The Boys

The Boys

It may not come as a surprise to learn that I came early and easily to all things anal, and I’m still an enthusiastic practitioner! However, anything that comes close to anal sex is often still a taboo for most straight men (and even a few staunch gay tops). It’s quite a prevalent attitude that any ass play would be a reflection upon their masculinity. However, the tides are starting to turn and many otherwise straight-as-an-arrow types are finding that prostate stimulation can help them reach greater heights of orgasmic bliss. It’s no surprise considering the anus contains an incredibly high concentration of nerve cells, and the prostate which is often called “the male g-spot”. I’ve often considered those who don’t experiment with ass play to not know what they are missing.

I remember my first anal toy at the tender age of 15 was a non-vibrating 3 -pronged back massager that I found I could insert and rock on while one of three prongs massaged my perineum and the other hit my prostate. I know, I know, I was a kinky young kid. While this makeshift toy did the trick, I would have loved having toys like The Boys back then!

The Rude Boy is definitely one of my favorite insertable sex toys that I’ve ever owned. From its name, to its “dog toy” sturdy appearance (sometimes I just want to gnaw on it) it’s an all around solid and easy-to-use toy that looks great and performs even better. At its core is a powerful RO-80mm bullet vibrator, which produces a more intense vibration than your average bullet. These bullets are waterproof as well as being removable. The entire Rude Boy series is made from high quality medical grade silicone which is a snap to clean, and because the bullets are removable you can even boil them!

There are currently three brothers in the Rude Boy line up: “The Naughty Boy”, “The Rude Boy”, and “The Bad Boy”. The Rude Boy is the original brother of the bunch and features a smooth cylindrical shape which is an even 3.5″ inches along the entirety of its 5.5″ of insertable length. “The Naughty Boy’ is a perfect option for those that are new to anal play. At its widest point it has the same circumference as the Rude Boy, however, the tip and the rest of its length it is much narrower, offering more comfortable insertion. Featuring an ergonomic design, it is the perfect choice for those who are intimidated by the thought of anal play. Bringing up the rear is the big boy of the bunch, “The Bad Boy”. Featuring the same ergonomic design as “The Naughty Boy” but at a much heftier 5″ circumference at its widest point. “The Bad Boy” is the perfect choice for those craving a bit more girth in their anal toys. All three of the boys are now available in both jet black and the new devilish red.

The unique feature of all The Boys is their design. They feature a curved shape that is compromised of two main sections, the insertable length and a very unique vibrating base. It rests on the perineum (the taint) and provides a delightful vibrating stimulation of the prostate from the outside while the insertable portion hits it from the inside! Lube up, insert your Boy, rock on the vibrating base and jack off to a powerful orgasm! What could be better?

If you’ve decided to make the leap into anal stimulation (which I highly encourage you to do) The “Rude Boy” series is a great jumping off point. There is a “Boy” for everyone from beginner to advanced, and these high quality toys are built to last as well as provide you with satisfying fun time after time.

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