with them. “The bad men have gone away, and you’re safe now, with Mama Kerry. It’s OK to come out now.” A couple of the more intelligent chimps responded to her with their own peculiar sounds. Maybe it was going to be OK. Maybe they would leave her alone, in fact, perhaps that’s why the reeking cream was placed on her: to keep the chimps at bay.

Kerry now heard footsteps of a largish crowd of people approaching the cage although she couldn’t see anyone as yet. Then she heard voices: cultured male and female voices, and extraordinarily relieved, she yelled “Help! Please come here and help me! I’ve been locked in the primate chimp cage and they may hurt me at any minute! Please call the police and go get help!” “My, my,” she heard a man’s voice say from directly behind her, “They certainly chose a well-endowed bitch this year. Look at the buttocks on that creature!” “She’s quite the plump piggy!” a female voice tittered disdainfully. “But compellingly attractive, don’t you agree?” “If you like them well-rounded, I suppose.” “Hey you people!” Kerry said again, loudly. “There’s been a mistake. Some very awful employees from this facility have locked me up in this cage and these animals are quite strong! If you don’t find a way to get me loose soon, they may really hurt me!” “Well, apparently she’s as clueless as the last one was,” the woman said to her companion in a dry tone. “Oh yes,” he replied. “It’s always so delightful when they finally realize their fate.” She could now see people approaching from the side of the cage that her head faced in.

When they were at a distance she could see them fully, but as they approached they turned into just feet and shins, clothed in rich fabrics and fine leathers. “Could someone PLEASE let me out of here?” Kerry sobbed desperately, terrified at the lack of response she’d gotten so far. “Ah, look at the poor sweet thing, she’s started to cry!” said a new female voice that didn’t sound the least bit upset about Kerry’s predicament. “She’s got a gorgeous face, another man said, “even when it’s puffy from crying.” “And look at those magnificent knockers!” said another male voice.

Kerry began to realize that this new group of men and women weren’t going to let her go. They didn’t sound the least bit interested in saving her, and ignored her pleas as if they were the grunts and screeches of the chimps. Speaking of which… In her efforts to get the peoples’ attention, she’d failed to notice that several chimps had approached her. But now she realized a few were snuffling and hooting quite close to her. She trembled in terror, and called out to them again, in a quavering voice, “Be good, babies. Be good to Mama Kerry who loves you!” Suddenly she felt an icy wet nose pressed onto her cunt. The owner of the nose began to screech excitedly and, to her increasing terror, she heard other chimps bounding over. All of a sudden she was circled by chimps, jumping, hitting their chests, and screeching with their teeth bared. “What has got them all excited?” she wondered.

The crowd, which she could see from her limited view was now quite large, murmured in excitement too, and pressed close to the cage. Some of the owners of those expensive shoes and rich trousers were even stepping over the low chain and coming right up to the cage edge. She wondered for a second if she should warn them of the danger, then she laughed bitterly inside at her “good keeper” instinct. These awful people had no intention of freeing her: they wanted to see her ripped to pieces by the chimps most likely. Why should she warn them that they might lose an arm or hand as well? “I hear they’ve been well-trained this year” someone in front of her said. “How do they train them?” a woman’s voice asked. “With plastic dollies, believe it or not,” he replied. “They go through about 200 of them during the training period.” Kerry had little time to think about these mysterious comments as the chimps were coming even closer, some touching her.

One leaped up near her face and boxed her on the ear! She could tell by his white chest markings that he was the one she’d christened “Fred,” an older male. As Fred drew back, Kerry’s glanced down his body, below the white hairs. Fred, she was surprised to see, was erect! His stiff, pale, oddly-shaped penis stuck up proudly for everyone to see! She didn’t think a monkey that old could still get it up: good for Fred! she thought. Then another chimp came into view: he too was a male, she noticed, and he too was firm and hard, his little penis pointing to the sky. What has got them so arou – OH GOD! She knew then! That cretin she worked for had rubbed her down, her ass and her cunt, with female chimp phermones! No wonder it was making the males erect! Another cold nose touched her pussy lips and she let out an inadvertent squeal. To her deep shame, the people surrounding the cage all started to laugh. What kind of game were these monsters playing with her? And then, Kerry, who did not have the quickest nor the most worldly of minds, finally figured it out. And when she did, she began screaming – sobbing at the top of her lungs, “GET ME OUT OF HERE! PLEASE! THIS IS UNCLEAN! I WILL GET DISEASED! OH DON’T DO THIS, PLEASE!!”

