Foot Worship

I love to have my feet stroked, massaged, fondled, caressed etc etc oh and they can be put to more interesting uses…I’d not really even thought of feet as being particularly sexy until quite recently. Immodest as is sounds I actually love the way my feet look and enjoy painting my toe nails. But just why are feet inherently sexy, why do millions literally worship feet? Are some feet sexier than others? I’d be interested to know more.

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.For the foot fetishist this certainly holds true.There are literally different strokes for different folks. I have known foot fetishists who languish over long, finger-like toes and very large feet on a woman. I have also known foot fetishists who crave small, delicate feet with perfectly red shelaqued toenails. Some are content to simply be in the visual presence of the beloved foot; while others require a more tactile, visceral experience of their object of worship.

Some enjoy licking and sucking on a filthy,dirty fragrant just plain funky foot, while others prefer pieds sparkling clean, creamy soft, and freshly pedicured. Some fetishists go bananas for a tidy, well-heeled stilletto; they are fond of caressing the sharp heel and pointed toes with their lips and tongues. Still others prefer their feet hot-off-the-track in a 3-year-old pair of Nikes or Adidas.

I’ve had requests by foot fetishists asking if I would rub my bare feet in dirt or manure and allow them the pleasure of worship afterwards. There are those who enjoy other activities or worshiping other body parts in addition to feet, and then there are those who are foot-worship purists. I’ve often found that foot worship paired with a nice, warm golden shower from the Mistress is a delectable treat that few slaves would deny.

Personally, I enjoy a very long, relaxing foot massage followed by extensive oral play on my sensitive toes followed by my allowing the lucky slave to drink a few drops of my delicious piss. Sometimes I like to throw in a little facial smothering and leg worship, too. It just depends on my mood and how I am feeling about my submissive.

So as you can see from my brief synopsis, there are as many flavors of foot fetishists as there are colors in the rainbow.

Yours Truly,

The Domme

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