Lita Ford test drives the Fun Factory Heartbreaker!

Lita Ford test drives the Fun Factory Heartbreaker!

OK, I’m admittedly not a huge fan of many things — other than my husband’s cock — to be inside of me. The FunFactory Heartbreaker Vibrator looked like it could be some fun though, so my man and I decided to put it to the test.

The first thing I noticed was its great looks – a very handsome sex toy if I do say so myself. The next thing that my husband Jim (aka ‘Big Daddy’ or ‘Meat Whistle,’ as I affectionately call him) pointed out was that this dildo is made of pure medical grade silicone, which is very important to us! Nothing but first class for this ass – or pussy! After I was able to get Meat Whistle to stop sucking my toes, I was ready to begin. (Big Daddy has a massive foot fetish, but that’s another story!)

Back to the test, the upward angled tip works very well when you’re applying lots of pressure to the clit. It’s soft enough that it doesn’t grind into your pelvic bone while you’re working it good and hard. I really liked the speed adjustment as it went SLOW enough as to not tickle in the beginning – I know a lot of women want the nice high speed option, and this little Heartbreaker does that too! It really packed a lot of punch – it’s practically turbo charged! After discovering that the vibrator provided fantastic clit stimulation, it was time to give this baby a full ride.

As Big Daddy took control, I was impressed with the shape and perfect firmness that our little friend had. The ridges were hardly noticeable as it slid in and out – but you would definitely notice if they weren’t there – perfect! It felt good – very good as a matter of fact.

My man was enjoying a front row show and he absolutely loves that! By that point, I was getting pretty worked up, so I demanded that Big Daddy slide in the real thing while I rocked my clit with our newly acquired friend. The combination of my man’s perfect cock and this wonderful vibrator gave me an orgasm that seemed to last an hour. In reality, it probably only lasted 3 or 4 minutes, but it was mmmm mmmm good. Talk about a Wicked Wonderland!

I noticed that Jim was climaxing the entire time that I was – which is a little unusual. He’s been working on extending his orgasms and it’s paying off. With a little more discipline he’ll get it – and I know just the Bitch to give him that discipline!

This toy ROCKS — we both give it 5 ‘Hell Yeahs’ out of 5 ‘Hell Yeahs!’

Jim has brought bigger, harder, softer, longer, thicker and shorter toys to the boudoir, but tonight I felt like Goldilocks – this one was just right. Thanks Fun Factory! High quality toys for high quality orgasms.

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