The crowd laughed heartily in response. Her screaming excited the chimps even more and they started yelling too and jumping crazily around the cage. All of them who passed her vision had erect cocks. Oh god, no! They’d taken all the females out of the cage! Why hadn’t she noticed that before? She was the only female in a cage of horny male chimps being driven crazy by the smell that emitted from her bottom and cunt. Only their natural fear of humans had kept them off her so far, Kerry realized.

But this situation did not last long. The large body of the alpha male, Hero came bounding up to her face. He bent down to her level, turned his head sideways in a quizzical fashion that would have been humorous were she not trapped naked with her attractively reeking ass in the air. Hero continued to look at her for a few moments, making his funny chimp faces the whole time. Then, to her surprise, he grabbed her nose and wiggled it! He seemed to laugh as he did so. Suddenly he was gone, bounding behind her and the horrible, the impossible, happened. She gasped as she felt Hero’s tiny prick, which was quite large by chimp standards, sliding into her spread pussy. The crowd started to cheer and clap. “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!” she screamed in mortified horror, but all that elicited was laughter from them, and screeching from the chimps. The secondary males gathered round as they watched Hero humping her. She closed her eyes in shame, but through her closed eyelids she could see the flash of cameras going off.

Someone behind her and to the left was giving a person with a video camera directions: “Zoom in on his little prick now. Try to catch it actually entering her hole. Now slowly zoom out to show the whole tableau, and leave it like that for the next two minutes. When you zoom in again, do so on her tear-stained face. The customers love to see the sluts crying with shame.” Kerry’s misery was complete. She was being filmed from all angles, she was being photographed as the chimp raped her, and there was a live disdainful audience of people, who, if she had met on the street would have given her a polite nod or asked her the time of day. But instead, in this circumstance, they were laughing, cruelly and lustfully, at her obscenely arched hindquarters, as she was raped from behind by a chimpanzee.

She thought it couldn’t get any worse. But it did: Hero, his attention span as short as ever, pulled out of her suddenly and started running about the cage. Immediately her rear end was the battle ground over which a number of the beta males fought. First one beta, then another, would stick his prick in her, grab her around the waist, and start to hump, only to be pulled off by two or three impatient others. Then the next lucky chimp would slide himself in, hump a little, then get pulled off. The chimps who were too nervous to fight for the action behind her were huddled close to her, smelling her, licking her face, playing with her body. One chimp started a game: he pushed her tits from the side as hard as they would go. A chimp on her other side pushed them back. The first chimp screeched in excitement and pushed them again. Although her humiliation had been intense, this was the first pain Kerry had felt from the chimps. Their sharp little nails dug into the sides of her large breasts, and they pushed so hard that her chest was strained from all the weight flopping around.

Suddenly the chimps all scampered away from her, all except the one currently humping her, that is. Hero had bounded up to her, and again was looking quizzically at her face. He had a half eaten banana in his hand and shoved it at her mouth. Kerry was touched. He wanted to feed her! “Thanks, Hero, thanks baby,” she said softly, then started to cry at this strange act of kindness. She licked the end of the banana, but didn’t actually bite it because the skin was still on: Hero liked his unpeeled. Hero again thrust it at her face, and when she didn’t take a bite, he pulled a piece of the pulpy fruit out of the skin and carefully rubbed it all over her face and lips. The crowd laughed and laughed at this, but Kerry felt only fondness for Hero during that moment. “He’s feeding his hot little bitch so she doesn’t collapse on him during the middle of a fuck!” someone said cruelly. Kerry ignored it though, and reveled eyes shut, in the blissful sensual feeling of soft rotten banana being spread across her face.

