Double Evil Nipple Device by Athena Fatale

Double Evil Nipple Device by Athena Fatale

I love nipples. LOVE them. Obsessed with them really. Big nipples, tiny nipples, pierced nipples, third nipples…. I can’t keep my hands off of them! So many nerve endings bundled up into one tiny, convenient, perky little package. It’s amazing the range of sensations that can be created and experienced through nipple torture. The nipples are a powerful erotic zone; the slightest caress awakens them and stirs something deep inside of you. A quick pinch brings them to life, a fleeting burst of pain followed by a lingering, throbbing, stinging heat that slowly fades but never quite goes away. They begin to harden and swell and are even more sensitive to the touch. Squeeze them hard and don’t let go, and a wave of sensations washes over you. The slightest adjustment in pressure creates an entire new layer of awareness. Some nipple sluts are even able to achieve orgasm through nipple play alone!

But let’s face it. As much as I love the hands-on experience, who has time to stand there squeezing your submissive’s nipples for 5 or 10 minutes at a time when your hands could be put to so many other devious uses? That’s where nipple clamps come in. They’re like little metal fingers that do the pinching for you, leaving your hands free to explore other options! Nipple clamps come in all shapes and sizes, and all ranges of stimulation from pleasurable pressure to sadistic squeezing. I have 14 different pairs hanging in my dungeon closet, not including the collection of medical forceps used for heavier nipple torture. But as soon as I laid eyes on the Double Evil Nipple Device, I knew I had to have one.

Let me preface this by saying, the Double Evil Nipple Device is not for beginners or those looking for erotic nipple play. This baby is designed for heavy nipple torture. It starts with your basic Japanese Clover Clamps, which are evil enough on their own. Clover Clamps have rubber tips for gripping the nipple, and are designed to tighten when the chain that attaches them is pulled. Thus they make excellent nipple clamps for weights and predicament bondage. But the problem with weights is that they can get in the way, and it is difficult to fine-tune the pressure this way. The Double Evil Nipple Device replaces that chain with a clear plastic rod. Running perpendicular through the center of that rod is a long, threaded metal stem with a pretty plastic knob on the end. Completing the diabolical device is a sleek and shiny black chest plate with a place to insert the metal stem. Once the stem is in the chest plate and the clamps are attached to the nipples, simply turn the knob until the clamps are taught. Now you’re ready to have some fun! With the Clover Clamps pulled taught, each twist of the knob increases the tension, pulling the nipple forward and tightening the clamps all at the same time. Brilliant! And evil. Double evil.

Because the chest piece provides a base for resistance, the Double Evil Nipple Device can be worn while standing or sitting up. This allows more possibilities for bondage positions and administering discipline. And the fine threading of the metal stem provides the ability to increase the tension ever so slightly, enabling the submissive to savor the sensations that each new level of pleasure and pain bring. Having such control over the pressure that is being applied really inspires long and intense nipple torture play. The design of this sadistic device is not only ingenious, it is quite stunning just to look at. The clear plastic rod that holds the Clover Clamps is durable enough to withstand the increasing stress, and the shiny black chest plate distributes the tension evenly so that each nipple receives the same amount of pain and pressure. For the sadist-on-the-go, the device is easily disassembled and can be packed in your luggage or carry on bags. As a distinguished Mistress with discerning tastes in implements of torture, the Double Evil Nipple Device is at the top of my toy list. Just thinking about using it on someone puts a devious smile on my pretty little face!

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