The Peeper, part 4

After the fourth movie, the drive-in closed and most of the cars left, many stopping and honking as they drove past our vehicle, as Greg had put me up on the roof again, on my hand and knees with my back arched, back legs spread, and head held high like a show dog’s. Then when most people were gone, I felt the car turn on and with me still on the roof it drove slowly down to the stage that the enormous screen rested on. The bright lights were pointing directly at the screen, probably to indicate to people that that show was over. Greg ordered me down off the car and then told me to climb up on the stage. “Why?” I asked, and for my answer got such a hard slap that it almost knocked me down. “Just do it,” he said with this strange ugly smile on his face. The stage was too high for me to get up to on my own so he boosted me up. “Stand up!” he ordered me once I was there and I did, in some confusion. The shadow of my body loomed up enormously on the movie screen, I noticed to my embarrassment. The few people that were left in the lot had driven their cars close to the stage, almost as if they were expecting this. A few of them had set up cameras on tripod pointed directly at me.

I looked away just in time to see Greg scrambling up on the stage next to me. “Ladies and Gentlemen,” he said loudly to the relatively tiny crowd of several hundred people who were staring up at my naked body. “Thank you for coming to my special show tonight. With me here is XXX who lives at YYY apartments on ZZZ street (He was identifying me to them all again! Oh god! I would have to leave town!). She’s just a girl I fuck, nothing special, but this obedient little perverted slut will do anything I say and tonight I say she’s going to be raped by two very large dogs in front of all of you and in front of your cameras, if you brought one. She’s never fucked a dog before and I don’t think she’s going to find the idea a very pleasant one, are you dear?” he asked me while still talking to the audience. “Are you joking?” I asked. “No, honey, see, here they come right now,” he said pointing and from behind the movie screen at one corner came a leering man led by two eager Great Danes on leashes.

Well, Greg was right about what I thought of this idea. There was just no way I was going to let a filthy lower animal use my body in that way. “YOU FUCKER!” I screamed in rage and hurt, and began dashing down the stage toward the far end, away from the approaching dogs. Greg laughed and came running after me and brought me down with a tackle just before I reached the edge. He then gathered up my thick long hair and pulling it, pulled me on my back down the stage toward its center where the guy with the dogs had stopped and was staring at us in amused disbelief. I was screaming “No! NO!” and wiggling and kicking my legs and trying to get Greg’s hands free of my hair to no avail. The bastard was just too strong, and to the roars of laughter from the crowed I was dragged to my doom.

Honestly, at that time I could think of nothing worse, nothing more degrading than having a dog fuck me, and fuck me in front of a crowd of strangers, no less! “Look Greg,” I said through clenched teeth, “if you do this to me, my mind could break. This is far past anything I can bear.” Greg just shrugged. “Sorry, babe, I really am,” he said, staring at me with those honest baby blues, “but I promised these people a show and I can’t back out now.” “Couldn’t YOU or even some stranger just fuck me for the show?” I asked, beginning to sob heavily. “No, that’s old and boring, and I promised them a special show.” “How could you do this to me?” I asked him through my tears. “Don’t you remember, honey?” he said, almost kindly. “You’re my bitch.” His words brought back that revealing talk we had had (was it really just a week ago?) and I nodded, finally bowing my head and my spirit to the inevitable. “First we want you to warm up your new friends with that talented mouth of yours,” Greg said loudly for the audience. “Go on, honey – get acquainted with your two sires!” I knew what he wanted me to do, but even the thought made me gag. Still, I forced myself to crawl on hands and knees over to the first dog, find his still-small penis amidst his fur and hand job it a little until it started to stick out. I decided at that moment, just before I put my mouth on his strange-looking red dog’s cock, that since I couldn’t escape this horrible experience, I’d do my very best to do what Greg wanted, and put on the best show that I could.

And I did put on a great show for these people, but not in the way that I had thought I would. For one thing, putting a dog’s smelly foul penis into my mouth was particularly hard. As long as I didn’t think too much about what I was doing and just went through the motions of sucking on something until it got hard, I was OK. But at one point my tongue brushed over the weird little narrow tip and that did it: suddenly I was aware that I had an animal’s penis in my mouth, I was aware of the foul smells and the possibility of its cumming while I was sucking on it, and I got horrible nauseated. I turned my head toward the side (unfortunately it was the side with the audience) and threw up the little that was in my stomach. There was a ripple of cruel laughter and then applause for that act – I learned later from Greg, that it was an enormous turn on for many of the audience and that it was particularly exciting when I turned back after throwing up to the object that had roused my gorge and reluctantly sucked it again.

When Greg judged the dirty thing was aroused enough, he made me get on the stage on all fours on top of a wide footstool. I had to lay my head on my arms on the footstool so my ass jutted up into the air. The dog was helped to mount me but it was so enthusiastic that it didn’t know what to put its enormous cock at first. It poked hard at my thighs and buttocks until it finally found my slit and then plunged home vigorously. God, it was huge! It stretched me more than any man had, including Greg the Large. And its dick was so long that soon it was banging quite hard against my cervix. I shut my eyes imagining how this must look from the outside and felt such intense mortification that I thought I would never be able to move again. There’s something truly terrible about having to submit to a dumb animal, something so grotesque and perverse at its cock using me, my body, to get off sexually. I began to cry, and as my face was toward the audience, they noticed and murmured in what sounded like appreciation.