As quickly as Hero had come he was gone, and Kerry opened her smeared eyes in surprise, trying to see what had happened. Then suddenly she felt his sharp little prick pressing into her bottom crack at her anus! “No Hero!” she said sternly. “Hero bad! Go away, bad Hero!” She tried to wiggle her bottom out of position as she scolded him, in the hopes he’d drop back down to her cunt. But no such luck. He screeched at her again, angrily this time, and slapped her hard four times on the ass. Then he began pushing more persistently at her asshole and suddenly, oh god, he was in! And it hurt! Kerry had never had anything larger than a thermometer inserted in her anus before. Even the relatively small Hero was enormous next to that. She screamed and squirmed, which only served to excite Hero, who humped her up the ass, harder and harder. Suddenly, in the midst of the pain, she felt him spurt inside her, and she groaned in intense humiliation. Once again, she heard the crowed talking excitedly about Hero’s performance, and “how much it hurt the proud little cunt!” Hero, now limp, pulled out of her ass, and licked a little at the cum that started to drool out. Then he fondly gave her labia a hard tweak and bounded off for the food bins.

Once again, the beta males assaulted her. This time, however, most of them were entering her ass, as they smelled their leader’s cum which dripped from it. The pain of each ass rape by a new chimp was worse than the one before, as she started to get scraped and raw. At the same time as one chimp would be humping her, others would be yanking on her hair, scratching her back with their sharp nails, sitting on her ass, licking her face, playing with her cunt lips and batting her tits around. One young male, to the crowd’s roared delight, pulled one of her tits out from beneath her and began to fiercely suckle and nibble at her nipple. Kerry’s torment continued until all the chimps were completely satisfied, and no longer came up behind her for seconds or thirds or fourths. Several of them, including Hero, fell asleep next to her, their coarse hairy bodies pressed against her soft skin, their arms wrapped possessively around a thigh or breast. Kerry, of course, couldn’t sleep in the terribly uncomfortable position she was in and with all the pain in her backside. She was sure she was bleeding from the anus, and several chimps had pulled her labia so hard she thought they had been torn. She lay there quietly as the crowd began to leave in ones and twos. She was surprised that she could still continue to blush as the people continued to talk about her as if she were an animal herself, and discussed the spectacle she had made.

Finally, after everyone had gone, she heard the cage door being unlocked and creaking open. The sleeping chimps awoke instantly and once again bounded to the end of the cage farthest from the door. “You are a very lucky little cunt!” she heard the familiar voice of her supervisor say. “Normally, what happens to a slut like you after the show is over, is that we men all take turns raping your holes with our much larger and meaner pricks and then we take the males out of the cage and let the females in to finish you off. Those females are already scared and starved when they’re let back in, we see to that, and when they smell their men all over you, well, it isn’t long before you’re spread all over the cage in little bloody pieces. We have a hell of a time washing away the evidence the next day. That spectacle is videotaped too, of course, and sold to a different sort of customer.” Kerry felt suddenly like retching.

“But you’re one lucky bitch tonight. Someone with his own private zoo sees potential in you and wants to buy your slutty body from the zoo and use you to satisfy more exotic critters – in front of appreciative audiences of course. So you’ll go off to your new life as the bitch of any animal who wants to fuck you. You will live there until he tires of you, and then I suppose you’ll either be sold to someone else, or used in an amusement similar to the one we had planned for you at the hands of the female chimps.” The supervisor laughed long and hard before he continued. “Before I unshackle you and lead you naked (you’ll probably never wear clothes again, you proud little cunt!) I want to give you one last token of my regard for you, Kerry. You earned us so much money today, after all, that I would be remiss in my duty in not showing you our appreciation.” With that, Kerry’s former supervisor walked over to where her face lay, still bound by the strap around her neck.

She heard him unzip his trousers, and again believed she knew what was coming: the asshole wanted a blowjob from her before she left his foul clutches. Well, as soon as his cock got anywhere near her teeth, it would be mincemeat. She steeled herself for the moment, but instead of sensing him bending closer toward her, she suddenly felt a stream of hot, stinking liquid hitting her face. Her supervisor, as his parting shot, was pissing all over her. Kerry, who could not turn her face away, shut her eyes, and moaned once again in the throes of deepest humiliation. The moving stream of hot piss, as it soaked her eyes, nose, cheeks, and mouth, steamed in the cold evening air.

The End

© 2003 Unda. Crucia. Eximius.

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