Visit to Maria (4/2000)

Visit to Maria (4/2000)

I arrived at Maria’s at 6:30pm on Easter Sunday. Her family was still there (daughter, hubby and kids) so basically Sunday evening was uneventful. We had both written hoping desperately for instructions or some kind of directions considering we both had never experienced that particular event. The last word I had received required me to whip her with her new whip she had bought on instruction I presume from her Master. I was also to degrade her – make her scream, and tape it for her Master. Also assuming he would forward it to mine since I had been made aware that my Master was very busy and unavailable until further notice.

There was also an added twist – a friend of mine from WA – James, was to take a bus to Olympia and we were to pick him up Monday night. He was going to assist us in some experiences (i.e. cameraman, blowjob, etc) in which he had agreed to do as he was told prior to his coming.

Monday morning, after waking and getting showered and ready to perform the first task, we checked email to see if any further instructions were available and since they were not – even though both of us were unsure of how to proceed, the desire to do the best we could in order to please her Master and in return mine, we knew we had to do it. While checking email, I received an email from a Dom in Santa Paula, CA with a request for me to call him – which I did. I had not heard from him since last year when he became involved with a sub of his “dreams”. We talked a bit and I told him what I was doing there and of my insecurities. He was kind enough to give me some tips/instructions on how to complete this task for her Master.

We finally realized it was getting late and her husband would be home in a few hours so we decided to face the situation. Since I had not been instructed to disrobe or experience anything, I instructed the slave to disrobe, lay across the bed, while I focussed the camcorder. There was some difficulty there, but then I saw the record message and green arrows and I began whipping and degrading the slave. (Just a note: it was very difficult for me to achieve this task since I do not have dom tendencies and probably a bit too soft hearted, because it brought tears to my eyes to hurt her, and say things to her, but I did it, that was what I was told to do). I began to worry about the welts raising on her back and ass after about 40 minutes, so I stopped. I never did make her scream.

When I went to the cam to turn the rec off, we realized it had not recorded. So, I took her immediately to the web cam to take pics of her back and ass to send to her Master, with an explanation that technical difficulties and my inexperience prevented the tape from being shot and hoped the pics would suffice until we could do it over tomorrow with James helping on the cam, to make sure the record was recording.

As soon as she was able to sit down and get dressed, we emailed a note with pics and then left to pick James up at the bus station in Olympia. After we picked him up, we stopped at a couple taverns so that I could shoot some pool – to practice for my time with Master Allen at the tournament in Oregon. About 9:30pm we went back to the slave’s home talked and we were very tired. James was to sleep in the slave’s room with us, but he opted to sleep on the recliner. The slave went to bed and I told James I needed to go to bed (Note: James’ story why he was there for the slave’s husband’s benefit was under the guise of being my boyfriend – surprisingly, no questions were asked of that explanation). James asked me if I would stay up and talk with him – although he did not talk much, but he did start saying he was uncomfortable with what was going to happen the next day – it ended up we talked until 4:30am.

I slept on the couch next to the recliner and he slept on the recliner, but he did attempt to play with me – no bodily secretions were exchanged due to the fact that I had been instructed not too by Master Allen since he wanted me sexually tight when he met me the following Weds.

I was the first to awaken, took a shower and got dressed, waiting on the others. As they woke up, we talked some more. It was at this time, we realized that James was not going to cooperate with us and help us with any part of the task for that day. He did however double check the cam to make sure it was working and then left the room – would not enter the room with the slave naked. Since I had no instructions, the slave, I decided to wing it, and I was not told to be naked so I was clothed, she was the only one that experienced the whip, degradation.

She decided she wanted to try to take her large dildo (11″) and try fisting. I felt she had done so well that I introduced her first to a couple of my favorite toys so that she could orgasm intensely before trying the others since it was my experience with her in a prior session that her cunt was extremely tight.

I also made a bouquet of flowers on her breasts with miniclothespins and whipped them as well with the mini clothespins still attached. After that, I gave her an orgasm, which brought her ass about a foot off the bed (smile). After checking her, I felt she was wet enough to begin her struggle with the large dildo. I did have to apply more lubricant to it, and at first it only went in about 4 inches (Note: tape is rolling and this is being recorded). When I told her what she had taken, she begged me to do it again – she wanted to take it all, to show her Master since she believed that was what he wanted. So I started again forcing more and more inside her, each time – although I did get her to yell out a bit on that – the next check, I showed her she had taken well over half of it and she wanted to do it again, wanted me to cram it inside her to where she took it all, so that is what I did and she took all but the very last inch.

Next, she wanted to try fisting, so I started out with 2 fingers and they slipped right in there with no problem, so I added another and another until I had 4 fingers and almost to my knuckles inside her – she was screaming now, saying she did not want to do that, so I stopped and then while we were talking, she begged me to try again – she had no other thought but to please her Master, I was very proud of her and got caught up in the emotions, feeling that I had to make sure she pleased him, that became my objective also knowing that if her Master was pleased, then perhaps mine would be as well with at least the effort being put forth.

I started out again until I was at the point before and although she was crying out, she didn’t want to stop, so I proceeded and pushed past the canal until it was too much for her – she was very close to being fisted completely, but couldn’t handle it, so we stopped, but I showed her what she had taken and told her I believed with some work, it would not be long before she could handle it. This was almost an hour session and we had to stop because her husband was expected home soon and my arms were giving out. So I cleaned up the toys while she cleaned herself up (Note: I couldn’t resist trying her big dildo first though, just to see if I could sit on it and I could but not very comfortably). We checked the tape and discovered that the previous day’s technical problems had also lent themselves to this tape – because James was unwilling to cooperate, intermittently through this tape, the focus on the zoom went out so the quality of the tape was poor, yet I felt it was presentable, the majority of it was ok, what was recorded that is.

The next morning, I got dressed to meet Master Allen in Oregon, while the slave drove James to his bus. I took extra pains to make sure Master Allen’s first impression of me would please him. I wore a black velvet dress just below my knees, split up the back, black hose, black velvet high heels (4″), and a tan and black suede blazer. I had my chains on and inserted the pool balls he had made me – I was to keep them inside me while I drove to meet him until I was told to take them out.

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