The Meeting

The Meeting

At 4:00 p.m. the phone rings and it is You, my Master. You tell me to be at our meeting place by 6:00 p.m.

i’m to wear a long, loose skirt, with no underwear, and a loose fitting sweater or blouse, not tucked in.

You also instruct me to be squeaky clean and freshly shaven.

When i arrive, promptly at 6:00, You take me in Your arms, kiss me tenderly, and then instruct me to lay on the bed, with my legs toward the side, my knees bent and legs spread….making me completely accessible for whatever You have in store. i see You walking toward me, something in Your hands i’ve never seen before. You stand between my legs, and i feel Your fingers gingerly opening me up and exposing my clit, which is already responding to Your touch. You begin to pinch my clit until it begins to swell. Then without warning, You apply something to my throbbing clit – it’s not uncomfortable, just unfamiliar. You then open the lips of my pussy. Just on the inside, You seem to be pressing something against the inner lips.

You stand back to take a look at Your handiwork, and as i see a smile cross Your lips, i feel a quick, sharp “sting” to my clit and pussy. It startles me, and a small scream escapes my lips. i look into Your eyes, questioning, silently pleading that You not do…

Before i can finish the thought, i feel the shock again…and again i see that smile on Your lips. Looking into my eyes, You tell me i am to embrace the feeling, and i am NOT to react to the sensation.

You take my hands and help me to my feet, explaining to me that we are off on an adventure.

A test of my submission to You.

We walk along the Waterfront Park, which is filled with people enjoying the sunset. As we walk You say very little, but You put Your arm around my waist as if to steady me for what’s ahead. You lean over and whisper in my ear, “Feel it, my Pet. Embrace it. But do NOT visibly react.” Your voice is soft, yet stern. You leave no doubt that my ability to obey and respond as commanded is to be a sign to You of my complete submission to Your will. With no particular rhythm, You apply the “sensation” to my now throbbing clit and pussy. The intensity is varied, as is the pattern of the shocks. Try as i might, at first my body reacts against my will.

Each time i sense Your arm around my waist giving me support and the strength to conquer these reactions. With each application, however, i find myself more able to control my outward reactions; trying to do as commanded, feel and embrace the sensations that make my clit engorged and my pussy wet with desire. While inside my mind is screaming for release, outside i show minimal signs of the sensations shooting though me. You seem pleased at my struggle to do as You commanded. Sensing Your pleasure, i am overcome with a sense of pride and resolve to always make You proud of Your Pet.

We stop at a crowded bar with a small dance floor. What i really want is to go back to our place, but You’re not ready to give me what i want… not yet. A slow song comes on. You take my hand and lead me to dance. As our bodies touch, You again use the controls to send shocks through my already aching clit and pussy. The feelings pulsing through my body and the closeness of You are almost more than i can stand. i feel weak to my knees with wanting to please You, my Master. As we dance, and i feel the nearness of You, You increase the intensity of the shocks until i quietly beg You for release. You whisper in my ear, “In due time, my Pet.”

When the song ends, You see someone You know and invite him over to chat for a minute. i begin to feel a sense of panic, wondering how i will keep my reactions hidden from someone so close to us. You introduce me to Your friend, and as our hands touch in a friendly shake, You send the strongest shock yet shooting through me. my hand trembles and my body sways slightly. Your friend places his other hand on top of mine, as if to steady me, and asks if i am okay. You pull me to Your side and explain that my weakness apparently comes from the fact that we haven’t had our dinner yet. You talk several minutes longer, “torturing” my clit and pussy, and smile when You notice my grimace, trying to control my reaction. You sense my relief when You explain to Your friend that we really must be going.

As we walk out of the door, You tell me i have done well. You are very pleased with my efforts and my resolve to obey You. “Such good behavior deserves a reward,” You say.

A reward?

i begin trying to imagine just what You might have in store for me, and find myself lost in thoughts… i see myself kneeling before You and taking You in my mouth. My tongue circling Your cock, sucking You and teasing the head of Your cock with my tongue and teeth, taking You all the way in my mouth until i can feel Your hardness touch the back of my throat. my greatest pleasure would come from watching Your face when You explode in my mouth, and for the first time i am able to do as You command and swallow Your cum….

Before i realize it, we are stepping inside the door to our place. i stand there hoping You will tell me to take You in my mouth. Instead, You lead me to the bed. You remove the electrodes, after applying one final, intense shock that makes me whimper from pain and pleasure. You tell me to lie back on the bed.

You take my arms and secure them over my head with restraints. Then You tie my legs, at the knees, to the sides of the bed, and my ankles to the foot of the bed, leaving me completely exposed and open for You to use in whatever way pleases You. You kneel over me, and as You apply the gag You look into my eyes and say, “And now, my Pet, the REAL fun begins.”

– Kay –

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