I cried harder, of course, when Greg and the man who had brought the dogs tried to get the first Dane’s knot in me. They pushed and pushed but the damn thing was three times the width of the rest of its thick shaft and rock hard: it just wouldn’t fit. Their struggles and the way it kept slipping out and I kept shrieking in pain caused most of the audience to howl with laughter. “Don’t worry,” Greg told the audience. “I have an idea on how to make the second dog’s fit.” Finally with a loud growl and a near-bite to my shoulder the first Dane came inside me. It took it about ten minutes to complete dump its load and only then did it come out of me, and of course the sperm, being that there was so much of it, dripped down the edges of my cunt and onto the stage. “I’ve never seen that dog cum so long,” said the man who’d brought it thoughtfully. “He must really be enjoying you, honey!” I heard moans from several men in the audience when the dog came in me and knew that they were orgasming too, probably at the thought of how humiliated and brought low I was to have to pleasure an animal in this way. I got just a tiny bit turned on thinking about this too, and the fact that I could be aroused so much at my own degradation made me cry all the harder.

When the first dog finally dismounted it got a huge round of applause. I was ordered by Greg to stay where I was and the dog owner immediately brought up the second Dane, whom he had, thankfully, semi-aroused himself. Greg whispered something to the man and he laughed hard and said “Sure!” I felt the second Dane mount me much as the first had, wildly stabbing at rear with its semi-erect dick. But then I felt the man’s hand guiding the dock’s prick and where should he guide it to but my.. god no! My anus! The man held the dog steady so it was able to thrust inside my ass even though it wasn’t fully hard and his hands also helped the still-soft knot to enter my anus as well. By grunting and pushing on one end and then the other he rather expertly got the knot fully inside my asshole after which was just left a little bit more of shaft (which the dog, now much harder) quickly buried up me) before we got to its balls. All of this, of course, was excruciatingly painful, that dog being the biggest thing I’d ever had up my rear end. And it was getting bigger by the second as it swelled in arousal.

It moved in short vicious jerks: short because it could now not get its own swollen knot out of me; vicious because it was attempting to get some friction from my anal ring, which made me dizzy with pain. I started screaming and trembling and pleading with Greg to take it out of me and didn’t stop the whole time it was thrusting into me. Greg was sitting cross-legged on the stage in front of my face just looking at me and smiling. He eventually knelt up and stuffed my screaming mouth onto his cock and thrust deep down my throat, face-fucking me even more viciously than the dog fucked me. He made me look up into his eyes as the dog started cumming and then he came deeply down my throat, as he did, calling me a dirty little animal and a dogfucker. The Dane took its sweet time filling my ass with cum, just as the first one had filled my cunt, but at least it wasn’t moving anymore except for a occasional tiny quiver and that brought my pain level down considerably. I was just whimpering by the time they pulled it out of me although I did scream again loudly as the still semi-hard knot popped out. For the last part of the show I had to bend over, my back to the audience and spread my cheeks so that they could watch and film the doggy sperm dripping out of both my holes.

As people started to pack up and leave, several of the men stopped by Greg to ask him if they could “borrow” me for a day. He told them he’d consider any generous offers and I shuddered in fear. What filthy things might they make me do? Greg gave me a towel to dry off with when most of the crowd had left, but then made me get back on all fours on the stage so he, his friends, the guy with the dogs and a few other strangers from the audience could all use me. When it was finally all over, I was trembling not just with exhaustion but with the knowledge of how I’d been used all evening, just like a whore: my body displayed to hundreds of strangers, my private parts fondled by dozens of horny young boys, my dignity completely robbed with first, the nude walk to the concession stand, and second with the dog rape. More then ever I knew myself to simply be Greg’s thing, his toy, his bitch…and nothing more. Something less than human who could be used in inhumane ways. Surprisingly, these thoughts that had me trembling in horror at my possible fate also aroused me intensely. For the first time that night I really wanted to cum, and Greg, noticing my naked squirming in the car, guessed what was up and ordered me to masturbate in front of his friends.

To my never-ending shame, I did so without a second thought for how demeaning this was and how humiliating an act I was performing. I orgasmed two or three times to his and his friends lewd laughter then, just before we got to my street, I was allowed to put my clothes back on. To my disappointment, Greg left with his friends to go drinking. I could have used some company and reassurance tonight. It was difficult walking up the stairs: I was trembling and dizzy. I was still shaky thinking about what I had proven beyond a shadow of a doubt: that I was just a submissive whore who’d do the most perverse and self-demeaning acts simply to please a cruel and mostly uncaring man who controlled me. This is what I had been reduced to by letting the Peeping Tom into my life and I knew that night, for certain, that I could not fight it. I could not fight his control over me. I had tried my best tonight and failed. As soon as I shut and locked my apartment door, I threw off the clothes I had worn so little that night. I was too tired even to shower off the dog and man smell that was on me everywhere. I lay down in my bed, sheet up to my chin, unable to sleep. I simply relived the experience over and over again in my mind. A couple of times I cried.

I must have dozed off because the sensation of the mattress moving under me woke me. “Wha–” I started to say but it was stifled by a heavy hand over my mouth and a “Shh!” Greg rolled me over so that my back was facing him and fucked me very hard and fast from behind, keeping his hand over my mouth the entire time. I tried once to struggle away and was cuffed so hard on the ear for that that I didn’t dare move the rest of the time. He came in less than five minutes, and a few seconds later I heard him snore. “Wait I whispered, now that his hand had slipped down off my mouth. “Why are you here?” “Girlfriend… kicked me out for the night.” he mumbled, more sleeping than awake. “For staying out so late. Told her I was going to Gary’s.” Then he was off to dreamland again. Well, I thought to myself, suddenly drowsy, as I snuggled my ass back closer toward his pelvis, taking care not to let his cock slip out of me, this isn’t exactly the form of reassurance that I wanted, but it was better than nothing. Much better than nothing, in fact.

The End

© 2003 Unda. Crucia. Eximius.

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